The Mean Greens: Plastic Warfare marches to PS4 August 5

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The Mean Greens: Plastic Warfare marches to PS4 August 5

Small soldiers, big world.

Hi, Jamie here and I’m excited to announce that The Mean Greens: Plastic Warfare will be coming to PlayStation 4 on August 5! I’m so proud of the teams at Virtual Basement and Code Headquarters for all the hard work that’s led up to this exciting event. 

I can’t wait for PlayStation players to finally be able to get their hands on this wonderful online third person shooter that we’ve been supporting and updating for almost five years now. Over the years the team has really put together something amazing and the PlayStation release sees even more improvements in frame rate and level upgrades. 

So what is The Mean Greens? 

The Mean Greens is a colorful action-packed online third person shooter from the perspective of toy soldiers! Join matches of up to 10 players to jump, shoot, and roll your way into victory. The game features 21 unique map layouts set in 15 locations throughout a full scale home. Fight in close quarters inside a freezer or jump into a buggy and cruise along sand dunes in a sandbox. 

Each map has a different game mode such as:

  • Racing to light candles on a giant birthday cake
  • Trying to thaw a frozen dinosaur inside a freezer 
  • Capturing points on a moving train 
  • Pushing a giant soccer ball into a goal on a foosball table 

Oh, and did I mention there’s even a map that lets you play as a toy raptor? 

With this game, we really tried to capture that old school action gaming experience. Players start out with a full arsenal of weapons including a rifle, shotgun, sniper rifle, rocket launcher and a grenade! Use up all the bullets in one weapon, simply switch to another one while the original cools down and keep the action going. 


I thought I’d take a moment to talk a little bit about The Mean Green’s development. When we started developing the game we wanted to make something that was small in scale, but big at heart. We tried to approach each level as if it were a battle taking place in the mind of a child playing with their plastic toy soldiers. 

Battles would take place in seemingly ordinary places throughout the household but the child’s imagination would bring a sense of wonder to the location. Suddenly the soldiers were fighting inside a fish tank, slowly falling back to the ground with each jump due to being underwater. Or an ordinary birthday party could turn into a fantastic arena where soldiers could leap off a giant birthday cake and bounce from dessert trays! 

A Little Something 

One of my favorite things we’ve been able to do with this game is how we’ve been able to incorporate little easter eggs throughout the levels. Such as putting our names on the stockings in Off the Rails, putting pictures of our actual pets on the refrigerator in Kitchen Run. Even the dog in Lazy Hamster is modeled after the artist’s actual dog Remmy! Be sure to look around as we’ve put lots of little details into packaging and other areas that are sure to give everyone a smile. 

It really has been quite an amazing adventure building The Mean Greens over the years, with an incredibly talented and very small team we’ve been able to take a very small idea and make it larger than life. The best part is we’re not even done! Because each map has its own game mode the possibilities are truly endless! We’ve got lots of ideas for new maps and modes that we can add in after launch, and with our new character select system we can add all kinds of new character models to choose from. 


Being a small development team has other benefits as well. We are able to communicate directly with the players and get feedback instantly! Our official Discord channel is a great place where we can answer questions or carry on a conversation. We are also very active on Twitter so be sure to give us a follow. 

One other benefit of having such a close relationship with our world wide playerbase is we’ve been able to translate The Mean Greens into multiple languages such as: 

  • Spanish 
  • French 
  • German 
  • Italian 
  • Portuguese 
  • Korean 
  • Japanese 
  • Chinese 
  • Russian 

I hope you’ve enjoyed this look into The Mean Greens and we look forward to seeing you melt some plastic in game! 

Thanks for playing,

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14 Author Replies

  • As someone who grew up playing Army Men: Sarge’s Heroes I’m super excited for this. Does the game support local splitscreen?

  • The music on the trailer is in-game music? I liked it.

    • Jamie Krautkremer

      Yes, all the music was created by the wonderfully talented Gareth Coker and recorded with a full live orchestra!

  • I want this… depends on the price but if it’s under $30 CAD I’ll grab without hesitation.

  • Is this game free to play?

    • Jamie Krautkremer

      The game won’t be free to play, but it also won’t be super expensive. We will be announcing the price soon.

