PlayStation Store: New games launching next week

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PlayStation Store: New games launching next week

Star Wars Episode 1: Racer hits PS4 Tuesday, featuring revamped controls, Trophies, and more.

Revisit a classic in Star Wars Episode I: Racer, launching Tuesday on PS4. The definitive version of the Podracing hit features a new, DualShock 4-optimized control scheme, higher resolution FMVs, and Trophies (yes, including a Platinum).

Read on for the rest of next week’s new releases — enjoy!

  • Assetto Corsa Competizione — PS4 — Out June 23
  • Bounty Battle — PS4 — Out June 25 (EU only)
  • Coaster — PS4 — Out June 22 (Americas only)
  • Conan Chop Chop — PS4 — Out June 23 (EU only)
  • Covert — PS4 — Out June 23 (EU only)
  • Firefighters: Airport Heroes — PS4 — Out June 24 (Americas only)
  • Hunting Simulator 2 — PS4 — Out June 25 (EU only)
  • Jump, Step, Step — PS4 — Out June 22 (EU only)
  • Indiecalypse — PS4 — Out June 26 (Americas only)
  • Little Town Hero — PS4 — Out June 23 (Americas only)
  • Mad Runner — PS4 — Out June 23 (Americas only)
  • Octonaut — PS4 — Out June 23 (Americas), June 24 (EU) 
  • Pancake House — PS4 — Out June 23 (EU only)
  • Pawarumi — PS4 — Out June 24 (EU only)
  • Party Pumper — PS4 — Out June 25 (EU only)
  • Pushy and Pully in Blockland — PS4 — Out June 24 (Americas), June 26 (EU)
  • Rugby Challenge 4 — PS4 — Out June 24 (EU only)
  • SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated — PS4 — Out June 23 (EU only)
  • Star Wars Episode I: Racer — PS4 — Out June 23
  • Super Toy Cars 2 — PS4 — Out June 26
  • A Summer With the Shiba Inu — PS4 — Out June 24
  • Tower of Time — PS4 — Out June 23 (Americas), June 24 (EU)
  • Ultracore — PS4 — Out June 23 (Americas), June 26 (EU)

[Note: this post will be taking a break for a few weeks. See you again soon!]

Pardon our dust! In the coming months, you may notice the occasional discrepancy in this post as we’re updating the back-end systems we pull game info from to populate our list. Game release dates should be correct at time of publication but we will strive to correct any mistakes as they arise. Thanks for your patience!

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  • Friendly constructive criticism: please add pics like before and please have two lists for regions, I’m sure a quick copy/paste only takes a few seconds but makes a difference for us. Trust me, in a way, this affects sales.

    • Agreed. I’ve bought most of the games from these lists solely due to the art and blurb.

    • I thought the feedback from last week sealed this. In fact, some people seemed to downplay the criticism claiming that it would be fixed.

      This format is hideous.

    • Totally agree!

      They even removed “The Drop” from the weekly updates emails, that was my quick way of knowing about it and clicking that link to see the new games.

    • Man, we’ve been asking for improvements for years. They are unwilling to do the very minimum for us.

    • I got to say, this post has been going a bit downhill recently due to the lack of description of what the games are. Kinda loses its purpose. Just having a game name does not motivate to purchase any of these.

  • So much bad feedback last week but no changes? This used to be my fav post of the week, now I might as well get this news from another website.

  • Sadly without picture i won’t buy alot of game.. I wont copy paste every name in google.

  • This mixed format is borderline unusable.

    Separate regions and post it when on the day the store gets updated. It’s hard to read, i can’t take action now. When stuff actually releases 4 days later, i might forget.

  • There are a lot of wrong things in this post. Spongebob is listed as EU only when it comes out in NA as well. Also pretty sure Bounty Battle doesn’t come out in any region until July.

  • Two weeks in a row with no changes? It is not an exaggeration to say this weekly post has no purpose at all any more.

    I tested myself right now after going through the list, and I literally could not remember the name of any game on it that I already didn’t know, let alone which ones were coming out in my country or not.

    I feel sorry most for the indie devs that are getting shafted by this new format. If there is a major overhaul on the way with actual details of the games, great, but until then please stop releasing this travesty of “news posting” until you can offer more info than the average eight-year old could produce on his own.

