Explore mysterious abandoned freighters in No Man’s Sky: Desolation

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Explore mysterious abandoned freighters in No Man’s Sky: Desolation

Procedurally-generated derelict interiors contain rewards and dangers for bold travellers willing to explore.

Hello, last month we introduced cross-play to No Man’s Sky, and it has been extremely satisfying to see our PS4 community finally able to play with their friends on other platforms. We have seen a flurry of multiplayer activity as long-lost friends and complete strangers alike meet up to explore the universe, visit each other’s bases, or join together on missions, either in PS VR or non-VR.

This month, we are introducing an entirely new environment for players to experience with our latest free update, No Man’s Sky: Desolation.

Mysterious derelict freighters have been sighted in deep space. Alone or in groups, players can breach the emergency airlock and explore the hazardous, procedurally generated, interiors. These vessels are rich with salvage and story for any bold traveller brave enough to retrieve them, including otherwise unobtainable upgrades for your own capital ship.

But these missions are fraught with danger.

In the panic to flee the ship, hazardous items spill out, defense systems get scrambled and environment controls begin to fail. Some vessels may even have been overrun by hostile alien lifeforms… You may want to take some friends along to increase your chances of making it out alive.

The Desolation update also brings improvements and balance changes to weapons and enemies for a faster, more dynamic combat experience. Weapon balance, effects and feel have been balanced and tweaked to provide not just a more engaging combat experience on these alien infested frigates, but across the game as well. With these updates as well as the new abandoned freighters to explore, there is even more reason to explore the far-flung and dangerous reaches of the universe.

The No Man’s Sky team has had a very busy year, introducing ail and now abandoned freighters to explore. This is our fourth major free update released this year, and more is yet to come!

Our journey continues.

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