Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition sees PC release today

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Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition sees PC release today

Guerrilla's fan favorite expands to a new frontier today.

Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition launches today for PC. Horizon Zero Dawn is set in a stunning post-post-apocalyptic world you can lose yourself in, led by a courageous hero who inspires the best in us, and full of captivating action against larger-than-life machines.

Over three years after its debut, and with its highly anticipated sequel Horizon Forbidden West confirmed to be coming to PlayStation 5, it’s a great time to introduce a new audience to this fan-favorite epic. For anyone who’s never owned a PS4, or those who’ve skipped on a generation or more, it’s a great example of the kinds of games we consistently aim to deliver.

Of course, the studio has taken steps to add options and features PC gamers expect: support for mouse and keyboard (or DualShock 4), ultrawide monitor support, higher frame rates and resolutions on sufficiently powerful systems, and more.

We’re confident PC players will fall in love with Aloy and her world. Then, when Horizon Forbidden West arrives for PlayStation 5 and it’s time to find out where Aloy’s journey takes her next, we invite them to join along!

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  • “We’re confident PC players will fall in love with Aloy and her world. Then, when Horizon Forbidden West arrives for PlayStation 5 and it’s time to find out where Aloy’s journey takes her next, we invite them to join along!”

    If you are using this port as a marketing tool to buy a PS5, at least provide a well optimized port. The PC port sucks.

  • What are we doing here this is the start of destroying PlayStation oh no i feared for this day it’s like yall at SIE are blind deaf dumb to the failings of Xbox they did this pc crap to the point where xbox is a complete joke i don’t like this new this new SIE has the worst leadership ever as i said yall are willing to destroy 25 years to reach other people (PC Crowd) that never cared or like yall im speaking my mind on this because yall are deviating from the Nintendo path that has been consistent for 35 years you guys at Sony can’t get upset that PlayStation fans might start doing things y’all wouldn’t expect. I’m not letting this slide.

    • This is game that’s most likely already sold the bulk of the copies it will ever sell on PS and there’s a sequel coming out so this may get PC players buying a PS5… from a fanboy perspective, it may make no sense, but from a marketing perspective, it makes perfect sense… it’s pretty much a guarantee we’ll never see NEW PS games on PC same day as PS, but older titles, why not? Sony just made more money off me from buying it again on PC for a second play through

    • My suspicion is that this exists to recoup costs that went into porting the engine to PC for Death Stranding.

      I doubt we’ll see too much of this for the first party titles, but I guess we’ll see!

    • The biggest problem Microsoft did was release it on their garbage Windows 10 stores. Only with Gears did they start releasing the games on Steam and finally start seeing a tiny bit of sales success………. although Gears 5 was a flop even with physical, digital, game pass versions across 935 million Xbone and Windows 10 users, even more when you consider Steam too. But they killed Xbone sales since early 2016 because of this.

      Also, all their games are mostly made on Unreal Engine because its very easy to bring to PC simultaneously that way. Never will a game be made for an Xbox console again, built from the ground up for the hardware.

      The only thing that bugs me about Horizon Zero Dawn on PC is that it wasn’t handled by some port studio….. but how could Sony hand over Guerilla’s amazing game engine to amateurs?
      So instead, we will have to wait a bit longer for the sequel because actual Guerilla Games employees’ time was wasted on this port.

      It is really cool though for older games like this to come to PC………… IF it doesn’t hinder the developers like I said.

    • Jim Ryan was head of Sony Europe and under him, PS4 has dominated Europe over the Xbox One. The ratio is 4:1 in case you are wondering. And Hermen Hulst was the Game director for HZD. So from what I can see, they understand what exclusives mean. Alright then tell me about all these timed exclusive deals Sony is pursuing. Clearly Jim Ryan is pushing ridiculously hard such as Spiderman being limited to PS in the Avengers game and this is not the end of it. We know Project Athia will be a timed exclusive, Ghostwire Tokyo, Deathloop, FF7 Remake Part 2, and probably Final Fantasy 16 and some of COD BO Cold War will be timed exclusive as well. So Jim Ryan destroying the PS brand by pursuing these timed exclusives and basically tempting people to buy a PS5?

    • Also would like to add that with Microsoft’s strategy, they are going to reach more people because xCloud is going to be on the new Samsung phone which is only the start. Xbox is not a joke. Instead of being a console, it will be an ecosystem. Sony might do the same but focus on consoles as well still because it seems that Microsoft is not going to be a competitor when it comes to consoles at least. Also most people are not going to wait 3 years for Ps exclusives to come to PC. They will just buy a console. And with consoles starting to finally almost match PC performance, most people will probably switch to consoles because of the sheer convenience.

