PlayStation Plus July games lineup & a thank you for 10 years of supporting PS Plus

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PlayStation Plus July games lineup & a thank you for 10 years of supporting PS Plus

Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration, NBA 2K20, and Erica are your games this month.

Hi everyone! Wow, it’s been 10 years since PlayStation Plus was first introduced to the world on June 29, 2010, and we truly want to thank all of you for supporting PS Plus over the past decade. It’s been a memorable journey over the years, bringing gamers together and providing access to compelling content and exclusive discounts for our members. We wouldn’t be here without all of you, so as a thank you, we wanted to make this upcoming monthly games announcement extra special by adding a bonus game to our incredible lineup. 

Here are the games for PS Plus members, available July 7 until August 3.

NBA 2K20

PlayStation Plus July games lineup & a thank you for 10 years of supporting PS Plus

NBA 2K has evolved into much more than a basketball simulation. With its immersive open-world Neighborhood, NBA 2K20 is a platform for gamers and ballers to come together* and create what’s next in basketball culture. Take your skills to the next level, featuring an upgraded motion engine with signature styles, advanced shooting controls, a new dribble size-up system, refined off-ball collisions, and a new read & react defensive game.

Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration

PlayStation Plus July games lineup & a thank you for 10 years of supporting PS Plus

In Rise of the Tomb Raider, Lara uncovers an ancient mystery that places her in the crosshairs of a ruthless organization known as Trinity. As she races to find a powerful and sought-after artifact before Trinity, the trail leads to a myth about the Lost City of Kitezh. Lara knows she must reach the Lost City and its hidden secrets before Trinity as she sets out for Siberia on a thrilling expedition.


PlayStation Plus July games lineup & a thank you for 10 years of supporting PS Plus

This feature-length cinematic experience merges high-fidelity Hollywood production values with engaging, tactile gameplay. Become Erica, a brave young lady plagued with nightmares of your father’s murder. With the traumatic events that have haunted you as a child dragged back into the light of the present-day vis grisly new clues, it’s up to you to unearth the shocking truth behind this devastating tragedy. Every choice you make influences how the game develops, with multiple endings awaiting you at the finale of the emotional branching narrative.

We’ll be releasing a free PS4 theme later this week to celebrate 10 years of PS Plus. The theme will be available on PS Store for a limited time, so be on the lookout. For those of you who haven’t tried the online multiplayer benefit for PS Plus, we’ll also be hosting a free online multiplayer weekend starting July 4 at 12:01AM through July 5 at 11:59PM in your local time. (Online multiplayer game sold separately. Requires internet connection and PlayStation Network account.)

It’s great to see how much PS Plus has grown over the years – starting with the very first PS Plus game offered, WipeOut HD, to offering more than one thousand games to PS Plus members over the last ten years. As we walk down memory lane, we’ll leave you with a quick snapshot of PS Plus from this past decade.  Thank you again for your continued support and we look forward to celebrating with you!

PS Plus 10th Anniversary

*Internet connection and PlayStation Plus membership required for online multiplayer.

**ERICA companion app, Wi-Fi connection, and compatible iOS (iOS 9.0 or later) or Android (4.1 and up) smartphone required.

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  • NBA2K20 makes this a bit underwhelming. But glad your including Erica as a Bonus. Maybe you guys can give us 3 games going forwards from now on.

    • yeah considering it sold so badly and has so much dlc it was being sold for 2-3 quid on ps4/xbox and switch earlier this month its a very poor showing, and pretty underhand they would do it just before goes on ps plus too.
      cant fault the other too though, ill just pretend nba is the other bonus game then wasnt expected lol

    • Did viceforce really have the nerve to ask that you have not even played half of the 1000 games for PS Plus you probably do not even have the hard drive space to begin with. You need to be thankful that you even have the games that you have because of PS Plus ungrateful.

    • Yup, I need more Vita games. 😁

    • How is a brand new game underwhelming? Do you want to cry about anything else or do you feel like you are owed something? Maybe you should stop complaining and enjoy what they give us and enjoy what you have it’s called being humble you should try it.

    • @CYLER08 Maybe because we pay for the subscription? Sony has already technically made the service less valuable as they’ve stopped giving out free games for PS3 and PSVita, so asking for better games on PS4 really isn’t that insane. And “crying” about it actually proves helpful considering a few months ago they were going to put out FIFA for free, but people didn’t like it so they switched it out for Detroit: Become Human.

    • It was PES not FIFA. I was in the minority who would have much preferred it over Detroit… so it wasn’t good news for everyone, especially as it’s since been delisted.

