Mid-Year Deals promotion comes to PlayStation Store

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Mid-Year Deals promotion comes to PlayStation Store

DayZ, Need for Speed Heat Deluxe Edition and Hitman - Game of the Year Edition and more join new sale

Admittedly we’re *checks watch* 7 days away from the start of July so it’s not technically the middle of 2020 just yet. But what’s a week between friends? Especially if it means we can kick off the Mid-Year Deals promotion now rather than later.

That means from today you can enjoy titles like DayZ, Need for Speed Heat Deluxe Edition and Hitman – Game of the Year Edition.There are many more games taking part in this promotion. For European players, you can check out the full list here. Joining us from the US? Have a look here

Additionally, you’ll find discounts on a huge selection of movies as part of Mid-Year Deals! Head to the PlayStation Store on your PS4 to check out what titles are available in your region.

The promotion runs until July 8, finishing at 23.59pm local time.

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  • Seriously? Those 4 (four!) PS4 cross-buy games earned this sale a “PS Vita” tag? Why not include “PS3” tag as well since it has the same four games listed in the sale?
    Sony, please… no, I beg you – do a proper sale like it’s 2015 again! We’re still having fun with PSP, PS3 and PS Vita. Why don’t you want our money?

    • Oh, and Remasters & Retro! sale? A joke as well. There are many remasters for PS3 and PS Vita I’m still missing in the PS library. But only 4 PS4 cross-buy games for PS Vita and 1 PS4 cross-buy game for PS3. It’s just sad.

    • I must say that Demon’s Tier+ just came out and it’s Vita and i believe PS3 crossbuy. I loved Gungeon and i’m tempted to buy it. If anyone has played it lemme know.

    • If you’re from Poland and think it’s rare to see PS3 games on sale, imagine how it is in the US! If you check on PSprices, the American regions of the store promote no sales at all. Meanwhile, those same PS3 games go on sale on Steam/GOG a lot, which means Sony is ditching a huge library of games on purpose.

    • that’s all the vita sales have been are cross-buy’s like ratalaika, kemco, powgi or whatever they are called have been sadly.

      then you have games like god wars future past recently going on sale for ps4, and not vita. the utawarerumono games/bundles but not vita versions.

      vita is my favorite hand held ever, trophy support helps that fact but also because its an anime machine.

      now the sales are just, dropped all together practically. never owned or had anything xbox related, but i hear they still put tons of older gen games on sale.

      going through tough times with everyone home, and the power goes out frequently from that fact, so would like to pick up some more vita titles to hold me off through the summer. have had mine since 2015 and have used the thing a lot over the years.

      still don’t have titles for it like trails of cold steel 1 and 2, utawarerumono bundle, god wars future past, disgaea 3 and 4, akiba’s beat, nurse love VN’s, ect. for example. just recently bought the new and first utawarerumono for the vita and loving it. would have been so happy if the bundle/games was on sale for the vita like the ps4 versions are.

  • Oh boy. So instead of being able to quickly scan a list, people have to page through the clunky web store? This blog merger was not a great idea.

    • Feels really lazy on their part. Both blogs used to be pretty informative.

    • Agreed, for these promotions there should be a sub page created. At the very least organization of price sorting based on sale price.

  • I love Sony but Jim Ryan’s idea of a worldwide PlayStation might save money, but it’s just not affective.

    Local marketing is what made PlayStation unique and it’s why PlayStation Europe exploded. A worldwide PlayStation is basically just a North American PlayStation for everyone..and i’m from the US, but i can see the flawed logic. It’s purely a money/time saving method, but at what cost? This is a very Microsoft attitude and i’m a Sony fanboy, but i’m honest. Jim Ryan built PlayStation Europe, he’s a smart guy, but this is not the answer. The blog is worse for it, no question, but what i truly worry about is losing appeal in the regions you worked a decade to build. People enjoy localized marketing, they prefer their own blog site, they want to feel like PlayStation cares about their country. PlayStation is the global gaming leader because of Europe, don’t lose that. Wake up. But i will say The Last of Us 2 is incredible and PS5 looks phenomenal.

    • The worst part really is that they removed avenues for criticism.

      When PS+ was bad, people used to be able to click the “🙄” emote. So Sony could get the general feelings of the userbase (most users don’t comment, and it’s unlikely they read most of anything anyway).

      I guess now they only care about people liking stuff and having the appearance that everyone is happy with everything. Another Microsoft strategy.