    • I just realise, it wasn’t Guerilla that worked on the PC port. Its “Virtuous” the team that did the Arkham Asylum/City remasters and AC Ezio collection too. I guess that explains the awkward optimisation on the PC release that is far from perfect.

      And at least I know Guerilla Games weren’t being held up doing it ^_^

    • Exactly and I’ve been a PlayStation fans ever since 90s if they put every games on PC a week later or a year later l’m leaving PlayStation for good. I believe Nintendo will do the same thing too I know people don’t believe that right now But let’s be real people everything will come to the end eventually.

  • THANK YOU, Sony for this. Hopefully this means more older PS games coming to PC as well. I already bought/played/finished the game on my PS4 Pro a while ago, but bought again on Steam for a second play through in higher fidelity and frame rate than the PS4 Pro can push. So pumped!

    • maybe you want to read the first announcement “And to maybe put a few minds at ease, releasing one first-party AAA title to PC doesn’t necessarily mean that every game now will come to PC. “

    • If it makes Sony a truck load of money, they will… when PS5 is out, pushing old PS4 games to PC would be a no-brainer

    • or come back to reality which is
      “And to maybe put a few minds at ease, releasing one first-party AAA title to PC doesn’t necessarily mean that every game now will come to PC. “
      “We’re confident PC players will fall in love with Aloy and her world. Then, when Horizon Forbidden West arrives for PlayStation 5 and it’s time to find out where Aloy’s journey takes her next, we invite them to join along!”

    • Reality is, “doesn’t necessarily mean” is a very open ended statement… money is a great motivator to corporations

    • and then reality kicks in

      “And to maybe put a few minds at ease, releasing one first-party AAA title to PC doesn’t necessarily mean that every game now will come to PC. “
      “We’re confident PC players will fall in love with Aloy and her world. Then, when Horizon Forbidden West arrives for PlayStation 5 and it’s time to find out where Aloy’s journey takes her next, we invite them to join along!”

  • “We’re confident PC players will fall in love with Aloy and her world. Then, when Horizon Forbidden West arrives for PlayStation 5 and it’s time to find out where Aloy’s journey takes her next, we invite them to join along!”

    Did I miss something here? This full blown delusion to me. They’re just going to wait for another port. You just showed them you would. I hope this wasn’t your plan all along because it’s ill-conceived. This new administration is highly questionable to me.

    • I must have read that wrong or something.

    • yeah idk what they think this will do, but convince PC gamers to buy a PS5 is the last thing it will do

    • I said the same thing this new group of SIE people needs to go because not only they underestimated the PC Platform and it’s fanbase but guess what this is only gonna hurt the PlayStation brand image the endless port begging petitions they’re already mass begging bloodborne and god of war PC destroys platforms thats why xbox is a joke phil sacrificed it for pc. If Sony thinks pc gamers are gonna buy a ps5 they’re sadly mistaken.

    • All my friends are PC gamers as their main… but all own a PS4 for the exclusives, so yes, “PC players” will buy PS5’s… obviously not all of them, but the world is not as black and white as you may think… I have a PS3 and PS4 Pro and own all the exclusives for each, and will be pre-ordering a PS5 the second they go live

    • My thoughts exactly. PC gamers are great at waiting because they already have SO MANY PC games to play. Why would they resort to actually getting a console to play some of the latest PlayStation games when they can just wait? Good move, Sony. (But it is for increased software sales)

    • As someone who has a gaming PC, I still prefer gaming on consoles and will always choose Playstation over PC on any multiple platform game. Also, not all gamers on PC will have the highest end specs. Some will have rigs more powerful than the PS4, but less powerful than the PS5 who might opt to simply get the PS5 to play HFW when it comes out. I think it will largely depend on their budget.

      Here is how I see it, and bear in mind I could be wrong. Spending $499.99 on a Playstation 5 gets you a fully fledged high technology gaming machine with no additional financial investment (aside from buying the actual games). You can spend that amount of money on a GPU upgrade, but depending on how old your rig is, you might need to get a compatible motherboard to take full advantage of it, which means an additonal cost.

      Getting a game console is no muss no fuss. You buy it, hook it up to a monitor or TV, and go wild.

  • So Bloodborne on PC only when Bloodborne 2 gets announced… Nice.

    • yeah just like The Last Pf Us 1 went to PC when 2 was announced, or how Gran Turismo Sport went to PC when 7 was announced, or how Ratchet & Clank 2016 went to PC when Rift Apart was announced, or how God Of War 3 went to PC when 4 was announced, indeed, nice, very nice

    • Yes, please! I have every PS exclusive on PS4 and PS3, but I’d be kidding myself if I wouldn’t rather play them all on my monster PC… you get spoiled when you can max games out setting-wise and play at liquid 144+ FPS

    • Its heavily rumored that there is a Bloodborne remake for PC and Ps5 in the works.

