More games join PlayStation Store’s Summer Sale promotion

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More games join PlayStation Store’s Summer Sale promotion

Final Fantasy VII Remake, Doom Eternal, World War Z headline the new selection of titles.

PlayStation Store’s Summer Sale continues to heat up with an influx of new titles joining the promotion from Wednesday, August 5. 

See the iconic city of Midgar in a whole new way with action RPG Final Fantasy VII Remake. Tackle Hell’s toughest soldiers in Doom Eternal. Survive an undead apocalypse in World War Z. Gear up for an intense reimagining of a classic series in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. 

These four games are joined by many more titles which are now available for less for a limited time. Head on over to the Summer Sale on PlayStation Store (European players, head here, and US players here) to see your local discounts. 

Act fast though: the promotion only runs until Wednesday, August 19 at 11.59pm local time. 

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  • A proper list would be nice. I recently checked the store, is it live now? Will anymore titles be added?

    I would love a sale on some smaller games like Omensight, Ashen, BELOW, After Party, Feudal Alloy, Dark Devotion, Rainworld, Risk of Rain 2, Driven Out, Owlboy, Demon’s Tier+, Battle Chasers, and ofc Darksiders Genesis. Even if Omen of Sorrow was $5 i’d grab it.

    • It says Wednesday.

      But yes, these sale posts aren’t useful any more.

    • Well I posted around midnight (my time) so I figured they might’ve updated the sale.

      I’m not sure if it goes by Post but there was no harm in asking. Thanks for reinforcing my utter disdain for human life. Congrats on being the smartest guy in the room, u read Wednesday.

      Also, I figured the sale would go live after they post about, but my bad..

  • So is this not on the U.K.? Don’t see any new titles..

  • Nah my 95 game wishlist is once again barely affected :P

    • No games on my wishlist are on sale, not even the Crossbuy ones.

    • You know how the sales work, it’s always the same few games for the same few junky reductions.

      Makes the “digital only” PS5 really, really tempting.. 😂

    • They actually did add some decent games.

      Good sales added like..

      Rage 2 $11.99
      Yooka Laylee $7.99
      Genesis Alpha One $11.99
      DOOM Eternal $29.99
      Mutant Gen Zero $13
      Ghostbusters $9.89

    • Those are US prices. SIE is a US company now (unfortunately) that practices unfair regional pricing and regional bias to an often ridiculous level.

  • Title says “… new selection of titles.”, when it clearly needs to say “… same old selection of titles.” Probably just a typo, glad I could help.

  • This blogs seen better days. Not really much use anymore.

  • I hoped for some hidden game’s DLC price cuts but of course the sims dlc galore instead.

  • Just a small list of the new games that have been added would be great rather than having to scroll through the whole list to see what’s new.

  • jeez can you get any worse, now you add games to a sale but name only four of them, and expect you to work out what else is newly added from the bloated slow store page
    yeah there are other places you can go to get these but the place to go should be the ps blog…

  • So are the aforementioned titles the only new additions or do we have to guess the rest

  • Geez. New titles are added! How Many? Which ones? You figure it out! Don’t bother us!
    Memba when blog posts used to list the sales in a grid? Memba when the blog used to post the drop for new games? Can’t be bothered anymore apparently.
    Great work blog team!

  • Picked up World War Z Season Pass for $14.99 (already had base game from a prior sale).

  • Well,that was a read & a half….trawling through the Aussie PSN store I mean!
    As per a few other comments, nothing on my cob-webbed wishlist either,to nominate a few:
    Timespinner (Released Sept.2018)
    Blazing Chrome, (Released July 2019)
    Castle Crashers Remastered, (Rel.Oct. 2019)
    River City Girls, (Rel. Sept. 2019)
    Fight’N’ Rage,(Rel. Dec. 2019)
    Battle Princess Madelyn, (Oct. 2019 EU/AU PSN,Dec 2018 US)
    Xeno Crisis,(Rel. Oct. 2019)
    Afterparty (Rel. Oct.2019)
    Gunlord X (Rel. Dec. 2019)
    Just to name a few examples…most of these have had sales on Switch/Steam etc…. all bar PSN-none of these titles have had a psn sale since their launch! :-(
    Then there’s the games that haven’t had sales in ages:
    Cursed Castilla & Super Hydorah (Last sales Aug/Sept. 2018)
    Shantae & The Pirates Curse (Last sale Aug. 2017)
    Shantae Half Genie Hero & Shantae HGH Ultimate Ed. (Last sale July 2018)
    The Mummy Demastered (Only ever sale July 2018)

    WayForward mentioned recently trying to get sale discounts on PSN involved more hurdles than other platforms….not an isolated comment when asking a few smaller indie devs/publishers of the ones that do respond…for such a varied & vast catalogue,its rather frustrating to see games going YEARS since their last sale or NEVER having had one! The recent rinse & repeat AAA & DLC sales this year have been getting rather stale Nathan Clarke….inject some variety thanks,given a few examples as have others,please take the feedback on board! :-(

  • Useless blog post. Sad!

  • The lack of effort put into this blog is shameful.. is more informative in this regard than you ever did…

  • The same items as always. When will discount the last season pass of tekken, soulcalibur, samurai shodown, persona 5 royal, etc, etc….?

  • So which games were added to the sale?

  • Waiting for Vita games.

  • On the plus side, FF7 Remake is only £21 on the Turkish store

  • Week 7 without a drop post.

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