Grab your bike, Descenders is coming to PS4 on August 25

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Grab your bike, Descenders is coming to PS4 on August 25

Trick, flip, and scrub through procedurally generated worlds at breakneck speeds.

Hey there, Pip from No More Robots here! I’m so excited to tell you all about Descenders, our heart stopping downhill mountain biking game, which is coming to PlayStation 4 on August 25!

Descenders puts you behind the handlebars of your very own mountain bike so that you can trick, flip and scrub through nine different procedurally generated worlds at breakneck speeds. From the Scottish Highlands through to an active Volcano, you’ll need your wits about you to stay on course and land each trick cleanly if you want to make it to the bottom – just one bail could mean the end of your run and game over for you and your rider!


The game is a roguelike at its core, seeing you weaving your way through each world and on to tackle one of the imposing boss jumps before moving on to the next. You’ll only have a certain amount of lives cross each world in, and while you can earn more by completing optional objectives and visiting medic camps, crashing can very quickly drain them – you’ll need to keep both hands on your handlebars to succeed! 

The first Career Mode sees you crossing rolling highlands, twisting forests, rocky canyons and snow-capped peaks, with a secret volcano world hidden for the best riders to go out and find! If you survive, you can pick up one of the three in-game teams to earn reputation for and ride against the world for a spot on the leaderboards! With enough reputation you can unlock Career Plus, which is a much trickier (and steeper!) set of tracks set across a flowing desert, dense jungle, steep and slippy glaciers and our favourite environment, the colourful favela!

Of course through all these environments you can grab some friends and tackle them multiplayer, both as a chaotic competition with lives and leaderboards, or a slightly more sedate experience where you can all enjoy the tracks regardless of skill level – perfect for a game of bike or hide and seek! The multiplayer leaderboards can be organised however you’d like, so whether you are score attack fans or downhill racers, there’s a way to track who’s who!


Descenders is definitely a game that is easy to pick up but hard to master, with its physics system designed to interact with every bump and dip in the road! 

Whichever way you like to play, the procedurally generated tracks show how steep, curvy and obstacle filled they’ll be, so you can pick the route that suits you the best to get to the boss jump! Getting good at Descenders takes some practice, but the freedom of tricking your way down a mountain is definitely worth it! The bike systems makes all your button presses feel like they really have some impact, and the smallest of changes to your rider can mean the difference between a clean landing and a heavy bail.


Alongside all the main worlds and maps, we’re really excited to also be bringing Bikeout 1, 2 and 3 and Stoker Park to PlayStation 4, so you can play the best Bike Parks we have to offer! Each Bikeout map is a standalone, Wipeout-inspired challenge complete with sliding platforms, spinning foam arms and big red balls! Stoker Park is a beautiful, Canadian style park with winding routes and cleverly placed trick platforms, allowing for some super flowy runs. 

We can’t wait for you to hit the trails with us on August 25, we know lots of people have been waiting for PlayStation 4 support and we are so excited to get you all playing! 

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