    • @Prothean – You a comedian?…cuz your comments are good jokes.

  • This is the best game I’ve ever played. I’m hooked on it. I’ve been playing it for over a year and I can’t stop playing it. After I beat it I start a new game 😀.. I’ve beaten it over 30 times and I’m still playing…. Have fun pc players……

  • We’re confident PC players will fall in love with Aloy and her world. Then, when Horizon Forbidden West arrives for PlayStation 5 and it’s time to find out where Aloy’s journey takes her next, we invite them to join along!”

    HAHAHAHA good luck with that, they’re gonna wait for the ports & not spend 500+ bucks for 1-2 games xD
    sony needs to clarify their strategy, i’m not spending a dime for another console if you start porting 1st party stuff over to other platforms

    • If Sony makes a ton of cash from HZD on PC, they will no doubt look into porting additional PS4 titles to PC now that PS5 is right around the corner… it’s a gold mine waiting to be tapped by pushing games that have seen their peak sales a long time ago

    • I’m kinda feeling the same way. Sony do end up releasing multiple exclusives during a console’s life cycle (if those games do indeed stay exclusive), and even though the games are great, let’s not kid ourselves, there are MANY great/fun AAA and indie games to play that ARE NOT PlayStation exclusive. If Sony start porting over more exclusives to PC, why even bother with PS5? For DualSense? I’d rather just wait for ports then.

  • Purchased this on Steam last night and preloaded ready for today, will be playing any minute now.

    It’s the perfect excuse to play it all through again and see what by new £1800 PC can do.

  • Next maybe Uncharted 1-4 and The last of us remastered for PC?

    • Nope, look how long it took to port one game over to PC from its rumour, to official announcement and release. I don’t want Naughty Dog’s precious dev cycle time being disturbed with time wasting.

    • Calm down I don’t think every games will come to PC.

  • Went to Steam to take a look:

    * Mixed reviews
    * Not recommended: runs like garbage
    * Not recommended: endless crashes
    * Not recommended: constant low FPS and stuttering
    * “Where’s Bloodborne?”
    * “We want God Of War now”

    Looks like a job well done, Sony! I hope it was worth it!

    • Just a bunch of whiners with rubbish specs.

      I laugh in RTX 2080 Super. Runs just fine for me.

    • Runs like silk for me, too… already played it on my PS4 Pro, but playing it on PC is like seeing the game for the first time… higher res, higher settings, higher frame rates, higher field of view… game runs like silk

    • the game runs on 1080p upscaled mode at higher resolution! You need to reset the resolution and then recompile the shaders.

      It doesn’t always work, had to do it few times to get the resolution right. After that no matter how high end your card is, issues start to come on

  • “only on playstation” has become a joke

    • Why else do you think they dropped that from the covers of PS5 games? It can’t be held against them next gen as a PlayStation Studios game could potentially go anywhere.

    • Unfortunately…everything that’s good must come to an end as they say.Guess it’s Sony’s time.

  • Of course this comment section would be full of babies crying just because an older exclusive got put on PC.

  • I hope those enhancements are available with a patch on PS5 ;)

  • Or how about you make it for PC then release it to PS5. There is no way I will get a PS5 when PC is far superior. Plus this port is meant to be bad, I’ll check it out.

  • I still don’t understand why they put HZD on PC and like a slap in our face.

  • I feel like you released the PC port just to get players into Playstation! I jumped in and bought this straight the moment this was announced and now I regret it! People who are reading this, I wouldn’t mind if you pirate this! Do not buy! Pc port is absolutely worst and very disappointing! FPS drops for stupid reasons! Quest updates – fps drops. Turn on vSync FPS drops ! I mean lol why ? Even on a 2080ti? Not just 4k but at 1080p also !

    You shouldn’t release a pc port unless it’s polished! Oh and very last thing, aloy and other characters moves like Barry Allen the flash at sometimes and its really really annoying !

    I have doubts buying forbidden west and even a ps5 for that matter ..

  • Wow to think I would live to see the day where a huge exclusive PS game gets released elsewhere and Sony does a Blog post for it as if it was a good thing,like a big spit in our face,like a big “F you our loyal fans”.If this ain’t the downfall of PS I dunno what is…such a sad messed up stupidity,Horizon is a masterpiece,Sony’s best PS4 game,one of the best games ever made definitely top 10 best couldn’t you idiots give to beggars an exclusive with low importance?

    Sad to see this happening,can’t put in words how sad it is.The path Sony is going is dark really dark…Sony games are the only ones I pre-order,if I see another major exclusive going elsewhere I’m not supporting Sony anymore.

