Games Under promotion returns to PlayStation Store

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Games Under promotion returns to PlayStation Store

Get fantastic games like Dark Souls: Remastered, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Game of the Year Edition and more for less.

PlayStation Store welcomes back the Games Under promotion. It returns on Wednesday, August 19 and brings with it a vast range of fantastic games, including a trio of action adventure heavy hitters with richly detailed worlds to immerse yourself in. 

Trek through the Northern Kingdoms to battle monsters and become embroiled in grippingly complex stories with a vast cast of unforgettable characters in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Game of the Year Edition. Lose yourself in the dark fantasy setting of Lordran, perfecting your combative playstyle to survive the many horrors it hides in Dark Souls: Remastered. Explore Ancient Egypt as a master swordsman in the open-world adventure of Assassin’s Creed Origins.    

All these and many more games are available as part of the promotion, beginning Wednesday, August 19*. European players, head here for the full list of deals when the promotion goes live in the afternoon. US players: check out the full list here when the promo goes live in the evening.

*Games Under promotion runs from Wednesday August 19 until Tuesday, September 1 at 11.59pm local time. 

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  • The links aren’t working :(

  • I hope I can find some PS Vita games…

    • Same here!

    • There’s lots. All full price.

    • You trolls still asking for discounts on vita games for ps store?! System hasn’t been supported in years and was discontinued last year! Its a last gen system do what everyone else does for last gen and get your discontinued games physically now instead of trolling in a blog!

    • Looking for Vita games too.

      Only see Asdivine Series on sale and Benjamin Rivers games on sale.

    • That’d be great if physical Vita games weren’t a total ripoff BECAUSE they don’t make them anymore. Sucks for you that you didn’t buy a Vita BTW, it’s actually quite excellent.

  • Is it really that difficult to just list the games that are on sale instead of just lazily posting links?

    • It’s very frustrating. I realise the majority of PlayStations users don’t use this blog (and perhaps don’t even know about it). However, I’m sure their sales must have taken a small hit as a result of them not listing the sale items. Even if they don’t list the prices.

      I’m sure a full list of the sale items must exist, so it would be a simple case of copy and paste.

    • Blog has gone downhill in a big way since “conglomerating” all the English speaking blogs. At a guess, they don’t want UK/Ireland users seeing what deals US users are getting and vice-versa.

  • I’m so excited, I can’t wait for the new offers. I’ve been waiting for the Dark Souls Remastered for 3 weeks. Also Ghost Recon Breakpoint and No Man’s Sky which had its anniversary recently.

    • Same here. I missed Dark Souls Remastered last time, not this time. And I’ve been waiting for No Man’s Sky to hit 20 bucks, hopefully it does .

  • I’m not trying to haten but these posts are just meaningless now. Before, we had the whole list of games with normal and discounted price for each region. Why bother now, just drop the sale and don’t do this lazy posts, which do close to nothing to get me excited.

    • I agree 100%. With Xbox discounts, they ALWAYS post the titles for Xbox one and 360 shortly after they go live and in multiple places. You also can sort them in many different ways.

      On the Playstation web store and PS4 store, you can’t even list all discounts anymore, only those for a particular sale.

      So now in addition to NO PS3 or Vita titles being discounted, they can’t even bother to properly list discounts. Considering these sales are always the same old titles rotating in and out, it shouldn’t be hard to do.

  • Finally that God awful sale will be over…. Hell, sales have been trash since beginning of 2019 but the main problem with this one is, that it lasted like 2 months (feels like it) and there were no ther sales in between.

    • I found quite a few good sales last year, but for this year I definitely agree. I haven’t even bought many games this year due to the lack of good sales.

    • I haven’t bought anything on PSN since last August due to the lack of Vita sales. They keep putting the PS4 versions on sale and not bothering with the Vita versions.
      For example the Utawarerumono deception and truth bundle is £11.24 on PS4, but the Vita versions are £24.99 each.

  • Why there’s no more ps3 games on sale?

  • For full list of titles check pick your country and platform and look what’s discounted. You won’t find answers here anymore, only millionth post about the last of us 2.

  • Love the new and improved blog that manages to actually be old and inferior..

  • I just had an awesome idea. Wouldn’t it be great to have a weekly blog post that features all of the games for the upcoming week (region, release date and trailer included)? Maybe, you could call it “The Plop”, for example.

