Top 3 tips to get ahead in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, out today

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Top 3 tips to get ahead in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, out today

Dive and double-cross your way to victory.

Welcome to Fall Guys, the world’s most ridiculous knockout game show! Barrel headlong through manic obstacle courses, trials and minigames until 60 Fall Guys are whittled down to one final winner! It’s chaos on a scale you’ve never seen before. It’s teamwork and competition wrapped up in a fluorescent bundle of madness. It’s dozens of jelly bean characters getting hit by a giant inflatable hammer. 

The show starts today, I’m ready to spill the beans on insider strategies that are going to leave your competitors swimming in the slime. Here are my top three tips for glory in the greatest competition ever made — Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout! 

1. Dive More

It may look ridiculous, but the Fall Guys’s dive is their secret weapon in the pursuit of victory. Pressing SQUARE will fling your Fall Guy forwards onto their belly, and this can be used in all manner of locations to gain the upper hand! For example, diving across the finish line of a race Round can shave precious milliseconds off your time and can be the difference between elimination and qualification (plus it just looks cool). 

On top of that dive can be used to dodge incoming projectiles, to knock over other Fall Guys, or even comboed with a jump to gain extra air time. If your Fall Guy isn’t spending half the level picking themselves up off the floor you’re doing it wrong, so dive whenever possible! 

2. Let Others Fail for You

Although ultimate glory is always the goal, sometimes it pays to be sneaky and let others pave your way to victory. Trying hanging back on race Rounds like Door Dash or Tip Toe, where Fall Guys must work together to figure out a safe route to the finish line. Once the golden route becomes apparent, simply clamber over the chaos they’ve created and waltz your way to qualification in style while they wonder where on earth it all went wrong.

3. Make Friends (Then Betray Them)

In Fall Guys there can only be one winner, but it pays to make alliances along the way. Rounds like See Saw need Fall Guys to work together and balance their way to the finish line, and Egg Scramble requires a perfect combination of egg protectors and stealers to avoid coming last. By the time you reach a final round like Hex-a-gone your competitors might think you’ve got a soft spot for them, which will only make it sweeter when cut off their path and send them falling to their elimination in the slime below.

If this all sounds like hard work simply form a party with your PlayStation friends and revel in their groans as you steal the crown from right under their noses (even if you promised you wouldn’t). 

Armed with these three insider tips you’ll be parading around in the latest in greatest of Fall Guy fashion items you chose to blow your hard-earned crowns on. This is, of course, I happen to be on the start line with you — I’ve grown accustomed to wearing a crown during all our beta tests. So come get some and we’ll see who the real winners are. 

Roll the intro!

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  • It would be nice to utilize these tips if the servers actually worked…

  • if you can get into a game that is

  • ‘jump in now’ yeah right

  • Watching some gameplay while i wait!!!! oh and yeah you betcha i’ll be utilising these tips especially the last one XD

  • Waiting for my store to update lol

  • Esse jogo é sensacional espero que os desenvolvedores não parem de trazer novos conteúdos para o game, como novos mapas, novos modos, skin sabemos que não irá faltar. Séria a playstation colocar também skin de seus títulos tipo: home aranha, kratos, joel e ellie, nathan drake enfim entre outros. Ansioso para desfrutar desse game com os amigos.

  • This game desperately needs local co-op.

  • Loving this game! I would love more like this or other Indie games free on launch month!

  • The game is simple, accessible and fun. I encountered connectivity issues a couple times but it seems mostly fine now.

  • I can’t find the game on the Saudi store

  • Been loving this game. Felt so satisfying when I actually won a whole ‘episode’ too. :)

    Sorry those Steam folk negatively review bombed the game cos of the server issues. What did they expect? Even AAA online games usually get their servers swamped on launch day. Demand for this game was way higher than even the devs expected or hoped for. But yeah most fun I’ve had with a PS Plus game in a while. :D

  • I’ve been trying to get into a game for about an hour now, but unfortunately, no luck. Maybe next time turn on some servers, Mediatonic. 😜

    • Where are you located? I wonder if it’s region-specific, because I only had a few minor issues. Or maybe I was just lucky :)

  • Thanks for the amazing game, Joe. 2 things – I wonder if the team has considered making it free to download forever to keep player count high for a long time. And please put serious consideration into patching the Infallible trophy. I don’t want to sound like a complainy pants, but it’s undeniably cruel. The majority of players will never win once. Less than 1% will ever win 2 straight.

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