  • Confusing and terrible post format once again, like the one 2 weeks ago… but still better than the no post from last week.
    If I was a indie dev releasing something I’d be pissed.

  • I miss “The Drop” :-(

  • This post has been a ‘hit and miss’ to be honest. Last week we did not even have one and the previous week the number of omission or mistake for the EU release schedule was pretty bad.
    I remember I use to get excited about this weekly post, waiting to see what was coming out (and yes the pics made the post exciting) but now I avoid checking this post as it is just a plain list and, often, incorrect, and I click on the LATEST RELEASE link on the store and check what is available there.
    I am not having a go for the sake of doing it. I just think there could be a better way to get us engaged and excited about new releases instead of a ‘functional’ post.

  • This has never been a good blog at all, but when the most important post of the week is this lazy copy/paste work, it has totally fallen to ****…
    It’s embarrassing that this website is somehow official. Devs used to answer questions, you use to answer to feedback. Now it’s just this, an formatted text made in a rush.

  • I really hope there is a revamp of this and it isn’t the new norm since it’s now been weeks, considering that last week there was no post. Which is unfortunate because I was hoping The Coma 2, which released today, would have been featured in it. The first game was fun and for indie games The Drop was a great opportunity for getting more notice and sales. I know I personally bought a lot of indie games just from seeing them featured on The Drop with an image and brief description which I probably would never have known about without The Drop.

  • Add pics again, please. This text list format is rough. And maybe go the extra mile and show more than the promo image.

  • Where is the post from last week?

  • DT Gaming on YouTube does a weekly game release with videos from each game. It’s been helpful since this site has changed.

    • Thanks, I’ll look them up and subscribe!

    • Thanks, I’ll give this a try.

      Been asking forever for videos and now the Drop has regressed to not even having pictures. Like what the hell! What part of the ‘video’ in ‘video games’ do they not get? Oh well, tired of asking, goodbye Drop hello DT Gaming.

  • I miss The Drop. I miss pictures and very very brief descriptions. It should serve as a portal for sales and discovery. There should be a link to the store page as well IMO.

  • Pics would be nice, but the priority should be getting release info correct, split NA and EU into 2 lists, and put them in order that they are releasing, not alphabetical.

  • I really have to reiterate how much I miss The Drop format. It may not seem like it, but having pictures + a brief summary of each game goes along way for most of these titles(especially ones that aren’t from well known IP’s)

  • Very happy to see “The Drop” return. If you have to do this style due to other work tasks this is very welcomed rather than nothing at all so thanks!

  • I’ve always loved The Drop. It was always something that I looked forward to each Friday afternoon to see what was coming out.

    I really don’t like the new format. I know it’s a work in progress, but it’s confusing have NA and EU releases jumbled together. Really miss the artwork for each game as well.

    I know that this info really isn’t even necessary so I do appreciate the update each week, but it still needs some refining to make it the best it can be.

  • This new blog is absolutely horrendous. If this is a taste of things to come I might be jumping ship after many years being with PlayStation since the original :(
    After the usual weekly complaints on the old blog that were never fixed I doubt anyone from PlayStation is reading all of this negative feedback.
    Also fix the store on iOS it has been broken for months.

  • First started watching this blog when they had a run down of games, addon’s and other items of relevance, was a highly detailed page… Then the addons for games vanished… ppl were upset… oh it’s so easy to just look it up in the playstation store… in a timely and neat fashion? no… not really… you have to navigate through 10 different items and pages to find the right set of information you want… now we have this… a bland, lackluster, preview with no eye catching… no picture to draw the eye, no summary to give some sort of interest from for the eye catch… this.. is a very poor and, LAZY, business model. If it ain’t broke why fix it. I more or less stopped buying addons because i just found it annoying to find all the information i need in a timely fashion. Am I being a lazy prick because of that? Sure, but I was a lazy prick that was more often then not to give them money. Now, not so much. I’m not going to waste my time browsing through complected BS just to see if I MIGHT, be interested. Hope the drop changes back to what it used to be. Don’t mind the removal of the add on information. Just bring back the eye catch and game summary.

