Hitman 2, Greedfall, Dead Cells join PS Now in August

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Hitman 2, Greedfall, Dead Cells join PS Now in August

Experience the ultimate spy thriller, shape a world’s destiny, or survive as long as you can in a roguelike platformer.

Turn the world into your weapon, shape a world’s destiny by your actions and have your combat skills challenged as three new titles join PS Now this month. Hitman 2, Greedfall and Dead Cells are all playable from today. Let’s take a closer look at each below. New to PS Now? Find out more here

Hitman 2

Hitman 2

Travel the globe and track your targets across exotic sandbox locations in Hitman 2. From sun-drenched streets to dark and dangerous rainforests, nowhere is safe from the world’s most deadly assassin, Agent 47. Explore hugely complex sandbox environments, everything can help you plan and execute the perfect assassination – use stealth, sabotage and more to turn your creativity into a deadly weapon. 

Available until February 1, 2021. 


Hitman 2, Greedfall, Dead Cells join PS Now in August

In this stunning action RPG, explore uncharted new lands as you set foot on a remote island seeping with magic, and filled with riches, lost secrets, and fantastic creatures. You’ll have complete freedom to shape your abilities, spells and skills and decide whether to complete objectives with combat, diplomacy, deception, or stealth. Forge this new world’s destiny, as you befriend or betray companions and entire factions. 

Dead Cells

Dead Cells

An interconnected world, branching paths and unlockable skills with the constant adrenaline-pumping threat of permadeath beckon in this sublime roguelike action platformer. With no checkpoints, you either vanquish the final boss in one go or try again. Tough but fair combat, responsive controls, challenging foes, and of course, the emergency panic roll to get you out of trouble make for a visceral and cathartic action game.

Available until 1st February 2021.

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  • Wow these games are actually good. Good job this month. All we need is the resolution bumped up to 1080p and for PS Now to be available on more devices. Along with ALL of PlayStation’s older exclusives (all of the PS2, PS3, and most PS4) to be on PS Now permanently. Doesn’t make sense to remove exclusives on the service you’re trying to sell. You don’t see Netflix it GamePass doing that. But overall we’re seeing improvements.

    • One of the exclusive PS3 Games I want for PS Now is Folklore. A true hidden Gem that more people should play.

    • Good point about exclusives. With no licensing issues there is no excuse for PS2 and PS3 exclusives not to be on the service permanently. Hell, get some PS1 games on there, too.

    • Exactly. And I’m not even talking about new exclusives. I’m talking about ones that are at least a few years old.
      Like the Nathan Drake Collection, uncharted 4, TLOU Remastered, Horizon, Patapon, loco roco, PS All Stars, Spider-Man, God Of War, Ratchet & Clankcollection, Jak & Daxter. There’s really no reason for them not to be there and Sony is doing a disservice to the service and themselves by not have their own games on there.

    • Great additions, too bad i own Dead Cells and Greedfall.

      When is Bloodstained hitting PSNow? It has DLC, it would be smart. More indies please.

    • This. Particularly the part about first party PS3 titles. There’s no excuse for games such as Resistance 1 & 2 not being on the service by now.

      If Microsoft can dedicate an entire team to hardware emulation on a per-title basis, it’s reasonable to expect Sony to add their own archived game files to the PS Now server.

  • Still waiting for PlayStation All-Stars to be added to the service.

  • Also those Games are joining PS Now this month:

    Power Rangers Battle for the Grid,AO Tennis 2, The Sinking City, WRC 8, Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor and Pure Farming 18.

    You should really start listing every new PS Now Game on the Blog^^

  • PS Now has gone an entire year without adding a single PS3 game to its library lol.

  • Good month all in all. Already played Dead Cells to death on Switch, but may double-dip to get me some trophies, and I was literrely uhmm-ing and ahh-ing over buying Greedfall as my next game once I’ve finished with Ghost of Tsushima. Decision made!
    I’d also love to say I’ve been wanting to buy Hitman, as I’ve always been curious about it, but it’s been sat on my hard drive since it was a PS+ game months ago and I still haven’t played it!