    • At least your getting a $60 game for free, 3 games valued at 120$

    • @Topov81 Yes it was, my mistake. But my point is when a majority wants something else, it’s proven that it can happen. Sorry the game you preferred was switched out btw :/

    • @antivire Yeah yoi pay $60 a year for 2 or more (a lot of times $60 each) games every month plus a lot of the time, massive discounts during sales. They don’t have to give out any free games at all, so yeah, some of the whiney comments are extremely ungrateful, especially when they are giving out an extra full game for free as a thank you gift. Crying because you personally don’t like all 3 out of 3 free games is just ridiculous.

    • @antivire Yeah, you do pay for a subscription, and how much does it cost a year? How much are the games they give away every month worth?

    • What is ridiculous is people like you kovacsjournal38,The fact that we have to pay 60 dollars a year for the subscription gives us the right to say something about it, those games are not even worth their retail price anymore, how tf are we being ungrateful if we have to pay for a service that should be free like it was on ps3, dude people need to stop glorifying this bs.

    • I agree it’s very underwhelming.
      It’s a very odd game for PlayStation to be celebrating with.
      First of all, most gamers don’t play sport games, most of the people who buy and play sports games are people who actually enjoy playing them in real life.
      Most of those people are on Xbox not PlayStation.
      Not to mention that game has some really bad reviews.
      I wouldn’t say that game was ever worth $60. Personally it’s a game I’d never play, even if I’m getting it for free.
      It’s not necessarily because it’s a bad game or anything like that, (although it does have some pretty bad reviews) but really it’s just not the type of game I enjoy.

    • Fantastic month, two AAAs and a solid story based game.

      Maybe the ppl complaining should switch to Xbox. PS+ has gotten 4 AAA games the past 2 months while Xbox GwG has received none.

      PS+ the past 2 months: CoD WWII, Battlefront 2, 2K20, Tomb Raider.

      XB GwG past 2 months: Coffee Talk, Shantae, WRC, Dunk Lords.

      This month should suit everyone. A current AAA sports title with strong multiplayer, an action game with VR content, a story based choose your adventure game with mobile connectivity.

    • I just added another year to my sub for $30, through CDKeys. You might want to check if the deal is still going on, it was when I wrote this.

      P.S. I’m not a bot, I just think $30 is a really good deal.

    • Fully agree with July’s ps+ games but tbh its was expected as Sony did get sued for £3.5 million for their lying about the returns policy Google it ACCC set them up and Sony tries to lie by say it was down to the games company when in fact it falls on Sony , so yeah ten years of lies and this is what we get , well Sony sadly when your ps5 drops , I drop with it and so do many of my friends and family , it’s been fun but with you always highering your prices is beyond a joke and paying for a service which is ten years old but still has more down time then my controller is a joke and for modders and hackers still on your service with no really explanation to it either , and companies who never update their game as come on I have been InTouch with slhg and Activision and nothing gets sorted for the latency in the ww2 is so unreal it beyond a joke like you get hit markers but they lag or the game does but yeah still by the DLC’s for money but no update since when ? It falls on you Sony to make sure your games your giving out on plus gets updates as why buy into it if the latency which is wrong , fix up Sony as you still have trillions to burn so use it tell them we need a update ffs

    • At least it’s better than what Xbox gave out

    • You know you can’t really say a game is worth 60 dollars if it’s almost constantly on sale for 20. I mean you can, but logically you are wrong.

    • It cracks me up every time I see someone saying they are giving you games for free, they are not! And I dont mean it’s part of the subscription either. The games are tied to the subscription, its more or less just a free rental, you dont “own” any of those “free” games. Yeah they dont have to do it and I dont care if they do or not. I only have have PS+ because Sony is forcing us to if we want to play games online.

    • @kovacsjournal38 lol.. suck butt much do ya? Of course they have to give out games, that one of the reasons people suscribe, and if they don’t they lose user base. did you think they did it out of the kindness of their hearts..? Also, they NEVER give out $60 games… games are long costing much cheaper (to you as end user) when they do, and almost nothing to them…

    • @Exceleron

      They’d still sell the subcriptions, people will pay it to play online still lol.

    • Guess ill install erica to see what that is all about, but yes, very poor this month

    • @antivire

      Hey genius….the Free games they give you are NOT what the subscription service is charging you for. It is the thank you they give you for doing it. SO stop bitching about free gifts. WHat you are paying for is to play online and to get massive discounts on games all year long. People need to stop feeling like they are owed something extra just because they pay for something and getting exactly what has been said they would get.

    • Ok read a thing in this thread of comments the games are worth $120

      Nba2k20 got a few months back $2
      Tomb raider £12.99
      Erika last sale or one before £3
      Total about 25 bucks

    • All the kids shouting “you should be humble and grateful for what they give you” like the corporation is doing us a favour: That’s late capitalism zoomers for ya. (Everyone that thinks people should pay hard earned money for a product and be “humble & grateful” obviously is underage and only has games thanks to their parent’s money.)