  • Thank you, Justin. Nice to see that finally, finally Ultracore is getting a release (26th here in the UK). Something good to spend my birthday money on :)

    • Also, just noticed Tower of Time out Wednesday here in UK. Hmm. Is there no end to this spending for me :)

  • Why even post this list? What am I supposed to get from the title of a game I know nothing about? Bring back the pictures and brief descriptions at the very least. You should have added trailers, but instead you took everything away. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I can tell you this DOES affect my purchases. I hope someone in charge reads these comments because this is just sad.

  • Got to agree with comments on here – I used to like the weekly post that told me what has just been released. This means nothing to me – nothing here is available yet and pretty much nothing on the list means anything to me.

    The old format was OK (although I would rather have had some details on games outside the top couple that get highlighted). But for this to be really useful I think it needs:

    * To be posted when the games are available, not at some arbitrary time beforehand
    * To have some sort of description for each game (or at least the big ones), and some artwork or something would be nice.
    * To link to the store so I can get more information and maybe buy it. I get that being US and EU at the same time makes this difficult but not having it is a step backwards and no customer actually wanted a combined blog I’m sure. Pretty sure it would be possible to take me to the relevant store when I click the link, but if not 2 links or 2 lists.)

    It’s a curious decision to make it harder to impulse buy anything. I have to wait and then search for the game myself, if I even remember about it then. Chances are I’d only remember if I was interested in a game anyway.

    • Every Tuesday at 2PM Pacific PlayStationLifeStyle(.)net posts a store update with content from the US, Europe, and Asia. The article lists pricing on all new and readily available content, as well as a link to that regions PSN Store.

  • I have a physical wish list of games. I used to browse The Drop every Saturday and add the interesting looking and sounding games to it.

    I’ve not added a game since this new format began. The little description and representative image was the only introduction I had to a lot of games on my list.

  • I do miss the images and the little blurbs here and there about the games.

  • So instead of making this weekly page MORE useful by adding links to trailers and/or gameplay clips… you’ve gone and made the page NEARLY USELESS by removing just about all visual media altogether. Why put the page up at all?? I’m sure Sony can afford to pay someone to spend more time on it than the five minutes it takes to compile a bullet list. Since you can’t be bothered any more, neither can I.

  • AffectatiousDonk

    Half arsed after a month break. It just confirms that Sony doesn’t even know what is coming out on their platform anymore. What a disgrace to both developers and gamers.

  • Guys this format needs to go away, no images doesn’t help buyers, gaming creators and other communities managers who share these posts. Also the content from US and EU should separate.

  • Bring The Drop back. I bet people who complained and caused this terrible new all in one format wish they would have kept their traps shut now.

  • This format is flat out horrible. There are no positives to it over what you were previously doing. If you can’t at least add thumbnails, the lists need to be broken out into regions instead of mixing everything together. You’re trying to sell us games, but you’re making us do all the work in your marketing. That’s terrible. How are can it be for you to cut and paste lists for each region? We’re literally talking less than one minute of work — but it takes way longer for people to decipher that master list you’re just dumping with no formatting.

  • Please bring back “The Drop” format for upcoming releases. Just text is very bland and it tells me nothing about the games (except for stuff like Hunting Simulator 2).

  • The Drop was the only reason for me to visit this blog every single week. If you don’t return to a similar format with more details about the games, I’m out. This format is trash.

  • Jeez this is just bad!!!

  • Glad to see Ultracore finally coming out digitally after an age…but yep, not much planning regarding the merging of the blogs thus far…definitely not a great advert for the indie releases with the lack of information/pictures &/or links to the psn there was before. :-/

    • Bad news, I’m afraid. Sitting here on a Friday morning in the UK with no sign of it being released. Checked with ININ twitter, alas has been delayed in EU until 2nd July. Just thought I should let you know…

    • Thanks for the update @Kilb1971…I’d give you an upvote if they still had ’em like the EU Blog! :-) Ditto for the twitter link,Limited Run games not exactly big responders to digital releases like this! Glad to see Pawarumi finally out too!

  • Why aren’t you even addressing user’s questions/ concerns?

    No one likes this format for the Drop or whatever you’re calling it.

