Share of the Week: Ghost of Tsushima – Animals

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Share of the Week: Ghost of Tsushima – Animals

We highlight the animals and critters Jin encounters along his samurai journey.

Last week, we asked you to share moments with the animals found across the stunning world of Ghost of Tsushima. From friendly guiding critters and trusty steeds, to noble wildlife and feisty predators, you shared your favorite animals using #PS4share and #PSBlog. Here are this week’s highlights: 

YouSpoonyBardd kneels alongside a fox as the sun sets.

A ferocious bear strikes in this action shot by Joshc_vp.

Jin follows a guiding golden bird in this share by scottokta1.

lunar9p shared a shot of a sacred deer.

FirescorpioG shared this happily hopping fox in the moonlight.

Jin and his beloved horse leap over new lands in this shot by RickDangerousNL.

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Theme: Surprise

Share by: 9am Pacific on Wednesday, August 19

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  • Great photos all around.

    • Mercenary is always first, but last week he oddly did not congratulate the field of winners..

      It was a beautiful and unique contest last week with the motion shots. It incorporated many artistic elements. Shame you missed it.

    • What is up with you? You’re mad because I didn’t congratulate you last week? No because you whine every time you aren’t picked and act like those who were picked didn’t deserve it over you.

    • Hey, I got what I needed. Confirmation that you purposely didn’t congratulate the field solely because I was among the winners.

      Now I just have to win every week.

    • You two and your beef, lol. I’m running out of popcorn. Seriously, go duke it out over some rounds of Fall Guys and be done with it already.

  • I’m glad I made it in but my username on Twitter is “scottoka1” lol

  • Thanks for another week without The Drop!

    • It’s really disappointing that they haven’t brought it back yet. At the very least bring back the list they were doing.

  • Amazing pics but I’m disappointed because no frogs.

  • That yellow bird killed me more than the Mongols did…

    Oh… follow the bird and cliff… dead… 😜😂🤣

    Enjoyed the foxes, great addition to the game.

  • Oh I have taken a lot of great animal pics,shame it’s too much of a hassle to participate in the Share of the Week.Those are awesome shots though.

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