Metro Exodus, Dishonored 2, NASCAR Heat 4 join PS Now in June

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Metro Exodus, Dishonored 2, NASCAR Heat 4 join PS Now in June

Battle mutated monstrosities in a trek across post-apocalyptic Russia, reclaim the throne as a supernatural assassin and dazzle crowds with your racing skills on the track

Can you survive a danger-filled trek across a nuclear wasteland? Perfectly play the part of a supernatural assassin? Take pole position on the race track? These are all questions you can answer today, thanks to the newest trio of titles joining PS Now. 

Uncompromising survival horror Metro Exodus, stealth action adventure Dishonored 2 and racing sim NASCAR Heat 4 are all ready to play right now. Let’s find out more about each PS4 game below. 

Metro Exodus 

Metro Exodus, Dishonored 2, NASCAR Heat 4 join PS Now in June

Loaded with suspense and action, 4A Games’ return to the nuclear wastelands of post-apocalyptic Russia shouldn’t be missed. Multiple dangers await you in this gripping, story-driven first-person adventure: Mutated monsters. Aggressive human factions. Deadly radiation. Yet all need to be fought as you flee Moscow and journey across the vast wilderness in a continent-spanning search for a safe haven in the East.  

●    Available to download (PS4 system only) and stream until Tuesday, November 30, 2020   

Dishonored 2   

Metro Exodus, Dishonored 2, NASCAR Heat 4 join PS Now in June

Arkane Studios returns with another supernatural slice of first-person stealth action in this fantastic sequel. Whether you choose to play as Empress Emily Kaldwin or royal protector Corvo Attano, you will need to combine their unique set of powers, weapons and gadgets to eliminate their enemies in a quest to strike back against an otherworldly usurper. With a world whose perception of you is shaped by your actions within it, you need to think hard about every choice you make. 

NASCAR Heat 4    

Whether you’re just curious about stock car racing or an ardent fan, the officially licensed thrills of NASCAR Heat 4 is a fine representation of the sport. Long-time franchise developer Monster Games has perfected its craft, and presents drivers with a wealth of modes to prove their driving skills in, including a robust Career, tricky Challenges and tense Multiplayer* clashes. 

*Internet connection required for online multiplayer

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  • Not what I expected, but welcomed additions to PS Now. Overall, great month!

    • iamtylerdurden1

      Metro Exodus is huge. PSNow is easily the best games service around.

    • While I agree that this month’s additions are great, the time limit of many of the games added Keeps PS Now from being truly amazing. Also, Metro: Exodus is already on Game Pass, so not exactly beating the competition there.

    • Okay but having GOTY nominated Spiderman on it alone annihilates the competition.

    • @andrew Exactly. They’re adding great games.

  • Yes! I have been waiting for Metro Exodus to be on PS Now. There were so many time were I almost bought it. I’ve been wating for Dishonored 2 as well. So good!

    Still waiting for PS Now to be on more devices (phone, tablets, smart tv) and 1080 60fps option. That’ll probably come when next gen arrives. But good job this month!

    • PlayStation games need to be played on a PlayStation, stop delirium.

    • Yeah, that’s why they have remote play right? And PS Now is on PC as well. And used to be on other devices. Stop being goofy.

    • iamtylerdurden1

      PSNow was on other devices before other services even existed. I don’t understand why they dumped that? It was revolutionary.

    • Subscriber numbers were low so they decided to spend resources on the more popular platforms. Now, years later, other services are doing what PS Now was originally intended for. Playing console quality games on any device. Now PS Now seems like the one lagging behind. Kind of ironic really. I still think it’s the best service, overall. But still needs some improvements. Take some inspiration from Google, Game pass, Nvidia. 1080p quality, more devices, more franchises. And PS Now will be on top.

    • So this was on Samsung and Sony TVs. In the past and vita TV and psvita
      Not on phones but they were removed or serviced out. This was a huge blow to my vita as I used it on both the vita TV and brought 3 and they just had no purpose anymore.

    • UltiGamer00, I agree. I hope they branch out to more devices soon, too. 1080p/60 fps will probably be realized when they start installing PS5 hardware on the back end. But the current PS Now streaming should theoretically work on the same mobile devices that already handle PS4 Remote Play now.

      Krazybone, I also used to like PS Now on PS Vita and PSTV. As far as I can tell, they phased out the service from those devices and PS3 and smart TVs because of technical issues having to do with codecs. Other streaming video services also disappeared off of many of the same devices.

