Share of the Week: The Last of Us Part II – Ellie

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Share of the Week: The Last of Us Part II – Ellie

Ellie takes the spotlight in this week’s shares

Last week, we asked you to turn your lens towards Ellie and share captivating portraits from The Last of Us Part II using #PS4share and #PSBlog. Here are this week’s striking highlights: 

Ellie takes aim in this shot shared by fp_shutter.

Ellie peeks over her shoulder in this portrait by gill_mackay.

Spores don’t bother Ellie in this tense shot by Hale_Fail.

Ellie takes in the sights of Seattle in this share by kaytanaa.

ORbis_VP shared this moment of Ellie communing with nature.

Ellie aims her bow in this dramatic black and white portrait by Subject04.

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Theme: The Last of Us Part II – Scenery

Share by: 9am Pacific on Wednesday, July 8

Next week, we’re keeping the lens on the world of The Last of Us Part II. From grassy overgrown neighborhoods, or rusted city buildings, share stunning scenery using #PS4share and #PSBlog for a chance to be featured

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  • I really like the ferris wheel picture!

  • Great pictures of a fantastic game.

  • I haven’t won since flowers..

    I will say that unlike the previous few weeks, this week’s selection of pictures is excellent. Obviously it could’ve been better with a photo of mine, but i do respect these shots. However, the last few weeks were shocking imo.

    I believe in my stuff wholeheartedly, but i do give credit when it’s ddeserved. In my opinion though, Conversations, Depth of Field, and the first run on TLOU 2 were wildly disappointing. The cover was a solid shot for conversations, but the rest were largely mediocre.

    Perhaps my eye differs from the masses? Perhaps the selection process is inconsistent? I recently started conforming my style to fit Share of the Week, or at least what i believed would win instead of simply taking shots i deemed beautiful. I’m selling out and still losing, so i will post what i believe to be attractive with every shot. In-game photography has become a passion of mine and i believe in myself just as much as when i was winning. Scenery is my wheelhouse, find me on Twitter with about 40 entries per usual. No likes or 100 likes, win or lose, my stuff is good. Hopefully it gets noticed this time.

    • “Obviously it could’ve been better with a photo of mine . . .” Relax your ego and stop worrying about winning so much– it’s unbecoming. If in-game photography is a passion of yours, then you should enjoy it regardless of recognition.

    • This tylerdurden person always gets so mad when their picture doesn’t get picked. You aren’t the best out there like you think you are.

    • Merc09

      Who is?

      Who’s the best? I’m good. I don’t think anyone is the best, as beauty is subjective and it differs shot to shot.

  • Please game the last of us partll
    And the order1886
    for PlayStation now service July 🔥❤️

  • Join the fight, sign the petition on “change” that now has over 50,000 signatures on it demanding that Last Of Us: Part II needs to be reshaped.

    • @FreshRaspberry

      Nah, it will never happen. May as well close the petition down.

    • @FreshRaspberry

      I for one am 50/50 on this. I can understand where the fans are coming from. But I can also see where Neil and Naughty Dog are coming from.

      I will except it for what it is.

    • Oh get out of here with this. No one is going to remake the TLOU2 just b/c it wasn’t written the way you think it should’ve been. Grow up and live in the real world.

    • Oh the irony from merc is palpable.

  • To Sony and Naughty Dog.

    Please consider on making ” The Last Of Us”HBO Series shot entirely in CGI. That way we can have Troy Baker play as Joel and Ashley Johnson as Ellie.

    You can have it in the same way that the Official TV commercial was shot.

    I think you should ask what the fans want.

    1. A Live TV series with new actors.


    2. A CGI HBO series starring the real protagonists, with Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson.

    I honestly believe people would opt with the latter.

  • I can’t see any other actors playing as Joel and Ellie.

    CGI the whole series and use Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson to reprise the roles as Joel and Ellie in the HBO series.

    The tech is there, use it I say.

  • Team, I want to reach out to the devs at Naughty dog and express that Last of Us 2 is an absolute masterpiece. Thank you for the hours of entertainment that nothing else in this world can come to and can only be achieved by the gaming media and writers and engineer s in your team. Keep doing what you are doing.

  • Those screenshots look absolutely astonishing. I have yet to play TLOU2 myself, though I have taken a few TLOU screenshots as I love memorable game moments, and I get that sense of feeling from the exceptional timing put into these screenshots. Keep up the good work!

  • Sinceramente no entiendo porque nunca he sido seleccionado en ninguna share of the week ya que siempre he publicado mis fotos en el día correcto y con las condiciones cumplidas siendo en mi opinión mejores que algunas de las que están aquí. Me gustaría saber que es lo que estoy haciendo mal, yo subo las fotos en instagram con los respectivos hashtags

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