How Fairy Tail on PS4 will let players experience the series’ rich history

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How Fairy Tail on PS4 will let players experience the series’ rich history

Visit Lucy's House in the upcoming PS4 adaptation of the fan-favorite anime and manga

The magic of the Fairy Tail universe comes alive with everything from wizards to dragons to magical cats. To capture this fascinating world, a world that has lived on through best-selling anime and manga for over a decade, we decided to drop gamers into the middle of Fairy Tail’s storyline, starting their RPG experience in an epic battle against a fierce old foe to introduce the fiery spells and beloved characters to the PlayStation audience.

The story picks up at the conclusion of the popular Tenrou Island arc. Tenrou Island is known as holy ground to the Fairy Tail guild, a collection of mages who fight for glory and honor, and have now gathered together for a promotion ceremony to see who will become the next S-Class Mage. But after a frightening premonition comes true and the guild is ambushed by the evil Hades, the heroes jump into battle, launching an adventure that will take them from Tenrou Island to the Tartaros arc and beyond as they attempt to restore the Fairy Tail Guild to their rightful place of prominence.

And if gamers aren’t familiar with the beginning of Fairy Tail’s story or fans of the anime/manga need a quick refresher, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. As you walk through our beautifully animated 3D town of Magnolia, simply head down toward the river until you find the original Fairy Tail guild building (not the rundown guild hall your current crew works out of). As you make your way down the stairs, you’ll discover a special place that will bring a smile to the face of Fairy Tail fans — a section of the building known as Lucy’s House. 

To me, this is one of the coolest spots in the game as you can read character backgrounds and even catch up on the original Fairy Tail storylines (takes you from the beginning of the anime all the way up to where you’re now playing in our game!). You’ll also be able to view the various in-game cutscenes, listen to the game’s soundtrack, and even make quick costume changes. Add to that the ability to get rewards for all the hidden candy the adorable Nikora collects on battlefields, and this is one room in the game you won’t want to miss.

But Lucy’s House isn’t the only feature die-hard fans of the series will want to check out as we’re also introducing a collection of all-new unison raids specially designed for the game by Fairy Tail creator and mastermind, Hiro Mashima. These powerful magic attacks chain together some of the most spectacular spells the guild has to offer. Check out this exclusive video to see some of the amazing action play out across Fiore, then get ready to cast your own spells when the game launches July 30 in Europe and July 31 in the US.

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  • Why does it look so… turn-basish?

    • better than another arena fighter imo. always liked turn based anyhow ever since the era i grew up in. been watching this series on and off since i’ve heard about this game, series has been pretty enjoyable thus far i’m actually in the Tenrou Island arc currently which has been one of my favorites in the series.

      i hope this game turns out really well as i’m hyped for it, i haven’t played many Gust games, besides ar no surge on vita which i didn’t care for much, and nights of azure which i actually really liked a lot.

      however have played a number of koei tecmo anime dynasty warrior games and love those. i wouldn’t have minded if this game was one of those games instead, but it seems like gust has been carefully and taking their time crafting this so hope for the best.

    • It’s gonna be turned based. I for one welcome it I love my turn based games ^^.

    • I love turn based battle systems. But I feel like a Fairy Tail game would be better with over the top action crazy combos and flashy flares lights and sparkles. Still looking forward to this game though….. I’ll be waiting for a dub version though. I know there’s no word (that i know of), but they’re keeping it quiet so more copies of the sub version sell, then they’ll announced dub version :)

    • As fun as action combat in some RPG games are, they’re usually really, really, really easy.

    • turn based is okay with me

  • Love me some Gust Co. games! Looking forward to some good ol’ turn-based RPG goodness. Haven’t watched the anime yet so, hopefully it’s not a problem that I play the game before I watch the show.
    I also heard Gust was releasing Surge Concerto DX, which contains both Ciel nosurge DX and Ar nosurge DX games. Hope to see that released stateside. I’d love to buy it.

  • I would not have touched this game if it was a 3D action fighter but after playing Atelier Ryza, I have a lot of faith in this and the turn based battle system.

  • Not gonna lie I love fairy tail! I’ve watched the anime through 3 times and just started the manga. I understand why it has been made turn based and why the story is starting where it is, I just hope that one day in the future he will make an all out rpg fighter like naruto and dbz and so on it would be soooo cool or even like jump force for fighting style. Can’t wait for this game!

  • looking forward to play this,thank you

  • I hope this is good, no, GREAT, Koei. You guys being pumping out a ton of anime games and that’s awesome but they kinda been not as great, the only exception being Attack on Titan. Oh btw we need a Aot3. ;) Make it happen.

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