      I mean there’s also the fact that the articles are basically made for the US audience. The use US dialect terms, the competitions are all US only, and they can’t even be bothered to use international time formats. But that’s how the EU blog has been forever anyway. 😁

  • Slackers..

  • pretty upset. first the utawarerumono bundle goes on sale, and now individually. however in both these instances the vita versions don’t. :c

    please put these and many more vita games on sale soon, if you read this please consider it.

    i have these on the ps4, but regret doing so instead of on the vita. in the summer where we live power outages can be frequent so rather use my vita as much as i can during that time.

  • Cuando descargas un juego desde la app de celular y vas a ps4 aparece que el juego que descargaste desde el celular sea beta o dlc se te descarga el juego completo

  • Utawarerumono: Mask Of Deception And Truth Bundle was already on sale, and now both games are discounted separately, but the prices are better than the bundle. Hard to believe someone gets paid for this.

    • i know right? also the lowest the bundle has gone was for $12.49 as well.

      another thing i cant figure out what the harm is in putting vita versions of the games on sale. throughout the year many of the ps4 versions have, but the vita versions cant get a sale as well?

      not sure what changed from the start of this year, ever since the change to wednesday, sales have gone down hill IMO.

      although looking at a few things here i might grab like dragon star varnir, arc of alchemist, possibly the megaman zero/zx collection.

      its just i feel like i’ve been looking at a lot of the same sales this year, the two big in japan sales were my favorite, especially the first one we had, but was disappointed in no vita titles as i am when i see ps4 versions of the games for sale like here.

  • Two-point Hospital not too bad a price, Ghostbusters remaster & Trine 4 are at prices I wish I’d bought ’em at!
    @Nathan Clark However,there’s a number of indies I’ve wishlisted/jotted down that have either not had a sale in ages eg: Cursed Castilla,Super Hydorah( Aug/Sept. 2018), Chasm apparently Sept. 2019 but was news to me)….& the following indies have NEVER had a single discount/sale on the EU/Aussie PSN: Timespinner(Sept. 2018),Blazing Chrome(July 2019),Castle Crashers Remastered(Oct 2019),River City Girls(Sept. 2019),Battle Princess Madelyn(EU/AU PSN Oct. 2019),Fight’N’Rage(Dec 2019),Xeno Crisis (Oct2019), Afterparty(Oct 2019),Gunlord X(Dec 2019).
    Most of these titles have had multiple &/or recent discounts or over the past year on Switch E-Shop,Steam,GOG,XB etc. Everywhere BUT PSN.
    Other small indies/publishers have mentioned that getting sales on the likes of E-shop just involve filling out a form & sending it off. But that PSN in comparison is difficult with zero communication & that sales are heavily curated by Sony. Whilst some indies obviously haven’t encountered these issues,the fact I can rattle off several games here that have never had a PSN sale suggests something is amiss when your competitors can do it. For the largest current gen console platform holder to continually miss out in favour of the same old AAA games being recycled is getting rather frustrating. Please bring a bit more variety into your sales & improve your indie sales/communications Nathan.

  • As we predicted back then in the EU blog, now there is not even a list anymore, I know the work for such a list would be immense, the alphabet is very difficult and then list the prices in euros and dollars! No, that would be impossible. You don’t even want to think about what all of this would cost. 🤦‍♂️

    • yep, said this too about a year or so ago lol when they removed all the regional pricings on the eu blog ,guess we didnt realise it was a suggestion box comment we made ….

  • First Sony removed PS3 and Vita titles from PS Plus and kept the pricing. This year they’ve removed PS3 and Vita titles from most all sales. I guess that they don’t want gamers to remember that when PS5 rolls out with limited backwards compatibility. Many of us have been invested in Playstation for a long time. With Xbox Series X Microsoft absolutely respects your past purchases this gen, Sony not much at all. And on the whole I keep seeing slightly better weekly sales on Xbox as well. Sony used to have the best weekly PS deals and flashes sales that left Xbox in the dust. What happened?

    • Quite simply, they became too successful, they no longer care, they’re no longer dependent on that.

    • I have plenty of PS3 and Vita titles on watch in PSPrices, that I would buy immediately if they just came down in price (hello DeathSpank Trilogy!)… but when Sony gets PS4 titles heavily discounted and don’t do that for PS3 and Vita (even for the same game, which is nuts!) I end buying the cheapest ones (I’m not going to spend more money to make a statement that will be summarily ignored) and Sony ends up reinforcing their self-fulfilling prophecy that “people don’t want to buy games for previous generations”

    • @Tatanka2007

      What happened?

