Official PlayStation Podcast 367: Play Has No Limits

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Official PlayStation Podcast 367: Play Has No Limits

Featuring a new PS5 interview, a preview of The Official The Last of Us Podcast, and a chat with the team behind Afterparty.

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Welcome back! Following this week’s big PlayStation 5 reveal, we’ve got an interview with Eric Lempel, Head of Global Marketing and Consumer Experience. Plus! Kristen chats with Night School Studio about forging connections in their underworld adventure Afterparty, and we’ve got a special clip from The Official The Last of Us Podcast for your audio enjoyment. Listen in!

Stuff We Talked About

  • This week’s PlayStation 5 showcase
  • The Official The Last of Us Podcast
  • Afterparty

Thanks to Cory Schmitz for our beautiful logo and Dormilón for our rad theme song and show music.

[Editor’s note: PSN game release dates are subject to change without notice. Game details are gathered from press releases from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating descriptions.]

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  • Greatly looking forward to the release of the ps5 with some great games lined up. Personally looking forward to the ratchet and clank, and fingers crossed for dead space or even another bigger infamous world. A big hope I have though is that there are different colors for the councils and controllers. I’ve seen a fan made pic of an all black with blue lights as well as an all black with red lights. I’ve heard from friends that I shared the pic with that they all would get the one with red. I know I’d buy that one in a heartbeat if it were true. Thanks for all your work on this product.

  • Excited about both Afterparty and, of course, the Last of Us Part 2. Honestly at this point Sony should consider opening their own theme park! haha. Imagine the uncharted rides, or Horizon area, oooo or clickers! Idk I just think it would be incredible. I would definitely buy a year pass just saying 😜🥭.

  • Will there be an all in one package on release. System, camera, headphones and remote.

  • Okay, I really excited about PS5 coming out, however, I am not happy of the color scheme. I do not like that it is completely white and there is no other options to change the color…. I really hope before they release this system, they make it also in a black or silver or any other color then the ugly white!!!

    • I understand and respect that most people like Black as their “go to” color for electronic devices. But these days almost every single electronic product is Black. IMO it just makes things blend in and dull when everything looks the same. I think it’s nice that Sony decided to break the usual trend and go with something new. Everyone has their own preferences though and is entitled of course to their own opinions.

      I wouldn’t mind Silver though.

    • Blending in electronics isn’t really a bad thing. A huge lump of white will be very noticeable, and possibly kind of distracting. If you’re not really a fan of the look it also makes it harder to hide.

      Fortunately white plastic is the easiest to dye. So could in theory finally have a purple console. Though i’m pretty sure that would void any warranty.

  • I was wondering does the ps5 support WiFi 6?

  • Boa Noite Sony, eu gostaria de saber o PS5 vai ter uma versão além dessas duas já mostradas e também se vai se chamar PS5 PRO igual ao PS4 PRO…Desde já agradeço a resposta de vocês ?

  • Lamentável a Sony criar todo esse poder em um console e obrigar seus clientes a usar NAT E CGNAT sobre o IPV4, é uma questão de compromisso entregar a plataforma com compatibilidade IPV6, não há motivos para não fazer.

  • I’m wondering if I can play ghost of tsuhima bought for ps4 on ps5 when ps5 is coming out?

  • Hi, Sid.

    Will Red Dead Redemption 2 also get the PS5 treatment? It would be so nice to see that game take advantage of the new hardware.

  • Love the design of the ps5, but it looks (and if not they should, v.2.0) like the side panels can snap on and off making it possible to customize your console. Also would be nice with exclusive console like Last Of Us 2 console. Instead of $400 you spend like $50 on new custom panels. Or if your having a Destiny party you could throw on some destiny panels, or whatever game your playing. Could see streamers having fun with that. Also will we be able to customize the neon light on the console? Have it change colors to the beat of the in game music or something would be awesome. Either way I’m excited and can’t wait!

    • I also feel like the flowing curved design of the white panels we see now on there almost looks like paper. In my opinion they represent blank canvases to be drawn on, customized. Which I know PlayStation has said they wanted something that could be shown off in your home, or behind a streamer like a work of “Art”.

  • :^/ I asked this question yesterday, but not only has nobody addressed it, the question seems to be missing altogether. No worries.

    Will PS5’s Operating System have an Undelete Feature that will scan the hard drive for accidentally deleted User Content, such as Saved Game files or Screenshots, etc.? Such software has been standard on computers for Generations, now, so it’s really well past time that PlayStation have it, as well.


  • Will PS5 be able to play Vita games?

  • the looks of the PS5 is incredibly awesome! Wish we have more often events even if you give us a bit of information at a time 😅
    I just can’t wait for the price announcement so i can place my order straight after that and most likely will be making a full payment too.. common playstation, my birthday is soon so please spoil me with price announcement at least 😊 pretty please 🙏

  • Can’t wait

  • Could we get some information about trying to migrate PSN accounts to another country? I contacted support, they just told me to comment on the official blog, which… doesn’t seem like a very efficient way to get a message across, but here we are. With the arrival of the PS5 Digital console, there’s more reason than ever to have more control over how we interact with our digital game library, and how we can keep it with us in the longterm (the ‘value’ of digital game sales seems to necessitate that). Over the last generation, I’ve bought a lot of PS4 games, not knowing that I would end up moving to another country years later, but now, because I can’t migrate my account, I’m locked out of using the store with my bank card (extra frustrating that I’m still in Region 1 and that doesn’t matter, since apparently Playstation’s internal ‘regions’ are different).

    Of course, I can make a second account, and login to the old one for games I’ve already bought, and buy new ones on the account tied to my new country, but that’s not only generally and added hassle, but I can’t ever purchase DLC for those games, access my online saves for those games, it adds a whole other account to keep secure (which of course is another phone number and another email address), and what if publishers decide to offer paid cross-gen upgrades?

    And what if Playstation does decide to address this – a second account means I’ll have games purchased across two accounts that I now can’t merge, so that’s also not a longterm strategy. And it’s not like this is impossible – the Xbox allows for it, you just have to agree that some content might not be available in your new location. As it is now, I feel like I can’t buy any new games, at all, on either account – if this issue is addressed, the new games will be locked out, and if it’s not, the old games are frozen in a dead international account forever. I feel like Playstation is penalizing accounts that have used the digital store instead of buying discs, and not addressing this before launching the PS5 Digital seems like this is going to be a problem for a lot of other players (and even if I HAD bought all of these on disc, I still couldn’t put them on the PS5 digital).

    If play truly has no limits, maybe it’s time for accounts to have no borders. And it’d sure be nice to play buy some games this summer.

  • Ps5 physical edition 399 and digital edition 299

    • Seems unlikely that the difference would be 100 when the only difference is the digital one lacks a Blu Ray drive. Blu Ray drives aren’t that expensive.

  • his mad am back dont care haha

  • will the ps5 support 1440p resolution? i hope so

  • dragdev12345yuio

    Playstation 5 motherboard modification Am4 socket+ ryzen5 cpu + AMD rdna2 GPU 8gb,system ram 8+8gb ddr4 +ssd,ps4 pro and ps5 now 30fps 4K

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