The Summer Sale promotion begins today on PlayStation Store

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The Summer Sale promotion begins today on PlayStation Store

Resident Evil 3, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Red Dead Redemption 2 and more PS4 games discounted for a limited time.

To coincide with the northern hemisphere’s blazingly hot weather comes a scorcher of a sale on PlayStation Store. It’s cunningly titled the Summer Sale and it starts today.

If you’re joining us from Europe, you’ll find the full list of games on sale here. North American players, take a scan of the following. Uncertain of which digital experience to escape to for summer? We can recommend a thrilling escape through an undead-ravaged Raccoon City (Resident Evil 3), surviving the sprawling American Frontier (Red Dead Redemption 2) or wield a lightsaber against the evil Empire (Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order).

But don’t let indecision make you miss out on the deals: the Summer Sale discounts are only available until Wednesday August 19 at 23.59pm (PST and BST). Note, some games will leave the sale earlier than this date, so please check the game’s product page on PS Store for its end date.

Additionally, you’ll find discounts on a huge selection of movies as part of Summer Sale! Head to PlayStation Store on your PS4 to check out what titles are available in your region.

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  • Where’s the video showing the PS5 cooling system ?

  • No list? First the drop gets cut, now the sales? You guys must be busy, lol…

  • Can’t be Summer without any Vita game sales.

    • Apparently the money spent by vita owners is no good.

    • honestly, i guess vita and legacy console sales in general are done away with.

      its honestly been depressing me this year how sales have been, i remember looking forward to sales in the past excited to see if something i would want was on sale for a reasonable price, and it usually was.

      people in these times who are stressed by Covid and everything else going on in these crazy times own more than just a ps4. hey, would have been surprised if the trails of cold steel games were on sale for vita besides ps4.

      we are really in need of a massive legacy console sale, the majority of sales this year have been very depressing especially when sales of past systems are excluded every time. on top of that, the sales are mostly the same recycled with a new sales title.

      i feel like these points have been exhausted, comments aren’t likely read or taken into consideration anyways. might as well disable comments all together because when these sale blogs are put up its all criticism that’s all ignored.

    • Well, they stopped manufacturing and selling them brand new, so support will dry up like PS3.

      Shame they won’t stay in handheld gaming, but the money is shifting to ‘entertainment centres’ now. Leaving Nintendo basically unopposed if they bring out a new Handheld, but if the Switch is anything to go by, I’m guessing they’re stopping too.

  • Just wanna thank whoever is in charge of these sales for screwing vita owners once again. Everyone knows that the $12.49 or the $14.92 Sony or Square brings in from the sales of PS4 versions of the Romancing Saga games have MUCH more value than the $12.49 or $14.92 they would bring in from sales of the exact same games at the exact same price on the vita.

    • it’s not a question of the price it is about volume of customers and what any given sale is trying to achieve.

      vita and ps3 are legacy consoles, in a few years ps4 will be bumped to legacy in most regions.

      what does this mean, it means the few people that are buying for this (relative to the 100 million ++ install on ps4) will just be “margin” customers versus volume ps4 sales mainly the same dreck as usual see ubisoft EA etc playing the pricing / edition memory game or absolute garbage being offered week after week.

      you want to enjoy the vita the ps3 just get the games you are interested and get value by actually playing them not stubbornly waiting for a sale when you had many chances at the majority of the lineup years ago.

      get over it stop complaining. they don’t care about 5-200 copies shifting on vita etc in 2020 at half off.

    • you guys on here complaining every week over vita are acting like sony and these other publishers are missing out on all this money, but they are not you have a misguided view based on your selfish view. this is the way of things, am i some shill for them, no i am usually critical on the rare time i’m on the blog. the fact is i had vita in jan 2013 till a few years back when i sold it and got a ps4 pro to replace my launch ps4, i still buy games on occasion for ps3 to shareplay with my brother in japan mostly fighters and they do go on sale if you are patient but more importantly actually buy when it’s offered. i bought his ps3 as well so i feel no shame in that free online for us when we get a chance to play, which is very rarely.

      that being said all the marquee games were offered many times for vita on sale, theres newer cross buy you had a chance at, but the latest stuff is just what it is you want it you buy it. simple. just like all the vita game cards are old stock or used.

      replaced it with a switch for my son, just get a switch lite or reg at this point it had newer and better games anyways (factoring nintendo ip)

      #cheap ass vita cry babies in 2020

    • and shocker i have a bunch of vita games on my account with no intention of ever getting another vita, so what i got my value out of those, i have a psn from 2007 i have 1000’s of items.

      get value out of the games that you are most interested in. if you live to play on vita buy and complete the stuff you enjoy most. is it a drag the sales have dried up sure, but look on the bright side you can access the store your dl list and some nee or cross stuff is coming mostly driven by japans portable train game culture.

      so enjoy it for what it is, and buy an oem battery spare now before it is too late because you will need one.

