Track tips for Star Wars Episode I: Racer, out today on PS4

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Track tips for Star Wars Episode I: Racer, out today on PS4

Race like a pro with these tips and tricks from Aspyr.

Howdy Folks, Aspyr here. Star Wars Episode I: Racer makes its platform debut on PlayStation consoles today, and we’ve been partying for this launch like it’s 1999. Strap on your shades, break out the skateboard, and get ready to take a blast back to the late 90’s as we bring an N64 classic to PS4.

Podrace Like a Pro

If you’re a fan of arcade or kart racing, you’ll feel right at home accelerating through turns, drifting, and maximizing boosts to beat the other racers to the finish line. If you haven’t played Episode I Racer before, here are our best tips to get you started.

Boost Responsibly:

While boosting can blast you to the front of the pack, it can also overheat your engines. Flaming engines will leave you getting lapped. Make sure to throttle the boost before you end up left in the dust.

Don’t Go Full Throttle:

Trying to max your MPH might seem great on straight-line tracks, but you’ll eventually smack into a rock wall. Toggling the accelerator is key to mastering the caverns, twists, and turns of the tracks. Let off the acceleration going into the turn, then accelerate at the half-way point to blast away from the pack.

Meet Your Match:

Racers have different strengths and weaknesses. Make sure your playstyle matches your racer. If you prefer high acceleration, choose Anakin Skywalker. If you prefer tight handling, choose Toy Dampner

Stay On Track:

For a majority of the race, you’ll want to follow the beaten path. You’ll see severe slowdowns as you stray from the established racing track. Risk can bring reward though with secret shortcuts on several tracks.

Improve Your Times with Shortcuts

If you pay close attention, you may discover secret paths hidden just off the track that allow you to take a big lead. Here’s a few of our favorites:

Ando Prime (Multiple tracks):

After completing your first lap, veer left and look for an open tent. That’s your path to victory!

Sunken City:

Immediately before entering the tunnel after the colosseum, hug the left wall. You’ll ride up onto a small raised pathway.


Hit your boost hard before the long open straight away. Veer right, and you’ll save a lot of time.

Take Home the Toughest Trophies

Your quest for a platinum trophy won’t be easy, but we’re here to help you race through earning these gold trophies.

You came, you looked around, you bought:

Check the junkyard often. Swap your racer to refresh the inventory of the junkyard. If you find a Best part in poor condition, add it to your podracer and then repair it after your next race.

The fastest racer in the galaxy:

For tight turns, you’ll want to press L2 to drift through the turn. Mastering your drift skills is key to being able to maintain your speed throughout the twistys.

Taking the high road:

Take Abyss slowly and learn the layout of the track. If you fall off, kiss the race goodbye.

Catch Us if You Can

We’ve put up a few of our best lap records. If you think you can beat us, send screenshots to @aspyrmedia!

Aspyr Team Best Lap Record Times

Abyss — 1:06.717 — AspyrEthan

Mon Gazza Speedway — 14.313 — AspyrCam

Vengeance  — 1:12:135 — AspyrEthan

Grabvine Gateway — 1:37.285 — AspyrCam

Woo! Thanks for sticking with me for the long read. Good luck on setting your new lap records.

Star Wars Episode I: Racer is available now on PS4.

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