      I don’t think subscriber count would have mattered, except the platform manager can probably gauge how much the service is used on various devices, and use that info to determine where to devote development resources.

  • KratosRisesAgain

    11-11 memories retold is marked as Play on PSNow in the EU store

  • I know I’m probably in the minority, but I much preferred getting 12 weird indies every month over 3 “big” games.

  • KratosRisesAgain

    What about the other 5 games?

    • X_Blood_Curse_X

      The other games are God Eater 2, Tales of Zesteria, Pacman Championship Edition 2 and Malicious Fallen.

      Don’t know why Sony aren’t telling you this, because God Eater 2 is a pretty cool addition. I’d prefer 3 as 2 is getting on a bit not but whatever

    • @X_Blood_Curse_X

      We already got God Eater 2 and Tales of Zestiria here in the US.

  • You guys still need to PERMANENTLY add a bunch of your old exclusives tho. Not saying new exclusives need to drop day one on PS Now. But no reason why 3 year old Sony games arent already on here.
    Jak & Daxter, Jak 2, Jak 3, Jak X (PS4)
    Ratchet & Clank Collection and Deadlocked
    PS All Stars Battle Royale, Twisted Metal Black, Gran Turismo 5, 6, and Gran Turismo Sport, The Order: 1886, The Nathan Drake Collection, Uncharted 4 & Lost Legacy, The Last of Us: Remastered, inFamous Second Son/First Light, Horizon: Zero Dawn, PaRappa The Rapper, PaRappa 2, Patapon.

    • Oh, and more franchies too. Like: Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Yakuza, Splinter Cell, Dead Space, Prince of Persia, and Max Pain.
      But seriously. How is it that Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts ends up on Game Pass before PS Now? You guys are doing better, but still have a ways to go when ‘whole franchises’ are concerned. (And where’s Gran Turismo??)

  • 10 months without adding a single PS3 game..

    • PS Now is moving away from being a backwards compatibility service, and over to a service for newer current gen titles, that can be played locally and not just streamed. I personally don’t mind this, but I certainly understand why this is upsetting for many.

  • Why don’t you post the top 10-15 most played games last month anymore ?

  • Full list:
    -Metro Exodus
    -Dishonored 2
    -NASCAR Heat 4
    -Tales of Zestiria
    -Pac-Man Championship Edition 2
    -God Eater 2
    -11-11 Memories Retold
    -Malicious Fallen

    No idea why the blog doesn’t even mention there being more than 3?

    • good to see the US blog is about as useful as the eu one was ,with all the missing details.
      Makes me feel at home already :)

    • Tales of Zestiria and God Eater 2 have been on PS Now in the US for quite a while, so those aren’t new games for us.

    • Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 has also been on PS Now in the US for over a year.

  • Where playstation store update today since no new games on the store

    • The PlayStationStore game content is updated every Tuesday. Updates generally occur anywhere from 9:00 am – 7:00 pm PST, but update times are subject to change. Movies and TV Shows, however, can be updated as frequently as daily.

  • Great month, but unfortunately, I have played Metro and dishonered, I would love – and I am sure a lot of people would too- to have more PS4 and console exclusives, like The Last Guardian, I love ps games since I was a kid and Ps now is great but give us more Ps games please.

  • These games for the EU or US only?

    • Waiting for the day where theres an option to ‘unsee’ games when searching the whole service library, or at least the cover is faded like on steam. Also it would be dope if you could add more favorites.

  • Another month with nothing new for me! Haha I thought there was a trend of more 1st party/new games on NOW but that only lasted couple months. Still Metro Exodus is amazing!

  • 30 % off Ps Now from tomorrow I think, gonna renew mine :)

    • dont know your region but do know your from the eu blog lol as seen you there, shopto are selling ps plus cards for 30 quid, so cheaper than the ps store discount, i got two lol to stack

  • #RussianUsersMatter

  • You should really merge the 2 together, or offer a deep discount to ps plus members who want it.

  • So why don’t you change the name of the service to Bethesda and B Tier publisher Now?

    month after month Bethesda titles, and while many of those are well reviewed games if not old it doesn’t change the fact Sony has huge amounts of older ip they are refusing to put on here for ps3 and especially ps4.