      Sony doesn’t owe us anything on vita or ps3 they have been clear about how they are handling it and how they are proceeding. they are still throwing the occasional bone, and honestly people have always complained about vita game pricing every year since launch.

      you accept what it is or you don’t buy it.

      most of thr games people buy on sale or in general just cram the backlog or they are just lesser games with the sale excusing the purchase.

      and even the top tier stuff is subjective to the user and tastes etc.

      i’m patiently waiting and watching every week for dead cells complete for half off and sfv championship upgrade for half off. so far %33 off dc no bundle ad %25 off sfv ce last week.

      keep watching but buy when it gets there. i bought ac odyssey gold for 77% one week sale after a weekend trial.

      you have to pay attention to the pattern.

      vita is not a sale priority because they want the full margin full price both sony and the other pubs.

      dead cells have a new boxed ed coming out and its a great game so i’ll have to wait.

      just the game economics.

      ironically you can feel comfortable buying the nintendo ip at 60 as its their business strategy to hold price.

      sony xbox etc had 60 launch and 40/20 over time break points even on 85+ metacritic stuff.

    • Jesus, are people still moaning about sales on the Vita?!! It’s old and forgotton about, get over it!

      It’s like me sitting here moaning that Sega don’t have a summer sale on MegaDrive games.

      If you want a game, buy it. If you don’t buy it, then you obviously didn’t want it enough.

    • @Skeetlejuice, Are you a shill for Sony? Writing endless walls of garbage and insulting people doesn’t prove a point.

      Microsoft still supports Xbox 360 and even original Xbox to an extent. Not only that but Microsoft will make every Xbox One and backwards compatible 360 and OG Xbox title available for Xbox Series X at launch. Sony has waffled so much on PS5, who knows what kind of backwards compatible it will offer except that it will be limited to PS4.

      Sony is ignoring PS1-3 and Vita because they don’t care about your physical and digital investments. They want you to throw more money at them via PS Now. Microsoft does care. People have a right to be upset and voice their concerns.

    • @Tatanka

      Microsoft is literally discontinuing Xbox 1X after 2 yrs.

      They are also discontinuing XB1 and XB1 SAD this year.

      Microsoft forced ppl to buy Kinect with their launch XB1s then swiftly cut Kinect in favor of getting a few more pixels from the weak XB1. How about that?

      Please, do not shill for the most corrupt brand in gaming on a PlayStation site.

      Funny how Gamepass has like one OG Xbox game while PSNow has numerous PS2 games.

      Did u see the Xbox show? Bragging about power while Halo looks like a 360 game. Enjoy your garbage. Enjoy the lies. Remember when Cloud and DX12 were going to double the power of XB1? Remember the incredible Cloud tech in Titanfall and Crackdown? Keep putting batteries in your controller and enjoy being a sheep.

  • Picked up digital copy of ASTRO Bot so I can sell my disc copy, or at least try. Also finally grabbed NHL 20 & my digital copy of Need For Speed to replace the disc copy I sold awhile back. Almost 100% digital collection now..

  • There are a lot of PS4 games discounted, but their Vita versions are not. It’s the self-fulfilling “no one buys Vita games anymore”, because I’d be buying if they were on sale…

    • Same here. I have a few games I am waiting for to go on sale for the Vita. The PS4 versions have gone on sale several times this year, but the Vita versions are always forgotten about.
      I bought the Digimon Cybersleuth Complete Edition on Switch because I was fed up of waiting for a sale which will probably never happen, plus I prefer physical copies.

  • Also, no list but a link to the mandatory slog thru 16 pages of stuff that cannot be sorted by price…

  • No list?

    What games are coming out next week? I’d like to see if there are any to buy?

    Is this blog not going to anything anymore?

    Don’t be a jerk, right? How about just poliyely answering our politely asked questions about upcoming releases or sales?

    I think you’re all being jerks by not engaging with this community.

  • it’s called Mid Year here in LATAM, because our summer is over :(

  • pretty underwhelming sale from my view, but there is a lot of items and i expect we will see some titles added over the weeks like last year.

    i didn’t look at the movies / shows yet but i will maybe something there for my son we are interested in.

    the weekly sales help with a true lowest price so far on psn, but the revolving sales are rough many games for more than weeks prior and no standout marquee deals which would be nice tbh.

    it would be nice to see sony back their own sales more with back catalogue from sony at lowest price of the year type stuff to at least make it exciting, like hey time to grab those exclusives i still didn’t pick up. The days gone for an absurd price is the opposite direction but whatever. The way i see it nothing pushing me to add to cart is not bad because i can save for other things.

    But contrary to some opinions the amount of sales and addition of weeklies etc is way up from the old system of tusday store update, one usually crappy flash sale at the end of the monthy before Hulst and the changes happend with the store.

    it’s a weak sale games wise but still some good games for the right buyer just nothing exemplary. imo.

  • Man no Sekiro sale. My darn PS4 disc driver died and I don’t feel like paying full price again for a copy 😔

  • Hello, i would really like to know if Farcry 3 is coming back to the summer sale. It was there yesterday but vanished today. Will it be back?

