Suit Up as the Armored Avenger with the PS VR Marvel’s Iron Man VR Bundle, Plus Download a Free Demo Today

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Suit Up as the Armored Avenger with the PS VR Marvel’s Iron Man VR Bundle, Plus Download a Free Demo Today

The new PS VR bundle launches July 3, including a copy of the game, PS Camera, and two PS Move controllers.

We’ve all been there: running around with outstretched palms, firing imaginary repulsor blasts at unseen adversaries as we soar across make-believe skies. Why settle for imaginary when PlayStation VR lets you live it? Today, we’re excited to announce that the PlayStation VR Marvel’s Iron Man VR Bundle is launching alongside the PS VR exclusive game on July 3. Play as Tony Stark, suit up as the Armored Avenger, and face off against some of Iron Man’s greatest foes!

This bundle includes a PlayStation VR headset, PlayStation Camera, two PlayStation Move motion controllers, Marvel’s Iron Man VR Blu-ray disc, and a PS VR Demo Disc. This bundle will be available across US, Canada, Columbia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama, Peru, and Republica Dominicana for $349.99 USD / $449.99 CDN (MSRP). Pre-orders start today. 

Using two PlayStation Move controllers, you can fire up Iron Man’s Repulsor Jets and blast into the skies with an arsenal of iconic Iron Man gear at your fingertips. Upgrade tech in Tony Stark’s garage to customize Iron Man’s sleek armor and awesome abilities, and go up against enemies in high stakes, action-packed battles. 

And one more piece of exciting news: you can download a free demo of Marvel’s Iron Man VR later today at PlayStation Store here! In this extended playable demo, you’ll get a taste of the full game. 

The demo includes:

  • “Malibu” tutorial mission
  • Interactive Stark Jet cinematic starring Tony, Friday & Pepper Potts
  • “Out of the Blue” Stark Jet gameplay mission
  • Flight Challenge optional mission
  • Advanced Combat Challenge optional mission

The above is just a small slice of the main game, but by the end of the “Out of the Blue” mission, you’ll start to feel like Iron Man as you fly, shoot, and Rocket Punch through some of Tony’s Ghost-hacked, Stark Tech drone problems.

What’s more, download and play this free demo to unlock the exclusive Molten Lava Armor Deco when you purchase the full game!

So grab your PS VR headset to suit up as the Armored Avenger in an original Iron Man adventure that’s full of humor, heart, and suspense. And don’t forget that there are hundreds of PS VR games and experiences currently available worldwide, with many new games on the horizon.

Please review and follow all safety guidelines for use of PlayStation®VR. PlayStation®VR is not for use by children under age 12. PlayStation®4 system, PlayStation®VR and PlayStation®Camera are required to experience VR functionality.
Two PlayStation®Move motion controllers required (sold separately).

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  • So how does a person play demo for game when the PSVR bundle including game won’t be available for a couple of months still?

    I know the demo is meant for people that already have PSVR, but it just feels weird in the same news splash.

    • Nothing weird about it. Play the demo now if you have a PSVR and if you don’t you can pick one up with the game when it launches.

    • iamtylerdurden1

      Smart to release a demo. Iron Man VR is getting great hands on impressions. Gorn, S&S, Vader, Iron Man. PSVR is going strong.

    • Im so confused. what do you want them to do, release a Iron Man VR Demo bundle that comes with just the demo? lol

      Or release the headset bundle before the game comes out, and make it a preorder code for the game?

      Both options are pretty terrible lol this makes way more sense

  • Yesss been waiting for this demo to drop.

  • Will a pre-order for the full game go back up on the PS Store today?

  • ok exactly how much space do you need between your head and the PS camera? I’ve read 6 feet…. any less then it wont’ work well. I have a big desk on one side of my room and the entertainment center on the other. I just had my mom hold one end of the tape measure on top of the TV, put my back to my desk (facing the tv), shoved the chair right up against it, sat straight so I’m back as far as I can be, and I’ve only got 5 feet.

