Join the Council of Wonder Women in DC Universe Online

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Join the Council of Wonder Women in DC Universe Online

New event and episode Wonderverse is out today.

Fans of Super Heroes, Wonder Woman, Old Gods, New Gods, and collapsing multiverses have a lot to look forward to in Wonderverse, our next episode launching today! 

Whether you are looking for an end-game challenge or just starting your journey, Wonderverse delivers. Remember, anyone level 15+ can play the more accessible event versions of our newest episode for free, right up until we launch the next one.

The Council of Wonder Women

Our story picks up where our last few episodes left off: with a damaged and cracked Source Wall. Look, that’s a HUGE deal. The Source Wall surrounds and contains the multiverse, so when it stops working, universes stop working. In Wonderverse, five universes have begun to merge, and it will be catastrophic to all of them if the boundaries cannot be repaired.

Enter Wonder Woman. And Wonder Woman. And Wonder Woman. You get the idea: the Wonder Woman from each of these universes must step up to heal what’s broken. Despite their differences, they will found the Council of Wonder Women, led by Nubia (Earth-23). 

Most notably joining Nubia on the council are two other Wonder Women, both new to DC Universe Online: Red Son Wonder Woman and Flashpoint Wonder Woman. 

Red Son Wonder Woman

In Red Son Wonder Woman’s universe, a slight delay sent Superman’s ship to land on Earth not in Kansas, but in the Soviet Union, and the world was never the same. The Wonder Woman there rises up in support of Superman, defending the common people against injustice and oppression. She is bold, pragmatic, and cunning, and exactly what the council needs. 

 Flashpoint Wonder Woman

Flashpoint Wonder Woman is altogether different. Unlike most incarnations of Wonder Woman (who are kind, benevolent, and strong), Flashpoint Wonder Woman is cruel, tyrannical, and, okay, still really strong. She is dangerous, a murderer, and warmonger in her universe. But with her universe at stake, too, what role will she play? What decisions will she make?

Old Gods, New Gods, New Old Gods

As the Source Wall deteriorates, so too do the powers of the gods. Desperate and not accustomed to threats, the gods realize they can sustain their powers by accumulating fragments of the Source Wall itself, even as it crumbles into the merging multiverse. 

The New Gods of Apokalypse, led by Darkseid, Grail, and Orion, are quick to seize upon the opportunity. They strike not just to maintain their power, but also to deprive power from their rivals.  

Not far behind them, capricious and dangerous themselves, are the Old Gods of Olympus, led by Zeus, Hera, Athena, and Poseidon. Poseidon is all-new to DC Universe Online, rising up from the ocean depths to reclaim his power in Atlantis. 

So, here’s the problem. You’re going to need those fragments of the Source Wall if the council is going to have any chance to save their universes. And the gods are rarely reasonable. 

How do you convince the gods to give up their fragments, and with them their power? Spoiler: it’s not going to involve a whole lot of talking. 

Get Started

This universe-shattering episode is available now, and the multiverse is already in jeopardy. Download and play DCUO today for free. Remember, the event versions of Wonderverse are free for everyone, and you don’t even have to have PlayStation Plus. All you have to do is:

  • Download DCUO from PlayStation Store.
  • Create your own unique Super Hero or Supervillain, with special powers and a look all your own.
  • Start playing.

It’s also a great time to get into or back into the game, because all of our other episodes are still free-to-access with Open Episodes, and our ongoing bonus weeks will continue apace, multiverse or no. 

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