Bring order to chaos in MMORPG Bless Unleashed, coming soon to PS4

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Bring order to chaos in MMORPG Bless Unleashed, coming soon to PS4

Be the first to experience Bless Unleashed by joining the Closed Beta starting tomorrow.

Hi everyone! From the team at Bandai Namco Entertainment America, we’re thrilled to announce that our action-packed MMORPG, Bless Unleashed, is coming to PlayStation 4 for closed Beta tomorrow. Be a part of the Beta to unlock 7-Day Valor Perks and a unique title, Breaker of Games. Both will be awarded at game launch. This title is only available to players who join us for Betas, so join now.

Beta gameplay progress does not carry over to launch. Beta period ends August 24. 

The world of Lumios 

What is Bless Unleashed, you might ask? It is the ultimate free-to-play, open-world action MMORPG with combo-driven combat where you will forge your own adventure to bring order to the chaos left behind by an evil sorcerer. Built using Unreal Engine 4, Bless Unleashed is very skill-based, offering a level of difficulty that sets the game apart from other MMOs. 

Choose a character class and race that possesses unique abilities and weaponry, take charge, and defeat your fearsome foes! Enhance your gear and gain access to special powers that can turn the tide of battle. Strategize with other players to hunt down powerful entities and restore peace to Lumios. From humans to elves, crusaders to mages, do you have what it takes to defy the Gods and make them pray? 

This fantasy open world will be available for all Beta participants to explore during the Beta period! 

Explore solo or together 

Playing together with friends is an important part of Bless Unleashed, and we’ve implemented the Guild Progression System to encourage this. Our Guild Progression System allows players to work with their guild to increase its power through a number of activities. Depending on your priorities, Guilds can be devoted to certain ventures such as PvP battles or Gathering/Crafting. Earn Guild experience points by participating in Arena challenges, Dungeons, and Lairs collectively. 

Your guild will be able to collect riveting rewards like unique mounts, Guild banners, bonuses, and the ability to expand the number of members in your guild through progression. The more the merrier! 

Epic battles 

Bless Unleashed features several different types of Dungeons to give players different challenges at various levels. During combat, you will use combos and Blessings to deal damage to your enemies. Blessings grant you different skills and buffs to be more effective in combat. Each class has its own set of combos, so be sure to look over your battle support commands in the game before you head to battle! 

Challenge yourself to a battle or two with friends against powerful bosses in an enclosed arena. As you advance, enter the Bless Unleashed dungeons for a chance at higher rewards. 


Starting at level 18, dare to enter these dark depths and infiltrate the stronghold. 

  • With a team of five, infiltrate the Kobold Lair and take back what the smugglers have stolen. 
  • At level 28, enter the ancient Savantis Mausoleum with five players and put an end to this powerful organization’s twisted experiments. 
  • Battle against reptilian-like Saurin with five players at level 30 in the Dreamscale Ruins
  • Finally, in Lairs, venture forth with five players and take on the most vile foes in the world of Lumios! 

Will you be victorious enough to infiltrate the Kobold Lair, or fall to the evil forces at the Savantis Mausoleum? 

Always evolving 

With more than 20 different types of Dungeons and powerful Bosses lurking in the shadows, the story of Bless Unleashed never ends with hours of compelling gameplay. There will be new locations to be uncovered, new abilities to learn, better item rewards and enhancements, and new quests for your journey. Whether you decide to follow the rich storyline or stray off on your own, Lumios is yours to explore. Your search for the truth about the Gods is only the beginning. 

Are you ready? 

We’re so excited for Bless Unleashed to be on PS4 and we can’t wait for you to play. There’s still time to sign up to receive a chance at a Beta Key. Gather your allies starting tomorrow and make a stand in Bless Unleashed.

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  • Awesome!!! I can’t wait to stream it on my twitch page

  • How do we sign up for the beta?

  • I signed up for the Beta and got this E-Mail as answer:

    “You have successfully signed up for the CODE VEIN Network Test. Stay tuned to your inbox for more details.”

    Gee, thanks.

  • Why isn’t Europe able to play this? Just saw that its only north and south American countries.

  • I put in the beta key and it did not work

  • Okay, let me get this straight: You are promoting the beta on the translated european blogs … but europeans cannot join because the beta is US-only?!

  • So… now that all of the PlayStation Blog websites have all merged together it’d be really nice if you could clarify the regions this is open to. Because the keys that were handed out were for NA not EU. I didn’t see anywhere where it was stated this was America only… Being that you can’t just go to your regions blog posts anymore this should really be mentioned somewhere.

  • From reddit:
    If your key doesn’t work, write a mail with Screenshot to the Bless Unleashed Support.
    They’ll send you a EU-Key.

  • Way smoother then the xbox version lv35 Mage on the xbox I took up the same helm for the beta to compare. Looks better in HDR (I have an og xbox one so not sure if the series would make a difference). The controls and cinemas and story is was smoother and runs fantastic. Playstation interface should make everything easier as well was hoping for this to come soon. Really excited to hear when this will officially release. Please enable cross save I can understand if we can’t get cross play but I would love at least to bring my character to the table at least one. I’m more playstation and I would like to help all my friends out with the hours I have put in already (plus I don’t really wanna do the opening for the 4th time lol). I love the combo system and there is I repeat is tons of content on here.

  • How do i sign up

  • I love the game it’s fun and different from other games. When is the game coming out and the founders packs

  • I love the game it’s fun and different from other games. When is the game coming out

  • Really nice visuals and fluid combat for the most part – although struggled with Ranger class… slightly wonky controls. The world itself felt vibrant and alive, especially for an MMO. Definitely interested in digging deeper into the game.

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