  • I just bought Dead cells few weeks ago. Damn that game was so fun!
    I wanted to try GreedFall and Hitman 2 seems okay to good-ish.
    This month is very good!

  • Please Bring PSNOW to Latinamerica, i don´t care if only have dowload part without streaming.

  • Why don’t you put the full list ???
    I mean, it’s the bare minimum when you do a blog post…

    – WRC 8
    – Hitman 2
    – Greedfall
    – Dead Cells
    – AO Tennis 2
    – The Sinking City
    – Pure Farming 18
    – Power Rangers Battle for the Grid

  • Awesome! I’ve been wanting to play all these games. Too many games, not enough time. I’ll say it again, PS Now is way better than Plus at this point if you’re not fussed about online play.

  • When will you bring LEGO Lord of the Rings (PS3). Always wanted to play that, but sold my PS3.

  • Good list, although the games still aren’t up here in Europe.

    PS Now is getting better, but I really hope Sony plan on improving the service going into next gen. A few musts:

    -Higher streaming resolution.
    -Better save game management. It’s 2020, we shouldn’t have to move the files around ourselves.
    -Availability on more platforms, including phones and tablets.
    -Ability to stream on 4G and 5G when available. Might suck, but I’d like the choice.

  • Hi, Could you add more games from the publisher, Artifex Mundi?
    There are already some games in the library from the publisher but I wanna try more of them. and add Patapon too.

  • Why is it so hard to set the age for content

  • Awesome month!! I actually wanted to try out all these games :D

  • Not bad,

    I’m confused as to why these blogs never list ALL the games coming to the service that month? It’s honestly very weird.

    Also, once Every PS3 PlayStation Studios game is on the service I will sub. Still waiting for Resistance 1 & 2, All Stars, Motorstorm 1 & 2..

    • Resistance 1 & 2 can’t be because it’s not on the PS Store. There’s no digital version. But you’re right. All of PlayStation’s exclusives should be on PS Now. Not necessarily the new ones. But at least all of the PS2, PS3, most PS4, maybe even PSOne games

  • Dead Cells and Battle for the Grid! Excellent!!

  • Why do they say “Available until February 1, 2021”. Do they disappear from your library after this date?

  • what day will be available

  • Позорно у сони с информацией. Дали не 3 игры, а больше. Одна причем отсутствует в psn. Официальной информации ноль. У Microsoft в этом плане всё четко!

  • no new game appears on my ps now and they were announced a couple of hours ago!!!

  • Games are up now, but no Sinking City unfortunately. Anyone else have access to it? Maybe just unavailable in the EU?

    • It’s not available for NA subscribers either unfortunately.

    • The devs have tweeted that they are having issues with being removed from several storefronts including PSN. Not sure why, but they are working on a fix.

  • I have a question (which you seem to ignore on Twitter also, so I’ll be blown away if I get a response here…)

    Your website clearly states that a PS+ subscription is NOT required to play PS Now games online. And indeed, most of them I’ve tried work fine.

    Why then, do some titles not work? I’ve tried to play both Lost Legacy a while back and Street Fighter V online tonight, and both of them refuse to let me play online and instead direct me to a PS+ registration page.

    Any ideas? Because the website is wrong.

    • When a ps now game tells you to buy ps plus for online, press the ps button and log out of the account. Log back in the account and go back to the game you should be able to play online without needing ps plus. This is what I did for ps now games and it seems to work.

  • Great month… started to play Power Rangers – Battle for the Grid and you know what? It’s bloody amazing. Thanks PSNow!!

  • The Sinking City is not on PSNow or the Store in the Netherlands.
    Can that be fixed please because I’d love to play it.

    • The devs have tweeted that they have been having issues on a couple of storefronts, and that they are working on getting it fixed.

  • Didn’t saw the sinking city. Did t show up in search either :/

  • These games are great and all but when will we start seeing the full ratchet and clank series/ jak and Daxter and other older series that pretty much defined a generation.

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