  • If anyone is on this fence about this game, watch this review (which a year old and the game has since then been updated massively with new maps and features) I love this game. It’s a ton of fun! Can’t wait to burn some plastic with you all.

  • So it’s 5v5? i wish it was more ifso. I also remember an Army man game i used to play on PS1, but i don’t remember the name of it. looks fun though.

  • There will be female soldier toys?

  • Looks awesome but wish it had local split-screen, if it had split-screen it would be a must buy for me!

  • As great as the game looks and feels and for me being nostalgic from playing the Army Men series, I’m skeptical to purchase the game.
    However, I am concerned with the content differences between Steam & ps4.

    The game on Steam is basically abandoned according to Steam Charts
    Having 5v5 matches within big maps isn’t going to provide the feeling of that adrenaline rush since player encounters will be sparse and possibly frustrating.
    This will need to change to double at least.

    In contrast with the PC port, would there be more content than just multiplayer matches for the intentions of long term QoL?
    If not and if it’s going to to be a straight port to console with no major improvements, then I’m afraid to say that I don’t know if it’ll be worth buying right away.

    I’m going to have to wait and see on August 5th.

  • I loved playing those Army Men video games on N64 back in the day! I always wanted to see an updated version of those games on more current hardware. This game looks like it has a lot of fun maps and game modes. Too bad no single player campaign or splitscreen. I’ll keep my eyes on this for sure.

  • Is it 2 player offline if not you guys should make it that way bc I don’t like to play online all the time and I would like to play this game with my dad right beside me ya know

  • Wow Army Men is back ha,never thought I’d see the day.Can’t put in words how much fun I had with Army Men back on PS1,playing with cousins damn it was fun.Still have them all here…World War something,Sarge’s Heroes,Air Attack and Rogue something lol.Those were the days,gaming was so simple but you say online only?…well count me out,this will be an underdog no matter how you look at it and I see the playerbase dying quickly so split-screen is a must plus y’all should look into a botzone and I must say with those awesome environments y’all should also look into doing a story mode.

    But anyway great job guys,the game is gorgeous awesome graphics.Not the 1st small budget game I see this beautiful but this right here is proof that PS5 is unnecessary.

  • A battle royals mode would be epic for this game

  • Will this game be cross platform? So if some of my friends own it on steam and I have it for ps4 I’d still be able to play with them

  • Game looks awesome can’t wait to purchase
    How much will it be in the UK?

  • Oh, I do hope you guys end up adding offline local split screen! Or even the chance to go against bots solo. My father and brother would absolutely love this game (I’ve already shown them the launch trailer and they’re excited), but neither are interested in online games, so I’m currently keeping the drop date a secret so I don’t have to break the news that it’s online only to them. :x

    Congrats to your team for the console launch, though! 🥳

  • PRICE?!?!?!?!?

  • Is there going to be a Campaign Story Mode to play offline?

    Will it be 30$ CAD ?

    I really hope there’s offline Couch
    Co-op 2 player mode

  • Will this game be cross Platform Play on release?

  • YES!! Can’t wait to play this.

    • Jamie Krautkremer

      We can’t WAIT for everyone to be able to enjoy it. So glad to see people excited for the launch!

  • I checked the store before work and couldn’t find it on there!! I was super bummed! And please add Local so I can play with my boys! We all 3 are stoked to play this game!

  • Not in the US store as of right now 10:21 am est :(

  • When will this be available? Not on the store yet. 11:37 am est

  • 3:20pm eastern. Still don’t see it in the store.
    @JamieKrautkremer, @VirtualBasement Technical problems pop up, no biggie. Could you just give an update if it will be delayed?

    • Jamie Krautkremer

      Hey ObiWan2000, sorry I didn’t see this when you posted. There was a bit of a delay but the store page is up and running.

  • Love the game! But 1 major problem. The taunt (r3) button is in a bad spot. Please, will you be adding custom controls soon?

    • (A Melee wouldn’t be so bad in the r3 slot and the taunt on the R or L Dpad)

    • Jamie Krautkremer

      Thank you for the feedback, we saw a few other people mention they accidentally bumped the taunt button so it’s on our list for our first patch!

  • that “old school action gaming experience” needs split screen and bots imo

  • ojalá salgo modo offline mi Internet muy malo, me encantaria jugar este juego

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