    • The type of games they keep giving us aren’t even worth 15 bucks. All of these are the kind you can find in the bargain bin.

    • Well I don’t really care but they are giving us free games if we have ps plus and a ps4 game, just for one game cost 60$

    • @iamtylerdurden1 Heck I’d take Shantae over thoes games any day honestly. I don’t care much about AAA games but a free game is a free game. I’ll take em

  • Man, 10 years? that’s crazy i remember subscribing to the membership day 1. Thank You Playstation for so many games i was able to play through the service.

    • I remember like it was yesterday. Day 1 here too. It has being 10 amazing years with PS+

    • Day 1 here to and I have not let the subscription laps in the past 10 years. Still have my PS+ is 5 plaque Sony sent me 5 years ago.

    • I’m also here since day 1 on the PS3. But the free games selected are underwhelming considering the 10 years anniversary.

    • I missed the early days, but jumped on the bandwagon once they added the instant game collection. Thanks to PS+, I got to play and beat hundreds of games over the years on PS3, PSP, Vita and PS4. It’s definitely the best value in gaming over the years. Especially when you get subs on sale. Never pay over $40 people!

  • That’s a Huge disappointment…not really great games except tomb raider…

    • Ok👍👍👍👍

    • Erica is an underrated gem.
      The only downside to it is that it is relatively short if you only plan to play it once.

    • Totally agree! Erica could be interesting? But offering NBA is a complete joke!

    • I couldn’t care less for NBA “legal gambling edition” but Erica could be fun for a minute. Definitely stoked for Tomb Raider, since I refused to pay full price for a year old game back when it released. Didn’t feel like supporting the MS exclusivity deal. But free is a good price. Lol

    • Yeah, I’m of that opinion also. The only reason I even have a PlayStation is for the exclusives and JRPGs. I dont play sports games and have no interest in Erica. I am a Tomb Raider fan though.

  • Lol… Sooo dont renew PS PLUS next month CHECK!!!..
    10th ANNIVERSARY and they dont even give out and EXCLUSIVE OR SOMETHING TRASH MONTH.

    • Just like my tenth birthday a massive let down. Thanks mum and dad

    • Erica is an exclusive game…

    • Erica is a Sony owned game. Check your priveledge, bro.

    • Sony published Erica. It’s exclusive as it was originally made for PlayLink.

      If u hate getting 4 AAAs over the past 2 months try Xbox. GwG got Coffee Talk, Shantae, WRC, and Dunk Lords over the past two months. Oh, and they got Juju on 360 this month..

  • I’m so excited for NBA2k20 rise of the tomb raider and Erica

  • So there’s one game next month, one gambling app and one fanfiction.

  • Free Trial PSN!!!Hurmmm.My psn expired on 26/6/2022.Free game?

  • Erica as a bonus is great! Wanted to play that one.

    • Enjoy, it’s one of my favourite visual novels. Use the PS4 touchpad though, not the app. The app is awful compared to the likes of Planet of the apes and Hidden Agenda.

  • guess nba still couldnt get many sales at 3 quid then lol

  • Lol I kept seeing Horizon Zero Dawn, Fracry 5 and RE7 as possible ps plus this month in different sites. Hahaha guess there’ll be more than 1 person dissapointed really.

    • yeah lol.
      if was any normal month it would be fairly passable, but to call this extra special for the 10th anniversary is a bit of a kick in the proverbials haha

    • these rumors have not once been true. why do you keep believing them every month?

    • yes sometimes there are actual leaks but i’m referring to the rumors.

    • Mschulze0 cuz people are stupid

    • I never believe them.. it just humors me that the rumor are always extremely good compared to the actual games.

    • I think those sites are specifically paid for negative propaganda.

      Horizon, FarCry 5, and RE7? Remember a few months ago they said Dark Souls Remastered and Dying Light?

      You really expect games like FarCry 5 and Dark Souls Remastered? It’s funny because it sets expectations unusually high so ppl will ultimately be disappointed when the lineup is announced.

      PS+ gets 4 AAA PS4 games the past 2 months yet ppl are disappointed. Meanwhile….Xbox quietly marches out XB1 games like Coffee Talk, Shantae, WRC, and Dunk Lords on GwG the past 2 months and ppl are ok with..?

      Very smart. Ppl get upset with the good lineup and say nothing about the utter trash lineup on Xbox. Microsoft certainly knows how to manipulate. But yeah, watch the sites claim Spiderman, DMCV, and RE2..

  • Nothing to celebrate. PS+ makes it difficult and expensive to play together.

    F2p games thrive because they don’t require it. Small titles end up with short lasting, low activity and often dead multiplayer. And the vast majority of players are in fact unable to play together.

    Game publishers/developers should lobby against it.

    • “makes it difficult and expensive to play together”.

