Submit your creations for the Dreams Community Showcase DreamsCom on June 30

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Submit your creations for the Dreams Community Showcase DreamsCom on June 30

Media Molecule's livestream will be followed by an explorable, in-game expo that lets players try out featured creations… and you can be part of the convention.

It’s been a busy month in the Dreamiverse with new Dreams content, big community-led projects and a “trial and unlock” demo of Dreams debuting on PlayStation Store. 

We also have an exciting announcement — our first big community showcase and in-game expo is opening on June 30 — and you can join us on Twitch, YouTube and in Dreams for a look at some of the most exciting Dreams community projects in development and some updates from the Dreams team too. 

Our newest event, the Dreams Community Showcase (DCS), kicks off on June 30 at 5pm BST / 6pm CEST / 9am Pacific with our DCS live stream where we’ll be revealing new trailers and games from some of the most well-known creators in Dreams. There are some super exciting reveals lined up!

After the show, we’ll be opening the doors to the DCS show floor, where you’ll find an expo full of booths to explore and demos to play. If you’re a Dreams player, you can get involved by grabbing our handy template and submitting your own booth and demo by June 24. You can find all the details on how to get involved at  

Stay tuned to our social channels and for updates, reminders and info on future Dreams events! 

If you haven’t checked out Dreams yet, we’ve launched a trial version of Dreams, which is available to download now. You can play out a selection of games and learn more about creating your own games. 

Now, we did mention it’s been  busy… here are the top things you don’t want to miss in Dreams this month!

New content 

We’ve released our Welcome Garden gameplay kit — so you can create your own sliding, platforming adventure for our newest characters, Ash and Rowan! You can find the Welcome Garden kit, with new characters, scenery and game-making contraptions to get you started just by heading into DreamShaping and clicking the “kits” banner at the top of the page. 

The Dreams you should be playing…

Temporal FuseDancingEmber, Jhayceee, Aecert, YLedBetter10, HyperDreamSurfer and fednic

Track down and defuse the explosive before time runs out in this nail-biting collaboration with a sci-fi time altering twist. This brilliantly designed work is a collaboration by DancingEmber, Jhayceee, Aecert, YLedBetter10, HyperDreamSurfer and fednic for the 30 Seconds community jam. 

.:Beat Runner:.shadow124900

Every now and then, a Dream comes along that will cause a whole lot of ‘OKAY JUST ONE MORE’ exclamations from all of us. .:Beat Runner:., created by shadow124900, is absolutely one of those games. A stylish side-scroller with an amazing soundtrack is one of our simply must-plays. 


Dreams is full of amazing audio-visual experiences, with creators really taking our audio tools for a spin and bringing to life some tracks that deserve the #1 spot. DISARMEDX has created several of these creations, but their latest, BOP!, is a (playable) music video that hits all the right notes. Check out the creation here, and follow DISARMED’s advice: “Dance like nobody’s watching.” 

Yesterday ClubSolid1156

Speaking of amazing visual experiences, Yesterday Club took our breath away. A gorgeous mix of colours, leaving the rest to your imagination, Yesterday Club is just begging to be your new desktop wallpaper.

Rabbit & BoyCyber Sheep Films

During a weekly team meeting, we showed our studio Rabbit and Boy, a 15-minute animation from Cyber Sheep Films that is absolutely incredible. The level of animation in Rabbit and Boy had our own animators in awe, and is really a testament to what is possible with the tools found in Dreams. Sit back and watch it in full

Projects to get involved with! 

We love collaborative projects in Dreams, so we’ve been making our own, and highlighting some of our favorite community-led ones. Want to get involved or play the results? Read on: 

Take a Hike

Our DreamWalk gathers together outdoor walks created by Dreamers. We’ve already been able to fill out four different walks (of varying lengths, just like real nature trails!) — through the mountains, through futuristic landscapes and even one that sees you step foot on the moon! 

You can check out all of them right here.

Dream together

Our other project is known as #DreamsTogether, and brings together all the on-going projects (including the DreamWalk) that are designed to let creators collaborate. We’ve built a bulletin board in-game so you can keep track of each project, and get involved if you wish! 

That’s all for now, we hope to see you on June 30 at 5pm BST / 6pm CEST / 9am Pacific for first-looks at some epic community creations and more!

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