How Team Ninja created Nioh 2’s The Tengu’s Disciple expansion

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How Team Ninja created Nioh 2’s The Tengu’s Disciple expansion

Voyage to the distant past to face legendary characters and take on horrifying Yokai.

We hope everyone is enjoying their journey through Nioh 2’s first DLC installment, The Tengu’s Disciple. Today, I’d like to provide some perspective on our development team’s ambitious efforts to take all of you Yokai hunters back to the past in this exciting new trip through Japan’s fascinating history.

Nioh 2: The Tengu's Disciple

Nioh 2 and the original Nioh are both set during the turbulent and war filled Sengoku Period which featured two of the most powerful figures of this era, Oda Nobunaga and Toyotomi Hideyoshi. The Tengu’s Disciple provides a new flavor to the story by taking players to the Heian period, hundreds of years prior to the Sengoku period, and allowing them to discover the mysteries surrounding the legendary sword Sohayamaru and the powerful Yokai Otakemaru. While the Heian period brought with it new characters to meet and enemies to defeat, traveling back in time introduced several new challenges our team had to overcome.

A principal character in The Tengu’s Disciple — Minamoto no Yoshitsune, is one of Japan’s most famous heroes and has been featured in countless stories and kabuki dramas. Recreating Minamoto no Yoshitsune while also keeping with Nioh’s tradition of reimagining historical figures and events proved to be quite an undertaking. We hope you will discover and gain an understanding of this exciting character not only from the compelling story, but also from his dramatic actions and equipment as well. Test your might in an exciting battle with Minamoto no Yoshitsune and his Guardian Spirits, while trying to defeat this legendary figure!

Nioh 2: The Tengu's Disciple

In addition to reimagining historical figures, we also had to take into consideration what content we could and couldn’t use during this time period. Being unable to add in new variations of weapons that didn’t exist yet, such as rifles and hand cannons, or include Yokai that hadn’t appeared at that point in history were among some of the obstacles we faced. Despite the huge shift in the time period, we worked hard to ensure that our players could experience a fresh take on new enemies and collecting loot with badass weapons and armor in order to provide a meaningful new experience for the continuing saga. 

And for our avid Yokai hunters, I am happy to introduce a Japanese fan favorite Yokai through this new DLC: Nuppeppo. This odd looking Yokai was initially considered for the original Nioh, but did not make it into the final game. We worked hard to recreate this monster and introduce it into the series as a formidable foe to test your might. Try to get your hands on its Soul Core and test out its cool new ability for yourself!

Nioh 2: The Tengu's Disciple Nioh 2: The Tengu's Disciple

From all of us at Team Ninja, we hope that this voyage to yesteryears sparks a new interest in learning more about Japan’s history, and especially the Heian period through the exciting new areas and epic events that occur in The Tengu’s Disciple. Lastly, we know you are all eager to see what’s coming up, so I am happy to announce that the next DLC installment will be released this coming Fall! Please look forward to more details regarding the second DLC pack in the near future. Until then, scrub off the rust and sharpen your battle skills samurai. The fight is back on!

Nioh 2: The Tengu's Disciple

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  • awesome team ninja

  • Just last week I finally bought this game and it quickly became my favorite game of the year. I’ve sunk 90hrs so far and still haven’t finished the main quest. Taking my sweet time while abusing Photo Mode 📸
    Soon I’ll be moving to NG+ and finally checking out this DLC. If it wasn’t for Summer Sale I would pass on probably the best game in the genre. Punishing but fair. Love it. ♥

    Thank you Team Ninja.

  • Thanks Team Ninja for all of your hard work, especially during these dire times.

    I am 300 hrs in and just finished Dream of the Demon and I am now going to focus on expeditions and Demon Picture Scrolls.

    Looking forward to the subsequent DLC’s!

  • I LOVE this game. By far my favorite in the genre, partly because Ill take anything Japanese themed and also the controls are much tighter than others in this space.
    Havnt reached the DLC content yet but no doubt Ill be pleased.

  • Nioh 2 is great and the dlc was good and you added a lot of good stuff but…
    – there is no need for familiarity to armors
    – soulmatch is so time consuming
    – dream of the demon is not enough hard , Nioh 1 was way more challenging hopefully dream of the wise will kick my butt.
    you guys are amazing and i can’t wait for the next dlc .

    • There IS a need for familiarity on armor because 1 it has always been there, 2 without familiarity you can kiss the inherritable skill system goodbye because with no familiarity the skill does not transfer, only when its full.
      – i prefer soul watch to be a grind, especially with revenant trading being so easy
      – lets keep the difficulty as it is.
      People can not get on the same page, there’s loads of people saying its too difficult but also people saying it’s too easy.
      Do you fight every revenant on WotD? Because i do. Maxed out ochoko cups.
      I used to kill revenants on NG+ with 1 combo with +5 gear.
      Now on NG++ I got +12 to +15 gear and it often takes 3 full combos to take the revenant down, because they have like 12k life, which we ourselves are not able to do.

  • Interesting new enemy.

    Please @Tom Lee, Ninja Gaiden collection remaster like the Uncharted Collection would be very cool!

  • Can’t get enough Nioh!
    Keep up the amazing work Team Ninja!!

  • The DLC is great. Thanks for the backstory about it. I look forward to the next installment. I’m going for my Dream of the Demon playthrough now. I’m happy to say NIOH 2 was my first platinum trophy too. Thanks Team Ninja!

  • Spoilers ahead:
    I loved Nioh 1 and Nioh 2.
    I finished the nioh 2 and the 1st DLC, i have to say that i’d like to see less of Nioh 1 in Nioh 2.
    I’ve come across maps in the base game which are a straight copy from Nioh 1 with a few minor differences, and the DLC is even worse because we got the boss Nue and basically a reskinned version of Umi-Bozi from Nioh 1.
    That’s just lazy and i dont like it.
    I got 2000+ hours in Nioh 1, been there, done that.
    Please dont make me pay for content i’ve already played and paid for…

  • Outstanding, Team Ninja!
    Double platinum here: Nioh and Nioh2.
    It’s nice to know a little more into how much work/thought you put into lore and history.

    For the next DLC i look forward to:
    – Ninjutsu build being viable again
    – a viable “Living weapon” build
    – serious interface revamp. I have 1000hours of Nioh 1+2 and i swear i feel overwhelmed when making a new build due to avoiding losing my old gear/build/config amidst 500itens, soul cores, spirits, demon scrolls, soul matching, revenant trading, reforging, tempering… please make it easier to set new sets/builds. Wardrobe function?
    – NUMBERS. Please, add scientific notation or just a separator between digits… heheheh

    But anyays, Nioh is among the best games i have ever player!
    Keep on rocking!!!

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