Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age – Definitive Edition announced for PS4

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Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age – Definitive Edition announced for PS4

Find out what’s new in this enhanced version of the JRPG, releasing December 4.

We have an exciting announcement to make: Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age – Definitive Edition is coming to PS4 on December 4!

This updated version of the original Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age, which released on PS4 in 2017, is no simple re-release. It’s dramatically enhanced, with entirely new story content, new ways to play, and more additional features than you can shake the sword of Erdrick at.

To give you an idea of what to expect from the game, we thought we should dig into some of those enhancements and show you just how definitive this edition really is.

For example:

There’s extra character stories

If you’ve played Dragon Quest XI before, you know that the friends and allies you gather over the adventure are brimming with charm and personality. In the Definitive Edition of the game, you get to spend even more time with these awesome characters. 

These new bonus stories that put the focus squarely on their exploits. These aren’t new cutscenes or short sequences either — they’re meaty additional chapters that provide hours of new gameplay. Players will be able to enjoy learning more about many of their companions, including:

  • Erik’s story: Separated from the party, and in real danger, quick-fingered thief Erik must rely on an unexpected ally for help. What follows is an emotional adventure that asks: what are you willing to sacrifice for your friends?
  • Sylvando’s story: The eternally optimistic Sylvando encounters a world full of danger and darkness. He resolves to restore joy and laughter to the stricken people – and enacts a daringly flamboyant plan.
  • Jade’s story: As a skilled fighter, Jade’s not one to run from injustice. But the evil she encounters in the city of Octagonia may be more than even she can handle…
  • Rab’s story:  When the magician Rab chases after a pretty face, he finds himself back in a familiar and nostalgic place. Forced to confront the past and relive happier times, will he ever want to leave?

These stories are worked into the main story of the game – they’re not hidden, so everyone will enjoy them in the normal course of play. Which is good, because they’ll make you laugh, cry and gain a better understanding of uniquely loveable cast.

16-bit world of Tickington

Early on in the adventure, you’ll encounter a creature called a Tockle. It will introduce you to the wonderful world of Tickington – a charming town created with retro 2D visuals.

This place is special — not just because of its weird residents, but because it lets you travel back to previous Dragon Quest adventures – all recreated in the same charming 16-bit art style.

You’ll visit key locations and events from the series to solve side-quests, battle monsters and more. For fans of the series, it’ll be nostalgia overdrive – a way to relive happy memories of adventures past.

For those of you who are new to Dragon Quest, it acts as a fantastic introduction to the series as a whole — and will give you an understanding of how important and influential it’s been to gaming.

Or you could just ignore it — it’s entirely optional after all. But I’m willing to bet that once you start digging into the history of the series, you won’t want to stop.

The whole game is playable in 2D

One look at the screenshots will tell you that Dragon Quest XI S is a beautiful game, with a vibrant, colorful 3D world.

It’s also a beautiful game with a vibrant, colorful 2D world.

If you want your adventure to have a little retro flair, you can switch to a 2D mode and play the entire game this way. This not only changes the look and layout of the world, it also slightly alters the mechanics so that it plays like a classic Dragon Quest game.

For example, in the 3D mode, battles play out command by command — you give a character and order, and they immediately execute it. In the 2D mode, it plays like the older games – you give your whole party their orders upfront, and then the battle plays out.

It’s up to you which style you prefer – and you might be conflicted because they’re both fun in slightly different ways. Fortunately, you don’t have to commit to just one. You can switch modes at any save point, and restart that chapter in the different mode.

New photo mode

Speaking of beautiful visuals, wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to capture them so you can share them later? Some kind of… ‘photo mode’, if you will.

Yes, there’s now photo mode in Dragon Quest XI. It gives you lots of options on how to compose shots too. You can move characters around, pose them in different ways, fiddle with the angles and more.

Fully orchestrated soundtrack as standard

All players can now choose to enjoy their journey with an orchestrated soundtrack. From Serena’s beautiful harp, to the rousing battle theme, the orchestrated soundtrack has a rich, full sound that enhances the action brilliantly. If you’re a fan of game music, you don’t want to miss this one.

That said, fans of the synthesized soundtrack don’t have to worry —  that’s included too, and you can switch between the music options instantly through the game’s menu.

New ultra-fast battle mode

One thing the team wanted to focus on when working on the Dragon Quest XI S: Definitive Edition was to give the players more choice on how they play. For example, one new addition to the game that will please fans is a new ultra-fast battle mode. This lets you select from three different speeds to progress through fights in a short space of time.

It’s perfect for occasions where you want to explore an area for rare treasure, or are hunting for a specific loot drop from foes. Just be aware that it won’t suit every fight – you’ll want to switch back to normal speed for boss battles, for example.

Fortunately, you can adjust speeds at any point while playing, even mid-battle.

New Japanese voice track

While Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age is known for an amazing English voice cast, we understand many JRPG fans like to play games with the original Japanese voices.

The new Definitive Edition features a Japanese voice track, so you can play through the whole game this way if you prefer.

