Share of the Week: The Last of Us Part II

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Share of the Week: The Last of Us Part II

Ellie’s journey continues in this week’s highlights.

Last week, we asked you to endure and survive in the dangerous world of The Last of Us Part II. From tense portraits to sun-dappled greenery, you shared harrowing moments using #PS4share and #PSBlog. Here are this week’s highlights: 

MidnightHyp3 shared this sunny shot of Ellie and Dina travelling.

Light streams into forgotten places in this share by JimdiGriz1.

Dina helps prep the horses in this share by crossedvisions.

Find the Ellie. Shared by OptimusFinch.

Watch out for Clickers. Shared by dharlequin.

Ellie lets an arrow fly in this shot by photomodeaddict.

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Theme: The Last of Us Part II – Ellie

Share by: 9am Pacific on Wednesday, July 1 

Next week, Ellie takes the spotlight. Share portraits of Ellie moving through the world of The Last of Us Part II using #PS4share and #PSBlog for a chance to be featured.

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  • Why is there a Horizon: Zero Dawn picture included in this?

    • I… I think that was an oops XD. Is the HZD pic from the Conversation challenge?

    • Just the wrong image.
      Look at the tag

    • Maybe i’m crazy, but let me know what you think. I personally believe my shots are sublime, congratulations to the winners but i honestly am bewildered by the last few weeks results in Share of the Week. Perhaps i’m delusional? Perhaps HDR and my 4K screen are giving me a false representation of the screens and they are being downgraded beyond belief once posted to Twitter?
      slightly unfocused in the horizon (slight depth of field in the background creates a natural anti aliasing) are undeniable imo. They are nearly the same shots as the one used in the pic for the 4 million copies sold post, except mine are better imo.

      Some of the prologue shots with Joel on horse are the best. Virtually all are in-game, no cutscenes other then the smoking pics which nobody cared for anyway even though they are basically in focuses of Dina the same as the Dina horse pic chosen here. Some nice close ups of Ellie in the cemetery. Idk man..

  • where can I upload my photos to participate?

  • This game is a masterpiece in gameplay, graphics, details and some quick events and scenes of the history.

    The IA needs improvements, is clumsy in some times, the enemies dont see you sometimes, enemy are back from you, im playing in hard.

    The duration of this game are enormous, i think this game have to 15 or 20 hrs, no more.

    Some levels are hard to find the way, you lose the ubication in some areas, but the view is awesome.

    In histoy have tons of holes, but I understand it.

    Nice game, not perfect.


    • Visuals, voice acting, animations, narrative all top notch.

      Combat is excellent, level design is strong and ND has expanded out of linear tunnels and into sprawling zones with real exploration.

      The score is sublime, the audio is superb. I have never played a console game with so many accessibility/gameplay options. Enough to make a PC game jealous.

      The game is absolutely packed featuring a 20-30 hour story, easily.

      Cutscenes blend into gameplay better than any game in recent memory. Collectibles are meaningful and they fill in the lore.

      The attention to detail and production value is the best i have ever seen. This is the most impressive game this generation. Nobody is on par, Naughty Dog has raised the bar. Love it or hate it this story will make you feel more than any game before it.

      I haven’t finished it yet, but thus far it is a hard 10.

      Review in progress:


  • dharlequin’s screenshot is so beautiful I can’t stop looking at it.

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