A great slam and then some — Cuphead is out today on PS4

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A great slam and then some — Cuphead is out today on PS4

Studio MDHR shares behind-the-scenes info on its stop-motion reveal trailer.

Hey, this is Chad from Studio MDHR, and I’m extremely excited to announce that Cuphead is headed to PlayStation 4! And you won’t have to wait to get your hands on it, because the game is available today. Like so many of you, we grew exploring the worlds of classic PlayStation titles, from Resident Evil to Vandal Hearts. So it’s surreal to think about players adventuring through Cuphead today with a PlayStation controller in hand.

Cuphead is a run and gun action game set in the fantastical land of the Inkwell Isles. In either single player or local co-op, you play as Cuphead and Mugman as they seek to save themselves from The Devil by collecting the souls of massive, screen-filling bosses. While the game was heavily inspired by the arcade action titles of the ’80s and ’90s, something that we think makes Cuphead unique is that its visual style is inspired by the classic animated movies and cartoon shorts of the 1930s. 

In fact, we went as far as to use many of the same techniques of animation studios of the era. All of the game’s 50,000+ frames of animation were drawn on paper and inked by hand to capture the texture and imperfections that were a hallmark of classic cartoons; each level’s background is an authentic watercolor painting; and Cuphead’s soundtrack is made up of over 3 hours of orchestral, big band jazz music recorded in-studio by live musicians.

To celebrate the launch on PS4, we worked with Toronto-based studio Stop Motion Department to create a brand new animated short. 

When we brought them the idea of announcing our PlayStation 4 launch with a “stop mo” trailer, we were thrilled that animators Philip Eddolls and Evan DeRushie were on board. But more than that, we were blown away by how similar our approaches to animation were.

Inspired by our love for the eerie, off-kilter style of 1933 experimental short The Peanut Vendor, Stop Motion Department went the extra mile to ensure that they were holding themselves to many of the same techniques as stop motion animators of the era. Puppet Fabricators Karen Valleau and Lauren Craig built the King Dice and Cuphead puppets with wooden heads, leather hands, and lots of primary shapes to reflect the children’s toys of the 1930s, which were made with simple manufacturing like drill presses and saws. 

Meanwhile, the film itself was animated without the assistance of the computer programs that allow modern stop motion animators to preview their shots and correct errors. Instead, Philip and Evan limited themselves to drawn-out charts and metal gauges to record the position of each puppet, before lining them up to their next position. This mimicked the “try your best and see what happens” limitations of the early stop motion productions.

Finally, the whole thing was filmed using real lenses from 1930s known as “C Mount” lenses, which blow out the footage and give it a deliberately vintage look. Each shot was used as-is, with no corrective editing or compositing, meaning that if you look closely enough, you will see supports and other animation implements in the background.

The whole process was designed top to bottom to feel like the cheery, slightly creepy films and toy advertisements of the 1930s, and we couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. 

To all the impassioned PlayStation community that has sent us so many heartfelt messages over the years: we can’t wait for you to experience this swell battle.

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  • Amazing news for an amazing game. Also, glad to hear PS4 will be getting the DLC at the same time as all other platforms.
    Buying it as soon as it’s up on PS Store!

  • Amazing news! Can’t wait to play this!

  • Better late than never. Glad it’s finally on PS4. Now it’s available on all platforms. Great to see.

    I still haven’t played it yet. Will probably pick it up eventually now.

  • Really incredible work right here, and at last it found it’s way on to PS4.

  • Nice surprise! Love the artwork! I will be getting it after Ghost of tsushima

  • I can’t say I enjoyed playing it much on Xbox but it’s cool to see it out on PlayStation as well. I just didn’t find the game itself very enjoyable though loved the classic toon style

  • Absolutely love the art. I’ll give it a go just for that, despite it probably being too hard for me.

  • Would love to know if there’s any PS4 Pro optimisation going on!

    • Exactly what I came to ask. The game runs at 60fps on all platforms (I believe the Switch is included in that) but does this run at 4k on the Pro?

  • Wonderful game, but I suck terribly at it so not a purchase for me.

  • Heh… I can remember someone on here arguing with me a few months ago that this was “never going to release on PS4”. Never say never I guess.

    Anyways… thanks for porting it over guys, always wanted to try the game.

  • Thanks for bringing the game on Playstation. I got all achievements on XBox One, and I will do the same on PS4.

  • finally i can play cuphead. cuphead and ori are the only games i wanted to play from xbox

  • Oh man, time to double dip!!!

  • When will the dlc release been waiting forever.

  • Glad to see ps4 only owners can play this finally. For those who also don’t have the Xbox one.

  • Well, this is a surprise…
    But a welcome one.😃

  • Did Shu work had his hand on this happening? If so, kudos to everyone involved and give Shu a raise! Playstation needs strong, concerted, continuous support for indie studios and games.

  • I’ve long hoped that Cuphead would make its way to PS4, and thank you for finally making it a reality. The art style is beautiful. I look forward to playing it later today!

  • Exactly why you can’t believe indie developers when they say a game will never come to a certain platform. Very few of them ever stay exclusive. Glad to see PlayStation players can finally play this.

  • Awesome a load of old xbox rubbish finally arrives on PlayStation we’ll it can stay on xbox as far as I’m concerned. Nintendo is welcome to it also. Uuuuggghhhh!

  • Aw hell yesssss

  • wasn’t expecting this! Never bought a game faster

    After platting Ghost of Tsushima last night this is perfect for a change of pace

  • And I read the studio saying it was never coming to PS4. Awesome surprise! I will be happily raging at it! 🙃

  • I hope there will be a physical release of this in the future.

  • Awesome!!!

  • So many comments saying “wow amazing,wow have ma soul,wow rob me,wow finally,wow and wow” but none adressing the disrespect of them by keeping PS playas away for this long?….hmpf…pathetic,no wonder the PS community is in a bad shape.When it’ll be below $5?…that the only information I care about as that’s when I’ll think about getting it.

    • Sounds like everyone else is pretty happy and it’s just you crying because you’re miserable and poor. Seems like the community is doing just fine and it’s just you that’s the problem. Boo hoo!

  • I wish this game could come free in ps plus. I’ve been waiting for this game to come on PS4 and now I can’t afford it :(

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