      “oh my poor wallet at 60 bucks a year. my burger flipping job wont pay 300 dollars an’ hour”.

    • @Jisatsu_Kiddo Not every country in world gets equal paycheck for same job while prices of games and services are pretty much the same. So if you have good job that pays well i’m glad, but that doesn’t give you right to patronize others.

      Sony is not the one that needs to be defined here. Quality of service they are selling is questionable at best. They charge us to play on someone else server (in most cases) while doing absolutely nothing to insure quality of experience. If they take money for it they should take responsibility as well.

    • Great no edit option

      defended* not defined

    • @ihadalifeb4this

      sounds like you either make terrible finical choices, don’t have a actual career or just wanna whine for whine sake.

      sorry flipping burgers doesn’t make you 300 bucks an hour.. if you struggle with 60 bucks you have bigger life issues.

    • @Jisatsu_Kiddo
      Who has problems with his life is the one who starts to comment on the financial issues of others users, also PS+ is not nearly as good a service, for something that was free in the previous generation

    • Some older gamers don’t always have a lot of disposable income either. Especially in this current climate.
      Don’t judge them for it. It’s not for you to be Donald Trump and denounce people based on their life experience because it differs from yours.
      You need to grow up a bit.

    • No, no. I’m sorry i even bothered saying something to mediocre troll who has to use same lame “joke” twice.

    • Best things are when kids say grow up and when you put facts out at people and say troll. seems about right for 2020.

    • Im 30, but nice try, kid.

    • Jisatsu_Kiddo
      Whats your problem? You talk about how people are complaining about the $60 that they have to spend for terrible service but i dont see you throwing facts or anything to back up what you say. I dont always agree with the community because all gaming communities are always spouting nonsense about the situations they are in. I look at this 10 year celebration as an insult do to the fact that they gave us some of the time garbage games to play. On top of that what they are allowing “Naughty Dog” to do is also an insult to us gamers. But your saying that its ok for gaming companies to develop and release $60 games that waste our time with nonsense stories like “the last of us part 2” and its ok for ps to rip us off with games like 2k20, fifa, or farming simulator? Come back when you make sense with your “whining” kiddo.

    • @SolaceCreed yea, whatever you say sport.

      @DEADPOOLX43 perhaps you can’t read? because you went off way in a different direction. you guys keep crying though.

  • Nice! I was about to buy NBA2K for $19.99; however, I already own that Tomb Raider game. Here’s to 10 more awesome years of play!

  • So much complaining as usual between the sales on the PSN store & everywhere else since people do not like what you get for PS Plus I have an idea go & but the games you want if you have not figured it out by now Sony will never be able to make people happy every month that’s why you buy what you want instead but wait a minute you will not do that that’s why people complain every month pathetic really.

    • I mean kids still whine 60 bucks is way too much for a year. If that is too much I guess they should not buy games or not be part of a costly hobby.

    • barroththelegend

      I bet in a couple weeks they’ll be starting a petition to change the games for this month lol

    • I’m lucky in that I hate online modes now-a-days (yes, I’m old), so I save £50 for an extra game every month 😂

    • Dude you complained on this comment section twice about the same thing. Your dad work for Sony or something? Quit being a whiny fanboy.

    • Jisatsu_Kiddo online used to be free. Honestly id pay the 60 bucks for the games every month for a year anyway now but i played my ps3 until they ended free online altogether just because it was one of the selling points over the xbox for me at the time. I was poor and I was just out of highschool when i got my ps3 and it saved me enough money to eat ramen and spend more on beer. Dont hate the dude if hes poor. Could just be a broke college kid like i was.

    • beaterdatsun2 yea and it didn’t work very well and people made so many accounts just to bypass banning cause sony wouldn’t do a mac ban. at least now they have to pony up money for it and it makes them almost think before doing ignorant stuff and benefits the rest of the users. “gamers” also never think of the backend just that stuff magically happens i just get tired of people acting like 60 bucks is earth shattering amount of money.

    • Kiddo has a point, it’s $5 per month unless you find a sale, then it’s about 3$. What do you expect to get? One good month literally makes up for the entire year.

      Last August and September we got Darksiders 3, Arkham Knight, Wipeout Omega, and Sniper Elite 4. I owned Batman but nearly bought the other 3 on numerous occasions. Darksiders, Wipeout, and SE4 easily covered my entire year for plus. The previous 2 months we got Sonic Mania, BL2, Detroit, and heavy Rain. I always wanted Sonic Mania and Heavy Rain PS4 and it allowed me to trade in Detroit and Borderlands. June through September 2019 probably paid for my entire year subscription fee twice over as far as the value it provided.