A treasure trove of quality of life enhancements

In addition to all the new content, there are dozens of quality of life enhancements such as:

  • A new quick command menu lets you access common functions in seconds
  • The ability to summon your horse (almost) anywhere outside of towns and dungeons
  • The ability to craft items in any location
  • More voiced dialogue
  • New cosmetic-only appearance options

All of these combine to make the game smoother and more convenient to play.

As you can see, Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age – Definitive Edition is as packed with enhancements as its name is long.

That new story content’s particularly exciting — Sylvando and Erik’s tales struck a particular chord with me, though you’ll likely find your own favorites when the game launches on December 4!

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  • HELL YES! I’ve been praying this day would come!

  • I hope at some point, they release the Japanese Voice track for the previous edition…

  • I just hope that this will be available as an update for a lower price than the full game, because with japanese audio, extra content and orchestrated soundtrack, I would love to replay this game again.

  • Title says “Definition Edition” when the box art clearly says “Definitive Edition”.

  • The battle system is what pulled me off of getting this game, battles seemed too many and too slow for my taste.
    I’m looking forward to see how this new speeds looks like!

  • So do we really have to buy the game AGAIN just to get these new features? It’s $40 and that’s kind of messed up for those who already bought the game. There should be a cheaper digital upgrade for those of us who own it.

  • And OF COURSE it will also be available as a FREE upgrade for all who purchased the original version, yes? Yes? Say yes, please.

  • Since there is nothing here stating of a free or cheap upgrade, original DQ11 owners will probably have to buy the game all over again to get the enhancements.

    Terrific way to screw over the real DQ fans, Square Enix.

  • really hope you’ll be allowing existing owners to upgrade to this new version without having to buy it full price again. Hopefully this is confirmed soon.

  • I was hoping to see an option to purchase a smaller lowered priced update for people already owning the original. Leaves a poor taste in my mouth, I get there are significant updates, however, charge for an update for people who hadn’t bought it yet and full price for people buying the first time.

  • You guys are really moronic and entitled if you think this will be a free update. It shouldn’t be. Although I do hope it offers another trophy list so I can get another platinum trophy for it.

  • Apparently, this “definitive” release was made from the graphically downgraded Switch version, not the PS4 version. =/

  • That all sounds pretty cool but having already played long enough to get the platinum, I just don’t think it is worth buying the full game all over again for what is included.

  • Yet it’s not an upgrade for the original PS$ (or Steam) release, AND there’s no discount for previous owners? Poor form, Square Enix. On PlayStation I might understand the logistics with disc-based ownership, but certainly on Steam where every purchase is tied to an account a compensation should be feasible. This will remain on the “wait for a sale” pile, I suppose.

  • I was excited for finally getting the content that wasn’t included in the vanilla game but it ended up being a downgraded port of the Switch version. That’s very lazy of you, Square Enix

  • I’m not one to compare but I just got a email saying to pre-order this. Scrolled down and it’s free for those who have Game Pass…….I like to buy my game but if you make me buy this again (I have to finish this game) I’ll stick to my base version. I don’t mind paying for the upgrade but I will not buy this again.

  • Guess we’ll wait for Digital Foundry to tell us what the PS4 Pro offers.

  • Wait is this updated you can download if you have the game already? Or do we need to buy whole new game disc with it? I want to make sure before buying it right now.

  • Just saw that this “definitive” edition is just a lousy port from the Switch version. So, let me rephrase this : you made PS players wait 14 months for the extra content, you pull out a terrible port inferior to the DQXI we already have, you make our saves useless and you’re asking 40€. Way to go, Square. I won’t put even 1 cent in a DQ game ever again.

  • So, it’s the Switch version basically. :-) I just bought it last month on Switch for $39.99 CAD after selling my PS4 copy for $50 a few months back.

  • Funny how Xbox is getting on Gamepass and no announcement of this on PS Now. Way to drop the ball Sony, showing how much of a rip off PS Now really is.

  • So, I have to pay full price to get more content, but also a graphical downgrade to a game I already own?

    Mh…. No sir, I don’t like it. Give us at least some kind of DLC … or better: Don’t ship your games with midi soundtrack.

  • A Switch port with lesser graphics than the original PS4 release? Okay…

  • The original DQXI release came with ported versions of DQ1 and 2 meant to be played at the end of the story. However, the western version just removed the bit where you got the code and they never bothered porting the two games..

    Soo… is there a chance that those parts will ever be added back for a more authentic version of the original XI??

  • Sweet! Definitely gonna play it on GamePass since I don’t feel right buying the same game twice. But great for all those who haven’t gotten the chance to play it.

  • This is why I don’t buy AAA titles on release day. By doing so, we are effectively beta testing them while the developers — who may or may not patch the game — hope the title is enough of a successful cash cow that it helps them finance the very “definitive edition” they’ll foist on us at a later date at full retail price. Even the notion of “we would’ve gotten this content had they delayed the game long enough to finish it” no longer holds water in the age of DLC and micro-transactions …

  • Massively stoked on this.

  • Annnddddd…… Its a port of the switch version, so downgrade in graphical fidelity. Thanks square.

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