Competition Continues with PS4 Tournaments: Open Series

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Competition Continues with PS4 Tournaments: Open Series

Compete in participating titles for a shot at PS4 themes, avatars, and cash prizes.

Since introducing PlayStation 4 Tournaments: Challenger Series last summer, we’ve seen an amazing response from fans competing for prizes and glory. Today, we are excited to announce that we will be offering a new online series based on your feedback, which features weekly qualifiers, rewards for participating in a tournament, and chances to win result-based prizes among your favorite titles.

We’re kicking off on June 1 with seven titles: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, EA Sports FIFA 20, Mortal Kombat 11, Warface, NBA 2K20, SoulCalibur VI, and BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle. These tournaments are open to all eligible participants*, so challenge yourself every month for a chance at winning unique prizes. Furthermore, top players who play in EA Sports FIFA 20, Mortal Kombat 11, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare in North America and Europe will be invited to show off their skills to the PlayStation audience in our broadcasts.

  • Weekly online tournaments: The Open Series will occur weekly and then culminate into a Monthly Final. Compete in the weekly qualifiers to earn your way to the Monthly Final for a top finish, or if you couldn’t make it all the way, come back next month to compete in your favorite game again and see what new prizes you can win!
  • Rewards for everyone: New rewards will be introduced each month, and will be available to everyone who competes in a tournament. All players will earn a PS4 Tournaments theme and avatar for participating in their first tournament, and from there, the value of rewards will increase the more you progress:
    • A special PS4 theme for each game that players complete a qualifier. 
    • Elite versions of the themes and avatars for players who finish a qualifier in the top 40%.
    • Best of the best PS4 Tournaments Champions themes and avatars for those who make it to a Monthly Final.
    • Rarest of the rare Champions PS4 themes and avatars for players who finish top and showcase their dominance.
  • Chances to win prizes: Players who win first place in the weekly Open Qualifiers for select games** will take home a cash prize of $100 (USD)***, and the top winners of the Monthly Finals will have the opportunity to win a share of a $1,000 (USD)*** or more prize pool.
  • Broadcasts: Those who compete in EA Sports FIFA 20, Mortal Kombat 11 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare in North America and Europe, may have a chance to show off their skills to friends and rivals on broadcasts hosted by PlayStation. High performing players may be invited to invitational tournaments, and the best of the best will compete on stream in each title’s monthly final!

Ready to play? Visit Tournaments within the Events tab on your PS4 system to sign up for the Open Series and compete in your favorite title. For more information about the Open Series, visit the Competition Center at

* PS Plus membership required for online multiplayer. Restrictions apply. See tournament rules here and here.

** EA Sports FIFA 20, Mortal Kombat 11, Warface, NBA 2K20, Soulcalibur VI, BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle
*** Or equivalent amount in local currency

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  • Why I cannot participating in this event why its not available for my region I am from Iraq please help me to enjoy with this event as apart of home stay to help us please

    • Your region is responsible for the events in your region… this is the North American blog. Besides, you don’t need this event to stay home and game.

  • lol Should’ve given Modern Warfare as the free game instead of WWII then. We already have Black Ops 4, but too bad those earlier 2 games aren’t part of this.

  • Sony, I would love to see a “PlayStation Tournament” that uses PlayStation exclusive games. A “PlayStation Olympics” which features Uncharted multiplayer since all of the Uncharted games were recently given out either for free from Play at Home (thank you) or through PS Plus. Why not ask Mm to make something in Dreams a game that literally can do anything. There are plenty of PSVR games like Rigs, Blood and Truth, Firewall: Zero Hour and more that would be perfect for this. inFamous: First Light and other games use leaderboards. Gran Turismo would be perfect for this as well.

    And for those who don’t like the pressure or competitive nature, why not use Journey or Death Stranding’s unique multiplayer style to encourage gamers helping others and playing with each other instead of against?

    Why is there not one PS exclusive game in this tournament? Especially with us wanting more PS5 news, no sign of another PSX event, it seems like you guys missed an opportunity to promote exclusive products and what gamers love the most about playing on a PlayStation device.

    • And as a second thought, for all of the amazing single player games that don’t fit these categories like God of War or Horizon, why not have a speed run or just game completion categories so the rest of us can play with the community. A “participation” award if you will.

      Also Tetris Effect would be great for a puzzle category, even though it’s not an exclusive.

      And where’s MLB The Show or Everybody’s Golf?

  • u-a-31tch-neeg4h

    Please done forget about the little guys. From South Africa and this is also not available for my region.

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