  • I’d rather see Legacy PlayStation promotion returns to PlayStation Store.
    Another week, another push from you to force PS4 down my throat that I’m gonna spend money on eShop instead of PS Store. How thoughtful of you.
    How many times do people need to tell you? We want discounts on PSX, PS2 (classics on PS3), PS3, PSP and PS Vita games again!

    • Yeah discounts on everything, exactly. All the more because the standard prices on the older stuff are way too high at this point.

  • Having the list of games and prices here would be much more useful. Most of the time I just give up after a few pages in the Store, but when the list is posted here, I check it entirely.

    • Oh, and also, when the list is here, I share the post with my friends. When it’s not, I don’t share it.

  • I see that ” Sekiro Shadows Die Twice ” is being elusive as ever to avoid any promotion deals.

    Honestly the game has been out since March 2019. Not once has the game dropped under £25.00 on physical copies.

    The Digital version is still a Rip-Off £60.00 on the store.

    Even second hand copies on Ebay sell over £30.00.

    Come on drop the price of the game Activision. Price it between £18-£25 range on both physical and Digital.

  • I used to post constructive criticism on here but since then, they have only gone downhill..meaning they don’t read our criticisms here, so it’s a waste.

    Why tell us there’s a sale then only tell us two items on it? We can’t see the sale for hours so we have to sit and wait.

    More importantly, a sale on a AAA game this late is useless. Witcher 3 has already been on sale over 20 times, anyone who would have wanted it, would have already got it by now. There are older games that have never been on sale that are A or AA games, those are the ones that need to go on sale. Gang Beasts is an example, or how about Saints Row Remastered? Or how about trophy support for Headsnatchers which is 3 weeks old and PSN hasn’t added thr game trophies yet!

  • Sekiro Shadows Die Twice 80% price drop please.

  • Great another useless sale post without any actual list or information, like they used to have. And 8 weeks now without a drop post like they used to have.

    Fantastic work on the blog upgrades. You’re really knocking it out of the park!

  • Nice to see some (emphasis on the some),indies such as the Deponia series,albeit given their lowly PC requirements I was able to get them on GOG. As far as this sale goes”
    Worse Than Death (& maybe Deadlight),might be worth a go. Already have most of the PS2 classics Rockstar range when they had better discounts,(still miss Vice City’s full soundtrack & GTA VCS/LCS never made it to ps4). As for a few other wishlisted:
    Timespinner (Released Sept.2018)
    Blazing Chrome, (Released July 2019)
    Castle Crashers Remastered, (Rel.Oct. 2019)
    River City Girls, (Rel. Sept. 2019)
    Fight’N’ Rage,(Rel. Dec. 2019)
    Battle Princess Madelyn, (Oct. 2019 EU/AU PSN,Dec 2018 US)
    Xeno Crisis,(Rel. Oct. 2019)
    Afterparty (Rel. Oct.2019)
    Gunlord X (Rel. Dec. 2019)
    Most of these have had sales on Switch/Steam/XB etc…. all bar PSN-none of these titles have had a psn sale since their launch! :-(
    Then there’s the games that haven’t had sales in ages:
    Cursed Castilla & Super Hydorah (Last sales Aug/Sept. 2018)
    Shantae & The Pirates Curse (Last sale Aug. 2017)
    Shantae Half Genie Hero & Shantae HGH Ultimate Ed. (Last sale July 2018)
    The Mummy Demastered (Only ever sale July 2018)
    Again,lots of sales everywhere bar psn….

  • The list had control on it this morning. Now it’s went live it’s not there. Gutted

    • Nobody should be buying Control right now, as they announced that the only way to get the “free” upgrade for PS5 was to buy the ultimate edition with all the DLC for $40 when it comes out next month. Anybody who already paid more than that for just the base game only gets jack squat for being loyal supporters.

    • Remedy are great developers, but a terrible company. People need to realize that.

  • If anything should get a reboot it should be NFS underground 2. Soul Reaver lagacy

  • Can someone explain why with over 2700 PS4 games, the sales seem to rotate only about 500 games.

  • I’ve had a bunch of things like Clannad for PS4 or the Drakengard 3 dlc for PS3 on my wish list for over 2 years which haven’t ever gone on sale once. Could you please consider them for a future sale? I’d even use a discount code but I haven’t received one in several years either. Even the Christmas email I received In December was missing a code others got haha

  • Metro Redux 8.99e for 2 games, and The Evil Within 5.99e, don’t mind if I do!

  • You should have sales this good every week. If you don’t want to do it for PS4 games then how about Vita and PS3 games instead? Eh? Eh? You like money don’t ya?

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