    Yeah I know ma $60s won’t do you damage but whatever I’ll be doing ma part.

  • What’s with all the hate? Wreaks of insecurity and jealousy, as if someone was twisting your arm to buy a Playstation in the first place. Heaven forbid that someone gets to play something you did years ago. “Well I had to buy a Playstation so they should have to too” or “I want something no one else can have because I’m special.” Teenie-bopper mentality, fix yourself.

    Timed exclusive is THE best way to go for their brand. If being first to play a game is that important to you (more-so than most of you realize), the option is available. If you’re a budget gamer and don’t subscribe to updating your PC often, the alternative is yet again available to you. This move hurts no one, and in fact, the company you have such an affinity for, stands to gain, so you should be happy. Bizarre loyalty to have by the way. Corporations don’t reciprocate, nor do you even work for them. You literally stand nothing tangible to lose if they’re successful or not as a company. This sort of move also, especially in the case of multiplayer games implementing cross-play, significantly extends the life of a game. Since you’re so worried the PS5 library might move to PC (p.s. it won’t, unfortunately), then save yourself the $500 and put it toward building a PC, especially since you feel so burned for whatever pointless reason.

    Consider this from a business point of view too. If you lose money for every console you sell and your profit comes predominantly from your software, in what world would it not make sense to have your software be as widely available to people as possible? This is all besides the point though as some of you can’t seem to understand this “porting a FEW notable exclusives to PC” trend is all simply an attempt to get more people on board PS5 for the inevitable exclusive sequels (as they have made abundantly clear, read the article you’re commenting on).

  • Dear, Sony team

    Next time when you’re releasing a game that said “PlayStation exclusive”, it better be exclusive to PlayStation. Because what you’re doing here is basically misinform and betray the PS users with that false “Only On PlayStation” advertisement. I understand you doing this to gain more bucks from releasing to other platforms BUT stop misinform and be honest with 100+million of users on your ecosystem.

    Also, it seems like your PC port gave a sour taste to some people with poor optimization and overall performance. A pretty bad move for trying to convince PC guys to “allegedly join the PS community” is it? As a matter of fact, if they can afford to buy those fancy PC setups, why can’t they afford a few hundred bucks to buy your console and your exclusive games? If they care for it, they would. Instead, you’re asking for their attention to play your exclusive which is really ridiculous.

    My advise? You better consider your future plans that emphasize what makes PlayStation stands out from the rest of the competition: Quality EXCLUSIVES. And i mean “Only On PlayStation”, not some content exclusives and 3rd-party timed-exclusives nonsense because, that’s just a low blow to Multi-platform users. It will only create more hate from gamers and negative outset to your brand all around.

    If all of your great games are releasing to other platforms, what’s the point of having PlayStation in the first place? The good old days of PS1 and PS2, where are they? Those days you racking up sales and people complain nothing. You did well back then. And don’t just give me those “nowadays, it’s more competitive” nonsense either. Look at Nintendo, have you seen them giving their exclusives away anywhere? NO. Because, that’s their strength, they know it and they don’t need to give away for anyone. People have to come to them and they’re doing well as is. Don’t lose your way Sony. Remember what makes you special.

    Kind regards.

  • I’m SO Tempted to buy this again. I didn’t finish it years ago and now I built a new gaming PC to ready myself for Cyberpunk 2077. Would give me something to play since that got delayed.

  • I don’t get why they didn’t just promote subscriptions to PSNow to Windows users.

    • I said the same thing and if they doing this why they need to make a consoles it make no sense

    • You want to know what makes no sense Redway? Your statement. How ignorant can people get?

      You let the fact that someone gets to play this on PC that may not have had the ability to play this game before bother you.

      Slap in the face? What the hell is wrong with people that think like this?

      You are NOT entitled.

      You are NOT better than someone else because you play on a particular platform.

      You did NOT waste your money by buying in to PS. Did you not enjoy your experience with your PS or was it so miserable that you want others to be tricked in to buying a PS too so you feel better that others lose out as well? Or is it just jealousy?

      The point of consoles? How about a seriously compelling affordable alternative to a decent PC setup that costs 3x the amount for marginal improvements? Consoles give you value; gaming PCs are for enthusiasts. The problem nowadays is people can’t seem to manage their priorities or control their addictions, and either splurge on something they can’t afford at the moment, or wine about others that have something they want but can’t have themselves. No one is twisting your arm to buy that PS5 you want by the way, and if you’re so upset about the unlikely possibility of no more exclusives, put that $500 or so toward building a high end PC that you seemingly wish you had.

      Slap in the face…give me a break. Heaven forbid someone else gets to enjoy something you enjoy playing. You literally lose NOTHING.

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