    You have the now section saying when games leave the service and when i signed up for me and my son during their last promo sale a month and a half ago games like lego Worlds said august.

    they put two weeks notice up on Lego Worlds, Lego Ninjago, Lego City Undercover, Shadow of Mordor, Batman Arkham Knight etc. WB ripped out a huge portion of value after my 2 week cancellation period was over.

    The service is ok and i will not be stacking memberships.

    xbox game pass ultimate lets you play new games, so no PS half @$$ed service isn’t the best. not to mention technical issues.

    • LightningBreath_

      hey, about that…
      i also noticed some games on my ps4 were no longer accessible, they had a lock icon and it asked me to buy the games from the ps store, i was really pissed because some lego games and shadow of mordor which i was playing suddenly vanished, i don’t know whose fault it is but i don’t suppose this is a mistake right? we probably won’t be seeing them again on the ps now library, so i’m probably gonna have to buy the game if i want to continue the story :I

  • That enhanced list people are evangelizing has already been on the service, most of those games are not “new”.

    You need to be more transparent as to what is coming off the service and when.

    You also need to be offering more variety, Shooters that never sold well, or live service mtx festivals like the ubisoft offerings in rainbow six siege, for honor, steep and other shell games do us no favours as your cutomers and we know you get your %30 rip off the micro transactions.

    You have your own titles please use them. You had another great opportunity to put last of us remastered ps4 on here going into the sequel launch, but instead nascar heat a game no one wanted and one which the previous entry us already on the service,

    the ps3 streaming of last of us is ugly with stereo sound, compression and lag. I don’t understand obvious business decisions that don’t happen. publishers with their own service like EA not having games here makes sense but more significant Bethesda titles than Sony doesn’t.

  • You guys are slacking big time. Game Pass is a waaaay better service. Time to catch up.

  • Now is killing it. Wish plus would be this good. Or just combine the two services already!

  • Mortal Kombat X has been removed from Ps Now. Was there any warning? I don’t remember seeing anything.

  • I know the library of PSNow is larger than Xbox Game Pass but look at what they currently have – Plague Tale Innocence, Blair Witch, Kingdom Hearts 3. Ace Combat 7, The Outer Worlds, Rage 2, DMC5, Kingdom Come Deliverance and Red Dead Redemption 2.

  • How about some visual novels next month?

    • I see you’ve added several VNs to the sale. That’s nice, but it kinda misses the point. I think VNs are pretty risky purchases because they’re so expensive (even these sale prices are still pretty expensive) and it’s pretty difficult to tell whether you’ll like the story without actually playing it. Which is why these games would be ideal on PS Now so you can easily try them out.

  • AlmightyStarfire

    *Nascar*?! Lol why even bother? Most leople in the states won’t even care about that one, let alone the rest of us.

  • Does anyone know where to find out about games that leave the service?
    Cheers 😊

    P.s. would love to see PS1 games in the future and/or wipeout games

    • The psnow main page lists the ones that are known temporary like spiderman control metro etc. However there is no clear indication of when other stuff will be removed outside of the 2 weeks pit of nowhere like what happened on a slew of wb games, and naturally then all on sale during sonys 3-17th. with lego worlds listed erroneously for august but then changed to june 3rd like arkham knight shadow,of Mordor, lego ninjago, lego city undercover etc. all ripped off with no warning.

      i wouldn’t reward their lack of transparency with stacking year subs personally. Basically just a better plus with no held to random online.

  • Good games, but bad news for me. I’ve already played Metro Exodus, and already own Dishonored 2, and don’t like racing games.

  • Add other countries pls..

  • Well. It’s all well and good, but South Africa still can’t use this service.


  • Nice! Keep it up.
    But please start adding your own exclusives, this is getting ridiculous… just look at Xbox. I wouldn’t mind waiting a year, but come on already…

    • It’s Bethesda and deep silver now. Sony actually backimg their own service is not happening with titles just a price reduction nothing else.

      Why there is no big sony game each month is egregious and frankly if you look at the service it is Bethesda now. And you know we will keep getting bethesda because they are not affiliated with their own service.

      Sony wants to grind its core audience to buy even more old titles of theirs. have a look at what is on sale physical and digital from sony, says everything about their motivations and what they think of their own service.

      even has the stupidity that if a game is on my now list i cannot buy it in store. obtuse sony.

  • Hi just a quick question when you download a game and then the time frame ends. Does it delete the game off your ps4 aswell

  • Is it my imagination, or does Now support 1080p streaming?

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