  • it was for 2.99$ 😢

    • Far Cry 3 was in a different sale from a week or two ago. It’s probably gone now I’m afraid. On the plus side, Sony discount the same games about 50 times per year so it will probably be on sale again in a couple of weeks!

  • Hi there, just wanted to let ya know that Black Desert Online is NOT on sale on psn Belgium store (only the pearls are) Surely an oversight?

  • I like the “23.59pm”. AM/PM is the future for Europa 👍🏻

  • I like the “23.59pm” — as opposed to 23.59am 👍🏻

  • So how long do i wait here until i get a response about the fact that Black Desert Online bundles aren’t discounted on psn Belgium (while the pearls are) ??? Am i wasting my time here or do i need to go ask somewhere else??? First time i ever post here and i have no clue lol seriously,,,, how do i even know they see this post and gonna react to it aka fix the sale of Black Desert Online on PSN Belgium,,,, Really hope someone reacts to this :O Much appreciated :)

    • LOL, you really must be new here.
      You can wait to all eternity, …
      … or maybe you could try a registered letter to Jim Ryan. 😄

      Seriously, try Playstation Support.

  • Call of Duty MW please

  • It’s about time that Sekiro Shadows Die Twice was £15.99 by now. Its been 18 months since the game released, and I’m still waiting. Heck, even Nioh 2 is cheaper then Sekiro, and that title came out a year later.

  • My indies wishlist gather more cobwebs for another sale! :-(
    Timespinner (Released Sept.2018)
    Blazing Chrome, (Released July 2019)
    Castle Crashers Remastered, (Rel.Oct. 2019)
    River City Girls, (Rel. Sept. 2019)
    Fight’N’ Rage,(Rel. Dec. 2019)
    Battle Princess Madelyn, (Oct. 2019 EU/AU PSN,Dec 2018 US)
    Xeno Crisis,(Rel. Oct. 2019)
    Afterparty (Rel. Oct.2019)
    Just to name a few examples…most of these have had sales on Switch/Steam etc…. all bar PSN-none of these titles have had a psn sale since their launch.
    And Cursed Castilla & Super Hydorah haven’t been in any psn sales since Aug/Sept. 2018 according to a check on a playstation sales comparison site-nearly 2 years! :-(
    Again,other console stores can manage to organize some decent indie sales-yet once again we get Sims 4 dlc mtx discounts & repeat AAA entries. It was referenced in the ps5 reveal there’s 4000 odd ps4 titles needed testing for compatibility…it’d be nice if there were some sales to incorporate some of that catalogue,rather than just the same old AAA publishers.

  • Just save yourself the work and link to psprices – almost everyone uses the site anyway.

    “Please be kind, considerate, and constructive. For other topics, head to our Forums.”

    The Forum you closed down in February?

  • Can we please have our EU blog back, the merger has turned this page into a steaming pile of canine faeces

    • How do you think we feel on the other side of the pond? We used to have “The Drop” which detailed upcoming games with images for the following week.

      And we used to get responses to our questions.

  • And again no sales for PSP, PS3 or PS Vita. Shame on you! If you don’t want my money, I’ll spend some of the saved resources on eShop games.
    Nathan, what is happening? Who is forcing PS4 sales so hard that I no longer want to buy its games due to no legacy console sales?

  • Hey. Respond to people. Stop being jerks. Stop ignoring your users!

  • “alert(0);

  • confirm (1)

  • confirm(1);

  • Dear Blog staff, please don’t be jerks, respond to the people here.

  • can we please get some more ps3 and vita sales?? I feel so abandoned. Been like a year plus since I’ve see anything go on sale for those platforms.

  • Oh, yay! 5th week in a row without a drop post, and now you can’t even be bothered to make a list for the sale.

    Keep up the great work, guys!

  • It’s kind of disappointing that you can no longer filter by platform in the sales. I’ve had to turn to a third party site to check deals. Interestingly, a whole bunch of PS1/2 games are listed, but on the PS store it looks like that’s now the normal price.

  • I like how Sony is doing “digital only” version of the PS5.

    Seems soo tempting with all these really, really great sales, great store pages and soo few games that never get discounts.


  • Hi,UK here.. So Remnant from the Ashes bundle with that Swamp dlc is 29. 24£, but if you buy separately base game plus dlc is 27.78£…. Because logic is on summer vacation?

  • 6 weeks now with no drop post. R.I.P. Drop post.

  • So bummed about this sale giving wrong info about the games and how long they will be on Sale for. It said that Madden 20 & NHL 20 would be on sale until 8/20 and now EA took them off before. I had them in my cart and now they are full price again. Only EA of course…

    • Not just these games, I missed out on Nioh Season Pass because I thought it would be on sale until 8/20. I also noticed other games go out of sale as well.

      This is ridiculous…

  • Judgment also missing from the sale now :(

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