      February and April this year paid for my entire year subscription easy. Dirt Rally 2.0 is that i wanted and it was still quite recent and fairly expensive. While i owned Uncharted 4, The Bioshock Collection, Sims 4, and Firewall it afforded me the opportunity to trade them in and make a proverbial killing. The Sims 4 was $16 trade-in alone. I made about $40 trade-in and Dirt Rally 2 was easily a $20 value. Those 2 months made up for the entire year. March allowed me to trade in Shadow of the Colossus and it offered me a game that i was interested in, Sonic Forces. Guilty pleasure, i know. Now we are talking 20-$30 over what i paid for the year in merely 3 months worth of PS+.

    • That wasn’t Kiddos point.
      His point was to rip on people for their monetary situations, like a child.

    • Sorry you think it’s “ripping” stating facts.

    • The real fact is idiots support everything sony does and that got us where we are at. The original gimmick Sony used to align with Microsoft with the reason they chose to also go the monthly memberships route has as expected become total bullcrude.

  • I already have Tomb Raider and Erica so nothing for me this month.

  • The thumbnail for the Erica video, I thought it was one of the Detroit: Become human robots with the light indicator on the side of the forehead. Lol

  • Tomb raider is cool but nba 2k?

  • LOL Sony is acting like they give us a choice for PS Plus. It’s either A) Buy it to play online or B)Don’t buy it and only be left with single player games. AND the fact they raised it to $60/year is absurd with the lack of content. It’s ridiculous to even pay to be able to play online, which is why I have switched over to PC for the majority of my gaming.

    • TheOG_JarJarfunk

      I feel you on paying for internet but I never pay $60 for PS plus they literally have it on sale every year for no more than $40 so if you’re spending $60 for PS plus a year that’s your fault. Also have fun never owning your games again since you’re playing on PC now digital games are a scam

    • I mean CD Keys exist, I used to buy PS+ for about £25 when I played online, lol.
      Self entitled gamers amuse me.

    • 40~60 dollars per year is not that much for a service. The problem is the service itself.
      The games that require plus can perfectly run online without it, but Sony charges you for the “privilege”. In exchange, you get a couple of “free” games per month. It doesn’t sound that bad, until you see Sony patting itself on the back for the “amazing” games they give you… that’s when it becomes a joke to the consumer

    • Blmae the success of Xbox Live over free PSN for that.

    • Blame Microsoft for paying for online play. They started the trend.

      Xbox Live Gold was always $60. So you were getting a discount on PlayStation for years, now PS+ is the same price, so what? I know..PC, but Xbox is the most relevant ecosystem to PlayStation.

      For comparison sake, Xbox ripped ppl off for years making them pay for online with no “free” games. Xbox Live Gold was $60 long before PS+ was. Both are the same price now, but PS+ offers much better quality. For example, GwG gave Coffee Talk and Shantae this month on XB1 and in July Dunk Lords and WRC….Sure they get more games, but for years PS+ got more games and now the quality is vastly superior to GwG. But hey, Xbox gets Juju and SR2 on 360 in July. Idek what Juju is but i bet suddenly ppl will be bragging about a $2 Saints Row game from 2009 like it’s a GwG prize.

      My point, PlayStation is the superior alternative in the console space. If you want to play on PC, do it, but you can’t fault PlayStation when console gaming is a completely different animal.

    • MS asked you to pay for dedicated servers though, that’s the difference. Sony have always used community servers.

  • Yikes on NBA. Sick of sports titles being picked. Specific sport games tend to only cater to fans of the sport. At least with motorsport titles if you like racing games there’s something for you but if you don’t like football then fifa ain’t for you. if you don’t like Basketball then 2K ain’t for you if you don’t like US Football then Madden ain’t for you. Sports titles like NBA are just too divisive.

    • If you don’t like third person/puzzle-platformers then Rise of the Tomb Raider isn’t for you. If you don’t like interactive movies then Erica ain’t for you.

    • TheOG_JarJarfunk

      Can’t please everybody got to mix it up every month.

    • If you don’t like Sports, this month offers a highly acclaimed action/puzzle adventure and a narrative driven movie style game. I’d call that a healthy mix.

  • Good selection, a bit of everything for everyone. I’m lucky cause Ive been wanting to add Rise to my game library recently.

  • Just so you all know, this is the Tomb Raider from 2015, not the most recent one from 2018…

    • Well it is RISE of the Tomb Raider, not SHADOW of the Tomb Raider. Anyone who gets that confused is just stupid.

  • *A* game I didnt want
    *A* game I already had
    *A* game I’ve never of

    The PS+ AAA disappointment trifecta

    • complain you don’t want it
      complain you have it
      complain you never *heard* of

      The blog trifecta

  • Please change free games they are terrible for your 10-year anniversary
    I pay for 12 months every year hoping that playstation fix the stuff about free game it’s been very bad idk who in charge of picking a free games but they need to change there this Now!!

    • Self entitled gamer is angry…. Gamer smash, gamer smash.

