Prepare for big Warface: Breakout updates throughout 2020

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Prepare for big Warface: Breakout updates throughout 2020

Details on clans, new Seasons, modes, maps, and more.

Warface: Breakout was always designed as an evolving experience. With players getting to grips with battles between the Wardens and Reapers since launch and throughout Season 1, we’re already looking ahead to an even bigger, better future.

My.Games and Allods Team recently revealed the 2020 roadmap for Warface: Breakout, spanning three Seasons with free content updates from now until the end of the year. As well as planned aesthetic and technical improvements, including a 60-tick server update, we’re also bringing in several new maps, daily quests and challenges, new game modes, and seasonal events for Halloween and Christmas.

We’ve already rolled out new features like Ranked Matches in Season 1, so the launch of Season 2 in September will see another raft of big features rolling in!

We’ve got crossplay in our crosshairs around this time, aimed at bringing down barriers so you can fight it out with friends as early as during Season 2, no matter which system you’re playing on. With weapon progression missions you’ll be able to get new skins and challenge cards for selected weapons, and very soon you’ll track all your player experience in a detailed profile. Support for a clan system will also follow at the end of the year, with a Spectator Mode rounding out the year when Season 3 lands in December. 

You can check out the full list of planned features and new content in our Roadmap for 2020, as seen above!

New to Warface: Breakout? It’s a tactical FPS set on a near-future Earth ravaged by war, where two mercenary factions — Wardens and Reapers — are locked in a battle for supremacy. It features gunplay-focused combat, ‘defuse the bomb’ objectives, and the ability to adapt your loadout at the beginning of matches.

Warface: Breakout has already undergone a lot of changes since launch, and we can’t wait to bring you even more throughout the rest of 2020. If you want to join the fray, you can save 20% on the Standard or Deluxe edition of Warface: Breakout in the PlayStation Store Summer Sale until August 19. See you in the field, mercs!

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  • cross play hype

  • How about the main Warface game?

    We need crossplay. The pool is too tight in the higher queues, the same P2W ppl dominate with their MPXs, Golds, and Customs.

    Warface hits a massive spike after u reach a moderate to high level and i personally went from utter domination to being very average. From top 3 every time to middle of the pack or worse. My K/D went from 2 to a shade over 1. I literally perform far better in the ESL Warface tournaments than when i play Free For All normally because one u hita certain rank it’s all killers with P2W guns and everybody is a higher level.

    An influx of Switch players would balance it out a bit and the larger player base would allow ppl to be more appropriately matched with similar ranks rather than having ppl who put 40 hours in with ppl who put 600 hours in. Yes, when i was at 40 hours playtime i was playing with ppl who have 600 hours. I have 60 hours i just unlocked Mini Uzi and i’m in a lobby with SIX sponsered players who are spamming Rogue Energy advertising. No coincidence i was also in a lobby with 6 MPXs, the P2W super gun. Matchmaking is very poor and lootbox drop rates are to the point of absurdity. And MPXs and such aren’t even always available in boxes.

    Also, i had 24hr gear and grabbed a booster but the servers broke and all versus matches were basically unplayable, so i stopped playing and now my 24hr lootbox gear is almost timed out. Do i get that time back?? It’s only ever 24hr rentals in lootboxes. I’m at level 48 Battlepass and i’ve received numerous Daily Mission boxes and not ONE permanent item. 0/6 consistently. You see my PSN name, make it right.

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