Street Fighter V summer update: New characters, esports news, and more

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Street Fighter V summer update: New characters, esports news, and more

Dan, Rose and Oro heading to Street Fighter V, along with a surprise guest from Rival Schools!

Hey there PlayStation Nation! We hope you are all doing well and staying safe out there, and want to thank you for all the support you’ve given to us with Street Fighter V over the years. Today we’re excited to reveal upcoming content for Street Fighter V: Champion Edition with the “Street Fighter V Summer Update!” 

Join SFV Director Nakayama-san, SFV Producer Matsumoto-san, and special guests as they deliver news about Street Fighter V! 

We know you’ve all been waiting for info on new content coming to Street Fighter V: Champion Edition. We appreciate your patience, and we hope you’re all as excited as we are about these new additions to the cast! Now that you’ve seen the video, let’s dive in to the characters that were revealed today with the help of the SFV Dev Team! 


Yahoo! Returning to Street Fighter V is the Master of Saikyo Style martial arts, Dan Hibiki! Dan’s origins go all the way back to Street Fighter Alpha as a hidden character, and he’s made multiple appearances in other Street Fighter and Capcom titles in the years since. His last appearance was in Street Fighter IV, but he’ll have some new tricks up his sleeves in Street Fighter V. 

Street Fighter V summer update: New characters, esports news, and more

Could some of his unique taunts and antics be tied to his V-Skill or V-Trigger? The SFV Dev team has more on Dan: 

Dan has always had a dominating and unique fighting style with the “Saikyo-ryu” style and his trademark “Taunt.” He’s also known for his quest to avenge his father, Gou Hibiki, who was defeated by Sagat. You may have spotted his sister, Yuriko Hibiki in the in-game store!

Dan’s new special move is “Danretsuken,” a multiple punch attack which debuted as one of Dan’s moves in Ultra Street Fighter IV’s Omega Mode. Finally, Dan’s “Taunt” has evolved, making it much more useful in battle! 

We look forward to showing you more in the future.


A fan-favorite and highly-requested character, Rose also makes her triumphant return from Street Fighter IV and the Street Fighter Alpha series. 

Rose has made multiple appearances in Street Fighter V – notably in Menat’s story. At long last, she’ll be playable in SFV in Spring 2021! Here’s some info on Rose from the SFV Dev team:  

Rose, a Fortune Teller working in Genoa, Italy, is able to utilize her unique Soul Power. She’s also Menat’s Master and teacher. Originally from the Street Fighter Alpha series, Rose has a mysterious connection with M. Bison.

Her fighting style was originally designed to have strong anti-projectile and anti-air attacks. Please look forward to how she has changed for SFV when she’s added to the game in the future! We also remember that the Soul Satellite was pretty strong back in Street Fighter IV, so please tune in for more information on that as well!


The mysterious hermit with superhuman strength, Oro makes his long-awaited comeback in Street Fighter V next summer! But, he’s already been around for a while, hasn’t he? Have you noticed Oro making appearances in Street Fighter V? Quick note from the SFV dev team: Oro’s age is over 130 years old and, apparently, he refers to Dhalsim as “Youngster.”

Oro originally appeared as a brand new character in Street Fighter III: New Generation, and quickly became a fan favorite. With one of the most unconventional playstyles in Street Fighter history, Oro uses only one of his arms to fight by utilizing various unorthodox attacks, including balls of light and pulling rocks from the ground to orbit around him as a shield. Although you can see he has both arms out in this sketch, one of them is holding… a turtle! This is actually a part of Oro’s fighting style, as he challenges himself to keep the turtle in his hand balanced during the fight. How will this affect his moves in Street Fighter V? We’ll find out soon enough!


Did we catch you by surprise? We’re thrilled to share that the fourth character in Season V is Akira Kazama from the Rival Schools series! This will be Akira’s first appearance in a Street Fighter game, but it’s not her first foray against members of the Street Fighter cast. Akira has previously faced off against Sakura, who appeared as a guest character in Rival Schools: United by Fate. A quick note from the SFV Dev Team:

We are currently developing Akira so that we utilize Rival School’s originality as well as incorporating new ways to play. We can’t wait to share more on how Akira’s playstyle will evolve for Street Fighter V! 

In addition to the four characters we’ve announced today, there is one final character that will be added to the star-studded SFV roster. We will reveal more information when we are closer to that character’s release in Fall 2021!

Street Fighter League – Season 3

We’re excited to announce that we will be extending Street Fighter League to a global scale in its third season, bringing the best of the best around the world to compete! We’ll have more info to share in the near future, so stay tuned! For now, please check out the new trailer below.

Free Trial and Sale

For aspiring fighters out there, we are holding a Free Trial on PS4 going on now through August 19. All 40 characters will be available during this trial, so it’s a great chance to try them all out and find a favorite!