    This used to be a wonderful, weekly feature that users loved. Now it’s whatever this is.

  • So? No Assetto Corsa Competizione today nevertheless?

  • No Star Wars Episode I Racer on the UK store. That’s really disappointing after waiting patiently through multiple delays already. Some word on what’s going on would be appreciated. It seems to have released on schedule on the US store, of course … so I guess it’s the usual story: the only customers that they care about (i.e. North Americans) have their game and we EU gamers can go blow in the wind and play guessing games about when we’re going to see a release?

  • beautifuldedgirl

    Not being a jerk, but this really isn’t a very helpful way to do this. No idea what any of these can be, lots of bad titles and nothing to say what the games are. Does anyone know another place we can get this information better?

    •…is better…still a list but the regions are organized…this will be the last time I come to this page. I figure if they are going to make effort it’s not worth the bother…

  • Can someone from PlayStation be able to answer why Star Wars episode 1 racer is not up on the PlayStation store yet?

  • Aha! Star Wars Episode I Racer just appeared on the UK store. £11.99 btw

  • Hang on, I think I am getting a nosebleed here. No sign of Tower of Time being released for today, 24th June (EU), on PlayStation Store. So I checked Event Horizon twitter, and they state released today for EU, and supplied a handy link to PlayStation Store. Yep, 19.99 Pound Sterling, released 20th May 2020! I know this lockdown has taken it’s toll on most of us, but please, what gives? I only hope that Ultracore is still go for Friday in EU!

  • PSN says: In the coming months, you may notice the occasional discrepancy in this post
    I say: It is not an occasional discrepancy as you call it. More often than not more than 30% of what you believe gets released in Europe is incorrect. Also, this is discrepancies have always existed,

    PSM says: but we will strive to correct any mistakes as they arise
    I say: No you do not. Please have a look at the list in this post (or previous ones) and compare it to what we can actually see in the latest release tab of the PlayStation store. You have not made a single correction and there are plenty of titles that have not released in Europe, yet they are still appearing on this list as of today, Friday the 26h.

    PSN says: as we’re updating the back-end systems we pull game info from to populate our list.
    I say: When it comes to discrepancies this has been going on for years. I do not think there has been, historically, a single week without an error. I do not see this happening in the movie or music industry. How many years does it take to update the back-end of your systems?

    PSN says: Thanks for your patience
    I say: Well, we are being patient and understanding but if you cannot get it right why, at the very least, you do not rectify the errors (like you said you would do) instead of publishing this post and then abandoning it altogether?

    Frankly, I have stopped relying on this post and I check the latest release tab o the PSN store but one cannot avoid getting enthusiastic about an announcement here, about a game launching next week, only to be disappointed that it has not and that there is no correction, no clarification, no explanation and no apology given for such an error.
    What this means is that we, your customers, have just got used to this sub-par level of information you share with us.
    One would hope that, with the abolishment of the regional blogs, we would have one place where we can find reliable information of what games are coming a week from now but that does not seem to be the case.

    I get it that things happen, games get delayed for various reasons, but where you are announcing games coming out a week from now I would expect the list to be 95% accurate, at the very least, which is not the case here.

    Am I asking for too much?

    • Well, at least the problem is solved one week out of two since the blog changed… Like this week, they just don’t post anything. As if there was no release next week.

  • Can anyone believe this is the official Playstation site! This place is so poorly run and designed, it just screams “amateurs”. This should excite people to want to buy your games. Tell people about the games, show them why they are good, pictures, videos, descriptions. And most importantly, LINK TO YOUR STORE. Talk about a Mickey Mouse operation, wow. Not a single improvement over the entire lifespan of PS4.

  • “Note: this post will be taking a break for a few weeks. See you again soon!”

    Has this been added afterwards? I don’t remember reading that. Well, hopefully The Drop will be less of an afterthought when it’s back.

  • The Drop is the only reason I even visit PS Blog. Without The Drop to tell me what’s releasing every week, I have no reason to visit here anymore.

  • Man y’all getting lazy with these Drop posts.

  • I guess they’ve just completely given up on the drop? 4 weeks now since the last post. Way to go Sony. Your improvements to the site are fantastic!

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