      Since Sony has always been more successful than Microsoft at game consoles, they apparently have the impression that they can get away with cutting value and delivering less.

      There is zero discussion that Microsoft adds much more value to their Xbox/PC platform (GamePass, Play Anywhere, backcompat, unified global rewards program, more titles given away by GwG, cross-play, full PC integration, localized digital store pricing, and much more); and that Microsoft has always had the console where multiplats look the best (OG Xbox vs PS2, 360 vs PS3, One X vs PS4 Pro).

      Sony sobered up a bit and fixed their attitude with PS4, but that didn’t even last them the whole generation, and the PS3 story may happen all over again with PS5: start off very slowly and try to win back people little by little by adding value and bettering dev relations and delivering hot exclusives, so they end up selling a smidgen more consoles at the end during overtime and learning humility once again.

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  • way to combine the two blogs and somehow make them even worse still, and the eu one was already pretty bad
    I did joke about this a year or so ago when the eu blog removed all pricing, said why dont they not even bother and just put sale,click here for details
    and thats pretty much what they have now done lol

  • I come to the Blog for information and what do I find? A link to the web store where I have to wade thru 10 pages to see what’s available, and I cannot even sort by current price!

    Way to go! What an improvement the new Blog is!

  • Sony….because the market leaders dont have to try anymore

    This isnt a bashing, just a musing as I always get most consoles throught out the generation, i love games,pc,switch, console whatever but of the main two i always buy one first and the other about a year later
    i got ps2 over xbox, 360 over ps3, ps4 over xbox one, think be back to series x this year before ps5, the exclusives can wait, just ms seem to have a better all round package at the mo with games pass ,backwards compat etc where as it seems sony have just taken away stuff in the ps4 cycle, ps plus games reduced, ps now is pretty much a joke , ps plus price increased, less communication with gamers, poorer sales and blog info, just feel alot less in touch with gamers than the start of this gen
    Xbox have major nelson as a big face, love him or hate him hes a name to xbox, who does sony have?
    But seriously though i hope sony do lose a bit of market share and it makes them try a little bit harder with the ps5 as its not good for any company to have total dominance for too long as they get lazy and lazier

  • 1 Month since this new and “improved” blog would be nice if we start seeing those actual improvements.

    ps. removing features and making a post that says: Yo we have sale, click here because we cant be arsed to work aren’t improvements.

  • I honestly got so bored of clicking through every page on the store that I gave up looking. And if we were really “friends” you’d put more Vita games on sale.

  • This blog is uglier, harder to navigate and lacking the most basic features like being able to upvote comments you agree with, or showing the individual prices of games at a glance. Combined with the ads at the top of the main page, you have seriously alienated this regular reader of the blog. I barely visit any more, congratulations.

  • May I ask why it is that I saw BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle Special Edition on sale for only a few days? I thought I saw the date clearly say they’d be on sale until 7/9!

  • Again no BG1&2, Icewind&Torment, Trails of Cold Steel 3 deals. But of course the usual games are on sale that are always on sale. Why do I even bother checking?

  • Out of curiousity can anyone else find the “New releases” post that came out last week? (19th June,I think?) Went to look it up regarding a couple of releases supposed to come out & can only find the previous one from 5th/6th June! I’d put a surprised emoji but those went with the EU blog! :-/

  • You forgot the Vita versions of the Persona dancing games again Sony.

  • I use my PSVITA every day and PS3 on occasion.

    Please put sales on those systems as well.

  • Some items are listed as on sale on the list but they aren’t on the ps store, what a joke.

  • I see that I’m not the only one waiting for sales on legacy platforms. It got to the point where I’m not buying PS4 games anymore to save money in case there’s at last a major sale on legacy platforms so in a way by not discounting games on previous platforms you’re hurting PS4 sales in my case – and who knows, maybe there are more people with a strategy alike to mine…

    • i would like to get an author comment or some kind of idea in general what has been going on with sales this year as to why legacy platforms are no longer a part of sales.

      its mostly a lot of the same in sales recycled but only for ps4, guess that’s what makes the most money. as someone who uses ps4, i also use my vita as well and it just upsets with me times being tough to no longer see any discounts to brighten the mood.

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