Street Fighter V and Street Fighter V: Champion Edition are also currently on sale on PlayStation Store! Now’s the perfect time to begin your journey towards ruling the ring!

Once again, we want to thank all the fighters out there who have supported us over the years, and we hope you’re as excited as we are for all the new characters and content coming in Season V. For a full rundown of all the content and release schedule, here is our latest development roadmap: 

Stay safe and keep fighting!

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  • So… hmm this is not included on SFV: CE right? Might wait again…

    • Season V content is not included with a purchase of Champion Edition. You can, however, earn and use in-game Fight Money to obtain each of Season V’s characters for free or purchase them using real currency after they release.

    • You barely earn fight money playing this game normally after the nerfs.. it’s a outrageous everything is locked behind that and you don’t get any outfits or stages connected to them. Y’all went overboard this go round.

    • It’s hard to earn fight money but on the flip side, there’s zero ways to get the MK season passes for free. I look at it as a Loyalty card; don’t pay attention to it and one day you’ll be surprised you can afford something with your loyalty points.

    • SFV has to be the most frustrating game in the series for me as while I love the way it plays I hate the way most of the characters are locked behind a paywall.

      Yes you can earn in game currency to ‘unlock’ them, But you earn so little that for those who don’t play online (Which I don’t) & just want to play through the arcade/story modes & then jump in & play local 2 player with friends every so often your never going to be able to earn any of them unless your willing to pay more which i’m not as i’d rather spend what relatively little money I have to buy new games.

      I enjoy fighting games, Have since I first played SF2 but i just find modern fighting games to be more frustrating than fun with the way a lot of the content you used to be able to unlock simply by playing through/beating the games various SP modes now require you to spend extra or play games in a way you simply don’t enjoy (That been Online). Maybe younger games who don’t know any different won’t have issue with the way things are now, But I just think the way these games were structured in the past was far better & far more rewarding to play.

    • This game was totally overpriced! If you had bought the game and all the season passes on release day, you would have paid a total of € 179.95 (for a Fighting game with 40 characters). If that’s not crazy then I don’t know what’s crazy nowadays.

  • That roadmap 0_0

  • Well this is cool. I kinda thought we were done but nope! Rose! And Akira from Rival Schools? Very cool. But I gotta wait til 2021 for them? Hurry up 2020 you lousy year…

  • I really want to know which battle mecha ic from Rival Schools is going to get added. I really cannot wait for that.

    Also to point out for those people that do not know, the only thing not given free are the characters (if you do not want to farm FM), and costumes. That means the new battle mechanic and the new balances are completely free.

    Personally though, I cannot wait to see the changes.

  • This is great pit on season 3 pass of street fighter 5 champion editionwill will be surprise that be wonderful i want to see changes and different world

  • This is cool but also makes me worried that we won’t be getting Street Fighter 6 any time soon. I was really hoping that SF6 would come out early next generation so that it would have more time to get support and have a bigger roster in its early stages. That was the problem with SFV, it started off without much content and they’re finally getting a lot content out but at the end of the PS4’s life cycle.

  • Is the trial not on the UK store??????????

  • I already SFV and all the fighters dlc last year and still all of the fighters are lock some how is it because I don’t online fight are something??

  • Greatest character announcement of all time! I can’t believe I’ll be able to play as Akira again T_T. I miss Rival Schools so much.. it’s my favorite fighting game series ever and this gives me hope one day we might see a new one!

  • Wait, I thought I bought everything with SFV CE… Jesus this is ridiculous. What else do I have to buy to have the complete experience? Getting so tired of being nickle and dimed with this game already.

    • Rest assured, next year they will probably be releasing the “Super Duper Hyper Extreme Ultimate Arcade Champion of the World Edition” on the PS5 for only € 99, – or as an upgrade for only € 49.99 (But be careful, the new PS5 Season Pass will not be included, it will probably cost another € 39.99). LOL

    • Yeah how dare they not give away hundreds of new man hours work for free. How entitled of you.

    • Yeah right, and I paid full price for not even half of a game back then when it was released.

  • There’s a bug in the CE trial, most characters are still locked.

  • Ok either give us the rival schools theme as a mtx or trigger the theme when you active super/trigger!

    Can’t wait for Rose!

  • Request: The ability to choose the original SFV fighter select theme for the main menu/select screen.

    It’s only in the SFV ladder and it’s the best song in the game…pretty much the only one that can’t be applied in the menu audio list (just listened to in the player)

  • Looks like Im going to have to dust of my copy SFV: CE, so I can play Akira once again! I havent played in awhile since work and class taken over my life but Rival Schools used to be my jam and Akira was my main! Its good to see her back after 20 something years!

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