    • In the past 12 months we’ve received such titles as..

      Uncharted 4
      Shadow of the Colossus
      Darksiders 3
      Dirt Rally 2
      Tomb Raider
      Sims 4
      Bioshock Collection
      Last of Us Remastered
      Wipeout Omega
      Sniper Elite 4
      MLB The Show 19
      Borderlands Handsome
      Call of Duty WWII
      Heavy Rain
      NBA 2K20
      Sonic Mania
      Battlefront 2
      Titanfall 2
      Arkham Knight
      Uncharted Collection

      And right before that we got Modern Warfare Remastered, The Witness, Hitman, For Honor, The Surge, Conan, and Edith Finch.

      Is that not enough quality or variety? Sports, action, sim, racing, stealth, platformer, 3D, 2D, VR, MMO, FPS, TPS, walking sim, Souls-like, Remasters, Remakes, new IP, sequels, classics, Game of Year, Game of Gen, puzzle games, open world, linear, adventure games, sp, mp, co op, looters, superheroes, mechs, colossi, Big Daddies, Clickers, robots, cyborgs, ships, rally cars, Batmobiles ect.

      That wasn’t enough to find several games that peak your interest??

    • Absolutely right @iamtylerdurden1 a lot of really great titles this year. We also got additional discounts on digital sales, online game saves, online multiplayer and more. Far too much whinging here

  • So an NBA game nobody bought at launch cause of microtransactions, an great game like Rise of the Tomb Raider that I already own, an a PS4 indie that not alot of people are aware of, with no price cut for an 1/3/or 12 month subscription?!?! In the words of Carth Onsei, “I come I feel like your taking us for an ride?”

  • Yeah the problem with ps plus for the last 3 years is that has 0 indie or new titels. Old recycled top titels everybody already played. Mebay not farming simulator or nba ( not a sport in Europe). i havent played 1 titel in the last 2 years. Kinda sad we need ps plus when you literly give nothing. Switch back to the old system with new indie titels or 1 top titel 1 new indie game. This also applys for my friends list with over 100 active members who never ever play ps plus titels.

    • I mean both Sony and MS don’t have to give you ANYTHING. The reason the charge is for the upkeep of the servers.

      PSN on PS3 was unreliable at the best of time. Xbox Live was always more stable and reliable, all Sony did was copy the model

    • Upkeep of what “servers”?

      The games are all p2p or hosted on third parties (other than the 2 Sony published games, strangely several Sony games have lost their online too). The only servers they have are for messaging, which is part of the free service.

      “Upkeep of servers” is just nonsense. Unless they’re giving third parties the money instead.

    • Probably, knowing Sony 😂

    • PSN on PS3 was not ‘unreliable at the best of times’, this is a misconception Xbots devised to reason it was worth paying for online on their end. And as such, opened the door for the whole industry to adopt charging for online.

    • PSN was always awful back in the day. It’s one of the reasons why the 360 won that generations console war.
      Then Don Mattrick happend.

    • The 360 sold less than the PS3 over it’s lifetime. Especially in Europe and Japan where the 360 sold worse the whole time.

      The reason the PS3 did badly to start with was it was more expensive. Not anything to do with peer to peer online services. Because it cost more (remember that Sony 😋)

  • Also i understand why a lot of people i know buy a gaming pc. This is your fault as wel Sony.

  • At least it’s not sheep breeding , tractor driving wannabe simulator. Instead NBA with slot machines with real money gambling and micro transactions which are not micro anymore.
    But tomb raider is just fine. Maybe best of trilogy?

  • I remember people going crazy when they offer PES and they change it, at least pes is something that you eventually play but basket? who in the hell care about that stuff?

    • Basketball fans I would say. I haven’t even Touched previous sports games that was free. When I was kid people loved FIFA but I never liked sports games

    • NBA games have been terrible since the early 2000’s to be fair.

  • Well I gotta say I’m not a fan of sports games with ps plus but I will be gettin tomb raider..and that Erica game got me puzzled..thank you Sony.

  • Great that people who haven’t played tomb raider get to experience it, but another NBA game is weak for 10th anniversary. Sports games are just not appealing to majority. I guess they want to make money out of In game microtransactions.

  • Sport games are always a failure because they are regional. Only North America cares about an NBA game. In most other places most people do not even know what NBA is.

    • Jesus… This is one of the most inaccurate and ignorant comments I’ve ever read.

    • NFL or MLB might be mostly NA-only but basketball is pretty big in Europe and anyone who’s even heard of basketball knows what NBA is.

    • You’re wrong about NFL. I know lots of my Xbox friends love playing NFL games together. I don’t see the draw personally, to me, it’s Rugby for the whimpish.

