Metro Exodus, Dishonored 2, NASCAR Heat 4 join PS Now in June

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Metro Exodus, Dishonored 2, NASCAR Heat 4 join PS Now in June

Battle mutated monstrosities in a trek across post-apocalyptic Russia, reclaim the throne as a supernatural assassin and dazzle crowds with your racing skills on the track

Can you survive a danger-filled trek across a nuclear wasteland? Perfectly play the part of a supernatural assassin? Take pole position on the race track? These are all questions you can answer today, thanks to the newest trio of titles joining PS Now. 

Uncompromising survival horror Metro Exodus, stealth action adventure Dishonored 2 and racing sim NASCAR Heat 4 are all ready to play right now. Let’s find out more about each PS4 game below. 

Metro Exodus 

Metro Exodus, Dishonored 2, NASCAR Heat 4 join PS Now in June

Loaded with suspense and action, 4A Games’ return to the nuclear wastelands of post-apocalyptic Russia shouldn’t be missed. Multiple dangers await you in this gripping, story-driven first-person adventure: Mutated monsters. Aggressive human factions. Deadly radiation. Yet all need to be fought as you flee Moscow and journey across the vast wilderness in a continent-spanning search for a safe haven in the East.  

●    Available to download (PS4 system only) and stream until Tuesday, November 30, 2020   

Dishonored 2   

Metro Exodus, Dishonored 2, NASCAR Heat 4 join PS Now in June

Arkane Studios returns with another supernatural slice of first-person stealth action in this fantastic sequel. Whether you choose to play as Empress Emily Kaldwin or royal protector Corvo Attano, you will need to combine their unique set of powers, weapons and gadgets to eliminate their enemies in a quest to strike back against an otherworldly usurper. With a world whose perception of you is shaped by your actions within it, you need to think hard about every choice you make. 

NASCAR Heat 4    

Whether you’re just curious about stock car racing or an ardent fan, the officially licensed thrills of NASCAR Heat 4 is a fine representation of the sport. Long-time franchise developer Monster Games has perfected its craft, and presents drivers with a wealth of modes to prove their driving skills in, including a robust Career, tricky Challenges and tense Multiplayer* clashes. 

*Internet connection required for online multiplayer

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