    Not to mention I’d rather have a PSVR that’s wireless. You telling me you couldn’t have made it wireless when the PS Vita was made during the PS3 gen and you can stream video and audio from the PS4 to it?

    • iamtylerdurden1

      I played Farpoint with the AIM five feet away.

    • I totally get the desire for wireless VR, but it doesn’t make sense right now. Latency is a huge issue that VR companies are trying to overcome when shifting to a wireless form factor, and those few companies with standalone/dedicated VR solutions that are wireless do so at the sacrifice of visual fidelity (lower resolutions, SDE, etc).

      Lots of companies are looking at a couple solutions, but we’re talking years off. One of the most promising is 5G, but in order to support that the HW needs to be built with it in mind, not to mention you’d need to have the master HW support 5G, or at the very least, have a router with 5G support.

      The other side of it is a WiFi solution that still can’t reduce the latency to an ideal. That’s why you see the benchmark VR hardware (like Valve’s Index) tethered by cables. It simply doesn’t abide compromise.

      Who knows what Sony has planned for the future. If VR sticks, and it looks like it most certainly is, the future is limitless!

    • @iamtylerdurden1 So it does work within five feet? hmmm

    • The recommended distance is more like 8-9 feet. Some games will be fine closer, like ones where you can just sit down and use a controller, but stand up ones with the motion controls are going to have trouble if you’re too close.

      Have you ever actually used remote play on the vita? It can barely stream ps4 in the same room at a playable rate. That level of lag would completely ruin VR.

    • remote play works fine for me… even out by the pool.

  • Yes, sir! I just got PSVR this week and I’m discovering how much awesome content there is for it. 💯🔥

    • Definitely give Firewall Zero Hour a try if you like shooters. It is really a blast to play. Give the solo/co-op missions a few trys to get used to the lay of the maps and then jump into the multi. The graphics are about the same as Counter Strike but the gameplay is awesome. Also, use a mic and talk to people! Hit me up if you want to play it.

  • Not a complaint, but man, this would have been an awesome opportunity to actually introduce a headset with Tony’s colors!

  • soundandvision77

    Awesome, looking forward to trying the demo!

  • Total missed opportunity to make a special edition VR headset painted like an Iron Man helmet.. I already have a VR headset but I would for sure snatch up another one!

  • The EGS just gave Civilization 6 away for *free*. They are about to release ARK as well. It’s important to get better free games than the EGS. We pay for PS Plus and its being outdone by a completely free service.

    Back in the ps3/vita days this would never have happened. Farming Simulator is so terrible.

    • PhantomMenace84

      While I don’t disagree with you on farming simulator, Plus has evolved from what it once was on the PS3. It’s not about paying for a service for free games each month, it is now about paying for online features, some of which are exclusive to the service, and as a bonus, you get two games each month. On top of that, you also get the plus only discounts on pretty much every sale they have. People are used to the way things were and don’t seem capable of understanding that things have changed.

    • I personally think if they re-think some things, and have PS Plus in comparison to how Live is, maybe have a separate tier of it that bundles PS Now with it. A type of Premium Plus if you will. Make it the price of what it is now, and have the current version of Plus a bit lower.

    • Huh? Why are you acting like getting 4-5 year old games is any different than what you’re getting here?

    • And wait…why are you even whining about this on an ad for Iron Man VR?

    • Quit acting as if it’s okay for a company to charge people to unlock a basic functionality of their console like multiplayer gaming, please. Absolutely pathetic I tell ya.

  • If you pre ordered the game
    On disc will you get the free demo suit when you play or no?

  • The demo page’s description has “Iron Man’s ironic armor and abilities” :-)

  • I was super excited for this demo…but as of right now every time I put it on as soon as it loads up it says please return to play area. I’m far enough away, I tried wipeout vr game and Batman Arkham vr and they both work fine. I can’t get the game to start and it sucks that I can’t try it out for some reason. Any help is appreciated.

  • Good GOD that’s an absurd price point.

  • single_player_tv

    Is the zvr2 model included in this bundle?

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