  • Who wrote that “**” note for Erica? Yes, this game can be played via companion app BUT it’s fully playable with just the DS4’s touchpad. No companion app, Wi-Fi connection or any smartphone required!

    • Thanks,

      I honestly thought you NEEDED it to play because of the “***”

      Seems kinda weird that they write it the way they did if it’s just an option.

      I wanted to play it but I still have nightmares from Beyond Two Souls companion app.

    • I played Erica exclusively by touchoad. Ignore the companion app. It literally eats your battery life, it’s the worst one out of them all.

  • A varied selection. Gotta say that TR game was so, so dull, I lasted about 2 hours and deleted it. But maybe others will enjoy it.

    Happy Anniversary PS+ – Rocket League was by far the best game you ever offered, followed by maybe Dragon’s Crown and Muramasa Rebirth.

  • Offering that basketball game is morally wrong.

  • None of these titles really stand out for me.

    Thanks though.

  • NBA 2K20 thats disgusting Sony.
    Promoting gambling with this Pay2Win Casino Simulator. Whats next? 2 Gatcha Games foa August?

  • Complain about Horizon Zero Dawn on PC and not a Plus game !!!

  • Booooooooooooo

  • Nice, thanks! <3

  • Here is too an unhappy 10th anniversary. Boy Sony how low and sad you have made PS Plus in 10 years. I think most people would say this isnt a grand 10 years with raising the price to lowering the amount of games you get each month to nonexistent exclusive PS Plus sales. 10 years from now PS Plus will be a $100 a year with no free games or any deals what so ever.

  • A third game this month for the 10 year anniversary? Up until last year when you axed the PS3 and Vita games, we used to get 6 games every month. This is why I am no longer a plus member.

    • Were ylu actually expecting 6 PS4 games for free a month? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Remember they also raised the price before cutting 2/3rds of the content.

      They’ll probably raise it again when PS5 titles come along..

    • Theg won’t raise it, it’d mean putting the ball in to Microsofts court, who would then likely lower their slightly to undercut them.

      Happens every generation.

  • Basketball? I hate freaking 🏀 but I love me some Tomb Raider. 😆

  • Another netball game? OK, it’s basketball but I downloaded the previous offering and lost interest before I’d made it through one game. Yawn! Tomb Raider was great but I’ve played it. Erica appears to be the highlight 😳 seriously considering not renewing.
    When are we going to get some value? When I started, there were 2 x PS3, 2 X PS4 and PS Vita games. Still no commitment to PS VR owners?

    • You’re not getting 6 PS4 games, so no point bringing up the fact that there was 6games before.

    • I’m only getting 2 games total (not counting netball) and paying 20% more. Don’t try to defend the poor value for money…

    • The value of the games are still worth more than the subscription each month. They can’t give away AAA games every single month, it’s pathetic to expect to have them every month.
      Besides in the last 12 months, they’ve given away plenty of AAA’s.

      Want to see poor value? Go have a look what Xbox have, they have had months that don’t even get to being equal to what they paid for that months subscription.

    • I don’t expect AAA every month. I miss getting some of the indie stuff. Grow Home was great fun. Also, I don’t rate niche sports games as AAA. Farming Simulator, Goat Simulator and now Netball Simulator. What next Simulated Simulation Simulator?

    • Regardless of if YOU regard it as AAA or not, it’s a AAA title.

    • You can’t decide “value” and “worth” for someone else. They’re personal things. You’re probably confusing “cost” with “worth”/”value”.

      I don’t care about a sports game, and would never bother downloading it, so it’s “worth” 0 to me. It can “cost” 100, or 10,000 but the “value” is still 0.

    • Value in the context I used it meant cost.
      Maybe learn to read before jumping in to a healthy debate?

    • Technically, the original FF VII was AAA. I played through it recently, I wouldn’t be happy with it as a monthly game. I’ve only just realised that the Tomb Raider game that we’re getting isn’t the most recent one but from 2015. Again, I’d question the value (not cost) of the subscription. On the subject of cost, the NetBAll game was available for £3.99 in May this year (£2.49 on Switch). It may be very popular stateside but I’d suggest that most of the people interested in it already have it if it’s -that- popular.
      Still a poor month.

    • You said “the value of the games are still worth more”.

      You simply cannot state value or worth for anyone other than yourself. There’s no way that “cost” works in either place. However, if you wished to use cost, you should have said it, they aren’t interchangeable

      So, maybe before trying to gate peoples entrance to a “debate”, you should learn what words to use where. 😜

  • I hope that as part of the celebration they include some Ps+ discounts.
    You are talking a lot about those and those are very scarce lately.

    • To not even mention that the latest ps+ discounts were just matching older normal discounts. Once 70% discount and a few months later they put the same game 35% but 70% with ps plus+…. Like a joke. I would prefer a 50% discount on the actual subscription though as part of the 10 year ann.

