Rogue Company enters closed beta, starting today

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Rogue Company enters closed beta, starting today

Details on gadgets, perks, and other elements of your mercenary arsenal.

Suit up and drop into the action in Rogue Company, a fast-paced third-person shooter that combines the style of the runway with the explosiveness of the battlefield. Early access is available now with the purchase of one of the Founder’s Packs, so read on for a look at the cast of Rogues, and much more.

Play as one of the Rogues, a collection of elite mercenaries who save the world for glory, riches, or perhaps more personal reasons. Take to the battlefield in 4v4 objective-based matches where you will need to rely on your squad to adapt and overcome each combat puzzle the opposition can throw at you.

The Rogues

Rogues are extraordinary people recruited from all walks of life to save the day, look good, and get paid. Some may approach a mission with a keen eye and tact, while others will be more suited to explode on the scene with guns blazing. Work with your teammates to create a balanced squad that can execute your mission strategy efficiently. 

Each Rogue is equipped with a unique arsenal of weapons they can bring to the battlefield that can be upgraded and modified between each round:

  • Primary Weapons: These are the big guns. Whether you choose a mid-range assault rifle or an up-close-and-personal pump shotgun, this weapon will allow you to define your playstyle.
  • Secondary Weapons: Every superhero needs a sidekick. Secondary weapons are smaller caliber weapons that can be swapped to at a moment’s notice to finish off an enemy agent or to help avoid the reload penalty.
  • Gadgets: What would a world class hero be without a selection of high-tech gadgets at their disposal? As a Rogue, you can carry both offensive and defensive gadgets into battle that will help you create distractions, defend yourself, or cause a bit of mayhem.
  • Perks: Tailor your playstyle as well as you tailor your outfits. Perks help fill in the gaps of your arsenal with special passive bonuses that will help to even the odds against enemy agents.
  • Abilities: Each Rogue also brings something unique to the table. Abilities can be the difference between victory and defeat, if used wisely. Explosive daggers, shield walls, and barbed wire traps are just a few examples of special abilities that Rogues might bring to the mission.

Play Now!

Jump in today by purchasing any of the Founder’s Packs available at PlayStation Store. Get instant access, special cosmetics, currency, and more! Suit up your Rogues with skins, weapon wraps, wingsuits, emotes, sprays, and more so you always enter the mission in style. Earn Reputation to unlock new Rogues so you can always bring the right Rogue to complement your squad.

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  • good luck in competing with the likes of fortnite which is free to play all the way and the cosmetics are all optional and even then they will give you a few of those for free as you level up.i think that the fact that you have to buy a pack in order to play will make some people like me hesitant to even try this.the game does looks good, i must say

  • cant wait


  • ok if you want to have a large player base playing this new game,you need to listen to the actual comment players, not the tournament ranked players. Rouge will need to offer more than the other similar games, but less is more. Players don’t really like for a lot of crap going on in actual play. keep it real and simpledo players can actually hone there skills. But at the same time offer choices that makes since. No one likes to be killed but something other than what they have set to happen. This is the driving force for return players. Trust me it’s a ridiculously stupid idea for a player to meet his fate from a exploding ball of fire coming from the other players eyes. Or Superman flying over your position killing you by using his x-ray vision.Fair is the key, keeping the option to be better buy allowing players to all have the same options. This allowing them to learn and become better. A player being ranked higher than another should only mean he has honed his skills not received any other choices the other has not. It would be smart to add a feature to use a players actual photo to download for there character. Also a hospital (only one) would be cool for a player to have the choice of taking the chance to journy to revive a injured player. Lastly to be the most interesting game make it were dates are set and PlayStation csnngo to war with Xbox players. The rivery between the two is ongoing and would make this game ranked #1 i can promise you that.

    • what did you just wall?

    • I like where you are going with this. A lot of developers add a lot of nonsense to their games, completely taking away the balance, competitiveness, and fun to their games.

      More content and customization does NOT make a game better by default!

  • Opinion: Most fun to be had with an online competitive multiplayer game since Uncharted 2’s multiplayer modes on the PS3, a shame the U2 multiplayer wasn’t brought to the PS4. Rogue Company is an absolute blast.

  • Hola no lo eh jugado pero eh visto varios vídeos y se ve demasiado chévere el juego se ve que está muy completo,no se si es gratis pero ojalá lo sea espero con ansias

  • I like this game on pc but I didn’t get key in ps4

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