Starting today, The Official The Last of Us podcast series talks The Last of Us Part II

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Starting today, The Official The Last of Us podcast series talks The Last of Us Part II

All episodes are now live.

Hello again everyone. Christian Spicer here, I am the host of The Official The Last of Us podcast, and this time I am writing to you in a world where The Last of Us Part II is out and available everywhere! I know I was absolutely blown away by the game, and I can’t wait to talk about it in our upcoming episodes, but hold up, I am getting a little ahead of myself.

First, yeah, The Official The Last of Us podcast. Thank you so much to everyone who has been listening. I am super proud of the show and I’m so glad you all love it as much as I do. If you haven’t listened to it yet, don’t worry, you still can! Here’s a handy link even.

In the first four episodes, we recap the story of the first game and we do it in style with guests like Naughty Dog’s Neil Druckmann, as well as cast members Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker, and a whole lot more.

Then, we dropped some shorter episodes called Artifacts with some incredible guests talking about their experiences with the first game. Guests like Nia DaCosta, Mica Burton, and Marc Bernardin. So, yeah, you don’t want to miss those.

But, seeing as how The Last of Us Part II is available now and we’ve all had some time to play it and experience the sequel, it kind of seems like we should do some episodes about The Last of Us Part II, right? Yes indeed! Starting on July 7, that is exactly what we’re doing. The show will move on from the first game and dive into Part II, with in-depth, and yes, spoiler-filled discussions of The Last of Us Part II.

I’ll be unpacking the making of and the story of The Last of Us Part II with guests like Naughty Dog’s Neil Druckmann, Kurt Margenau, Anthony Newman, and Alex Neonakis, as well as cast members Ashley Johnson, Troy Baker, Laura Bailey, Shannon Woodward, and more.

Again, all the incredible episodes about the first game and the Artifacts are available now. Then, today… hopefully you’ve marked your calendars already… the podcast transitions to our conversation about The Last of Us Part II.

The Official The Last of Us Podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and wherever you get your podcasts. Here’s that handy link for you again too.

Thanks for being here, and oh buddy, am I excited for everyone to hear our episodes about The Last of Us Part II. Once again, on behalf of everyone that helped make this podcast possible, thank you so much for listening!

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  • wael-mohamed-122

    Is this for playstaion 3
    How much is it?

    • Save your money for PS5 and also DO NOT buy Last Of Us: Part II for any amount of money. The game is broken and Neil Druckmann does not care about the fans, the gameplay is great but the story is rubbish which is enough for me to say don’t buy.

    • I never experienced any issues with the game, stormed through to the platinum.

    • The game is incredible and polished in every way other then an elevator glitch preventing my progress.

      It is a masterpiece thus far, but the glitch has been troubling.

    • It’s on PS4. It’s very good!

      This FreshRaspberry guy is full of it. The Last of Us II is extremely polished. The game is not broken simply because you are not a fan of the story. Get a grip dude.

      I saw this comment at the top of this Blog post and I wanted to weigh in with some positivity. Naughty Dog is great at what they do. Enjoy!

    • PS4 and forget what frehsrasberry said. The game is not broken. He may not like the story but that is his personal opinion and that does not make the game broken. Is well polished and there are no technical issues.

    • 357 you would not know a good story if your life depended on it so stop taking hush money from Naughty Dog. I did not say that the game is not well polished so for that frack you. What I said was that the story is not polished, and I am not the only one that thinks this so don’t single me out ya j u r k. There’s a reason why people hate this game, you just can’t see it. You like? Well thats great but I will stay tell people to avoid this game because the writing on the wall is way too clear not not just sit by and say nothing.

    • AngryJoeShow covers what most people think about the game, its just bad. Naughty Dog Games spent so much time making the game look great that they completely had no talent for storytelling left over to use, some staff at ND knew that they were gonna be in for a bashing thus they left studio, something like 70%. Both Sony/Naughty Dog games have been acting childish over anyone who has a negative comment to say about the game, large number of independent reviewers have been permanently banned because they were disappointed in the game and voiced their honest opinion about it. Neil Druckmann has also come out and said that fans mean nothing insinuating that he is God and no one can challenge him. I’m done explaining myself to a fool, you want to like LOU: II then go right ahead but don’t tell me to get a life buddy as I’m not the fool taking cash from Naughty Dog, so enjoy it but count me out.

  • Great to hear that you are doing a commentary on the game but the Email noticed arrived on July 10th and the series started on the 7th of July. Doesn’t help me if I’m days late.

  • Sony respect your console and your fans

    Only on PlayStation Forever

  • This game is perfect, just like the first. Never have I experienced characters in a game that felt as real. More depressed that it’s over than after the first, because the world and characters are even better developed as a whole.

    • When I first saw the first Gameplay Demo for The Last Of Us Part Two at E3 2018, I was Hyped and Skeptical at the same time. I was amazed by the A.l more then anything. Unfortunately, that realistic Artificial Intelligence was sadly missing from the final game. Even the enemy facial animations had taken a knocking.

      The word ” Skeptical ” was the clear winner here, sadly.

    • That E3 demo looks better than anything for next gen, so take it easy. TLOU 2 still merks anything else on console.

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