    • They do discounts on subscriptions all the time and they stack. It’s not Sony’s fault you don’t take advantage of those sales.

    • Do you know the meaning of all the time? How long has you been a subscriber? At least makes more sense. Anyone knows that the amount of ps+ discounts sales have decreased a lot. We just have regular flash sales, those discounts are for EVERYONE.

    • Theh dk subscription discounts all the time. Last month the subscription for PSNow was down by about £20. So, can’t really say they never have it on sale.
      During the summer the subscription was on sale.

  • Erica? Come on certainly there could of been another vita game you could of given us instead. I mean 10 years and we get that for the bonus. Not to mention 2k20, didnt we get a 2k game a few years back?

  • Comme d habitude on ne reçoit que de la merde , NBA pfff n importe quoi , Tomb Raider un vieux Navet et Erica un license sortie tout droit du fin fond de l oubli .
    Un grand merci Sony , je pense que bientot je vais passez à la concurrence

    • This is a great month of you ask me, I love Basketball, love Titanfall and always wanted to play Erica. All the people that complain are just whiny ungrateful children. You’re getting games for free, worth way more than the amount you pay for PS Plus. Stop whining because they try to cater to every fan of every genre. You crybabies are extremely sad.

    • How come they don’t Remastered fight night champions for ps4 I notice there’s some OLD Games in the ps store like…bully/ the warriors max Payne smh that’s crazy EA SPORTS HAS UFC-NBA-MADDEN-BASEBALL-HOCKEY-SOCCER BUT DON’T HAVE BOXING C’MON MAN just Get on the phone and make this happen bring the boxing back too LIFE..

    • Fight Night Champions is owned by EA and as such would only make an appearance on EA access.

    • Also, almost ALL of the PS2 games are Sony exclusive or made by Rock*, so the point is irrelevent.

  • This is why I chose to join PS Now instead, I think it represents better value for money.

  • Wow… 3rd month in a row that the games are underwhelming to say the least. Actually, looking back at this year, way more misses than hits.

  • AlmightyStarfire

    NBA? Disgusting pick. PES got pulled for detroit and this is way worse. Who even gives a crap about basketball outside the US? Like, honestly, I’d rather have farming simulator again.

  • Saying that nobody wants 2k20 is ridiculous. It was the 2nd highest selling game in the US (19th worldwide) in 2019 and it came out in sept. Folks will whine no matter what we get (FPS players will whine the most) but if you look at the variety and quality we have gotten thus far this tear, it is pretty good:

    4 action adventure games : Tomb raider, Uncharted 4 , Nathan Drake collection, Shadow of the collossus
    4 shooters : firewall, bioshock, COD:WWII, battlefront 2
    4 simulators: SIMS 4, Goat simulator, cities skylines, farming simulator
    1 driving game: dirt rally 2.0
    1 platformer : sonic forces
    1 sports game : NBA 2k20

    with at least 10 more games to come. It is almost impossible not to see $60 worth of value in the year (along with online play, game saves, discounts etc) or $30 with current deals you can find today.

    • I do miss the indies though. I completed several Indie gems from PS+ that I would never have known about. Overall it’s still less value than when the PS3 and Vita games (often with PS4 crossplay) were still around.

    • Definitely the most sensible comment anyone has made on this blog recently.

    • “Saying that nobody wants 2k20 is ridiculous. It was the 2nd highest selling game in the US” In. The. US.

      NBA is mainly a US (buy not limited to) audience base. You confirmed that with your sales quote. Look at the sales of NBA in the rest of world, now where as near.

      Argument for it coming to PS Plus could be that it’s something that most of the world don’t have, why would that be?

      Because one it’s not appealing to outside US audience and more so because this NBA is nothing but gambling simulator. People don’t want that.

      Considering this is a highlight event, you’d think that they would make a lot more effort for the one off time. Hell I would have had 10 games for PS + 10 year. (If it’s too costly, let people pick 3 out of the 10) rather than the cookie cutter design for such an “amazing feat”.

    • If it indeed has sold so well then actually would mean there would be far less gamers out there interested in being able to have access to it. Since they ALREADY HAVE IT. A VERY common problem with PS Plus games these days, even when the offerings aren’t total crap.

    • Though granted that a lot of people already owning a game wouldn’t be such a problem if there were more than a paltry 2 games offered. Which of course used to be the case.

    • Oh and finally, that’s not a sensible and never has been, for the two reasons I just stated amongst many others. It’s deeply flawed. Because it’s a one sided viewpoint. :D

  • I was indifferent when it was a better, optional service. Can’t express how much I hate it since it’s mandatory for online. Truly a blemish on the brand as far as I’m concerned. Especially as an advocate for physical gaming, the notion of being forced into a digital download service just to get to pay your online fees is beyond reasoning.

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