Predator: Hunting Grounds August update

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Predator: Hunting Grounds August update

Updates on Predator and Fireteam gear, plus a hint of what’s to come later in the year.

It has been an extremely busy summer here at IllFonic. The Predator: Hunting Grounds team has been bringing free updates, patches, and paid DLCs every month since our launch in April – and we’ve been doing it all from our homes. I could not be prouder of this team! A highlight for me has to be continuing Dutch’s story with the tapes and character in May, but that’s just the kid in me who is still excited about making that a reality. Another, less biased highlight has to be the level increase to 150 with the unlockable Elder Predator. And the surprise content drop of the Alpha Predator with NECA… honestly, I am stoked about all the content and hard work that the team has put in, from weapons, to cosmetics, to playable characters. 

And we have more! On August 28th, we will be dropping our 2.0 Patch. What does this mean? Well a few things: the game will have some quality of life bug fixes and the highly-requested crossplay with friends will be available. While we had hoped this would be in at launch, we are thrilled to make it happen now.

We want to thank the community for their patience and support while we waded through the technical needs to make this happen. In addition, like every free update there are some great in-game items coming too. The Classic Combistick and Wrist Launcher from the City Hunter content is now unlockable to everyone; there is a large Fireteam Supply Drop including the OWLF Assault Rifle, the Anti-Cloaking Grenade, UAV Scanner, and the Self Revive Syrette; and a Field Locker Update with 3 new Predator Masks, a new Fireteam Ballistic Mask, and other new tints and shaders.*

As a part of this blog post, it was really important to the team that we shared a look ahead at the Free Update and Paid DLC schedule. We’ve seen the posts on social media and in the forums asking when we are dropping a new map and mode. While we cannot share the exact date yet, we wanted to give some transparency to the months you can expect to get these items – the new map and mode will both be in our September update!

And as a reminder, the map and mode are part of the Free Update, they are not Paid DLC. We think the community will really enjoy both, and we have more up our sleeves after these updates – so always come back to the forums and our social channels for updates. We will share all that we can as soon as we can!

Next week we will be revealing what you can expect from this month’s Paid DLC. It is a good one! Until then, see you in the hunt!

*Gameplay required to unlock items, weapons, skins, and classes; cosmetics acquired by randomized drops.

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  • We don’t want crossplay, we don’t want anything with the PC, we bought PlayStation to play with friends on PlayStation.
    Stop this dating with the PC, keep everything as it has always been.

    • How very “old man yells at cloud”. And speak for yourself, WE the majority want to be able to play with friends regardless of platform, and YOU can just turn iff crossplay like a grownup, and stop whining about it.

    • Nothing better than whining lol

    • I have many friends on PC that I can’t play this game with at the moment so I’m looking forward to this patch!

    • Claro que no queremos a pc en crossplay, a los de Xbox vale, pero no pc. Os tengo que recordar que no pagan ningún tipo de suscripción, que no es justo que para jugar tengamos que pagar psplus y los de pc no, básicamente estamos financiando les el juego en línea. Sony debería tener cuidado con esto, se arriesga a una seria demanda por parte de sus consumidores (que si pagan por el servicio en línea). Si quieren jugar con nosotros en nuestros servidores que pagen como todos, o que no sea necesario el psplus. Si no Sony está estafando a sus usuarios en favor de los de otra plataforma. Ya que los jugadores de Sony van a pagar el uso de servidores habrá que comprarse los juegos en pc en vez de en PS4.

    • A ver si con esta actualización, arreglan el juego a medio hacer y roto, que nos vendisteis, que el covid lo usáis como excusa para hacer mal vuestro trabajo, deberíais haber retrasado el lanzamiento hechando la culpa al covid, acabar vuestro juego y comercializarlo. Ya estoy harto de excusas para no cumplir con vuestra parte del trato, yo cumplí la mía comprando vuestro juego…. Por llamarlo de alguna forma

    • Wft, lmao

    • Or you know, instead of whining like a child you could just turn crossplay off and let the people who actually want to play with their friends on other platforms do so.

  • I would love to see Royce from Predators as a playable character! Probably a long shot but If Adrien Brody did Royce’s audio logs, like Arnie did for Dutch, that would be awesome!
    Love Predator, love Hunting Grounds and love the monthly updates. Thank you!

  • And we already know that Dutch 87 is the next Paid DLC character. There’s very little secret about it, it’s been all over the forum for close to a month now.

  • Finally, game is getting in shape & soon have more maps, cool! :-)))

  • Please tell me deadzone settings are coming. My buddy has tried three different controllers and all of them have right analog drift when we play predator. It’s an amazing game for the most part. Thanks for the hard work and stay safe.

  • Where do i start? Foremost id like to say im an avid fan who plays daily, i have played since launch and have suffered through some of the very worst things this game has to offer for some time now, while the bugs are gettin fixed bit by bit, i feel every new patch creates a new problem, being the auto claim/revive glitch, getting ammo from a resupply box disables cooking the grenades, getting caught in a dozen different animations bugs as predator, but the most game killing to me is lack of substance. The game has been out since april and has not introduced a single new map or game mode or even bothered to change up the missions for the same areas we already run thru like hot butter on a skillet. Then again the lobby is a whole different nightmare altogether, half empty fireteams, no predator, or my personal hell, getting the same map and same mission literally all night in a consecutive row!! Now i really dont wanna sound like im downing the game cus for what it is i love it and see loads of potential for it but seeing how illfonic has drip fed the game with paid DLC without a single real DLC i fear for its future. I mean its in the article above, they are working from home which doesnt sound like its very productive, that said if i owned this I.P. i would walk thru hell to see it be built into something great. Theyre taking the easy way staying home, getting paid to unlock items and gear that is already coded into the game, putting forth little to no effort all while the fanbase withers and walks away with a bad taste in thier mouth cus of the terrible road map they dont even bother sharing with the fans. Sorry guys wasnt trying to burn them, but as a fan, im livid and sad that ive given alotta thought about putting this game away in the library until i hear of something actually good coming. So that said my bet is next year most likely

  • Fireteam need new gears, such as traps. In the movie Predator, Arnold and his buddies used traps!

  • Awsome it was about time to get new map and mode for this game. 🤟

  • Buenas el juego desde que lo actualizace cn 20.2 se cierra costastemente i no puedo jugar pueden areglarlo porfaborr😠😠

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