State of Play: 18+ Minutes of Ghost of Tsushima Combat, Exploration, and More

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State of Play: 18+ Minutes of Ghost of Tsushima Combat, Exploration, and More

Tune in for an extended look at Sucker Punch’s gorgeous open-world epic.

Update: Thanks for tuning in! Click the play button above to watch the episode again in 4K quality.

Hey folks – just a quick note that we’re finalizing a special episode of State of Play airing this Thursday, May 14 at 1:00pm Pacific Time // 4:00pm Eastern Time on Twitch and YouTube.

The episode will be focused entirely on Ghost of Tsushima, coming to PS4 July 17. You’ll get an extended look at new gameplay footage, including exploration, combat and more. The current cut is clocking in around 18 minutes, give or take.

And just to be clear — there won’t be any PS5 news or updates in this episode, just a big, beautiful look at Sucker Punch’s PS4 open-world epic. 

Don’t miss the Twitch and YouTube broadcast this Thursday. See you then!

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  • I know you’re specifically calling out that it’s for Ghost of Tsushima so we don’t think it’s for PS5, but, I am very sad it’s not for PS5. Make Ghost of Tsushima running on PS5? That would be perfect because who would buy it on PS4 if they’re expecting to buy a PS5 this year…

    • PS4 sold almost 110 million units. PS5 will probably ship a few million in the first few months. That still leaves a huge audience for current gen consoles.

    • Day one PS4.

    • Hmm no…it’s a PS4 game so hope they keep it on PS4 and if anyone wants to play on their PS5 the only option should be through BC.

    • It will be BACKWARD compatible with enhancements on PS5! I Can’t wait. My Pro Froze on me for the first time today. ugh!!!

    • SantaMonicaZero

      Im buying DAY ONE PS4!

    • I’m buying two PS5’s if possible! I’ll just resell one of them. 😁

    • Are u high the ps4 has sold over 115 million units why wouldn’t they release it on ps4 plus it would make sense for it to release on the ps4 sense it could get a proper remaster like tlou for example

    • Do you remember the transition from PS3 to PS4? They released GTA V among other games for PS3 prior to PS4. It game out two months before the release of PS4 and they made specific versions for each platform. Either way, the PS5 will be backwards compatible but I am sure there will be different releases based on the system hardware. It’s already known that Doom Eternal will run even better on PS5 and possibly have a separate release.

    • or you know, since PS5 is BC they could just offer a patch in the future for games like Ghost, TLOU2 and whatever else. Fan services like these go a LONG WAY.

    • You won’t have everyone running to buy a PS5 number one ( now with the state of the world is now )

      And there is still lots gamers , that will stay on PS4 as not every PS4 game will be on PS5 with the slow process to get those games added to BC

      it’s a PS4 game and there will eventually be PS5 upgraded version down the line

  • Sweet! Sony still going hard in the current gen. 18 min of gameplay? Sign me up.

  • That’s great I can’t wait to see more of Ghost Of Tsushima!

  • Wow can’t wait for this State of Play. This game deserves more attention, the advertisement needs to be strong.
    I hope we see more of The Last of Us Part II as well, as that’s releasing very soon.

  • Finally something smart with State of Play format and just 1 game is taking 18 Minutes – that is great! Normal State of Play should be meaty 40-90 minutes of content.

  • Very cool. I love gameplay presentations. Will it include voice-over commentary from a Sucker Punch dev?

  • I’m not going to watch it . I’ve seen enough just get the game in my hands !!!!! Got a collectors and a standard copy to open . Gimmeit

  • Yay…Ghost is a must-buy for me since the announcement but of course some more gameplay won’t hurt.I will enter blackout state after this.

    Think Ghost is GOTY already,Cyberpunk is a dangerous contender but I don’t see TLoU 2 being better than Ghost.

  • This was going to be most likely the last game I get for Ps4. I still think it will make it’s way to ps5 in the future.

    • Of course it will. GTA V came out on PS3 two months prior to the PS4 release among many other games.

  • Sony’s messaging is off again. You guys made a new logo for Playstation Studios is emphasis the quality of PlayStation games but did not add the logo on the PlayStation Blog. I’d think such news would nicely overlap this State of Play showcasing a PlayStation game.

    Or maybe the new PlayStation Studios logo isn’t about the console at all…then that would make sense for it not to be mention on the PlayStation Blog. Best to keep it on youtube with the comments disabled.

    • Yeah I too am surprised that PlayStation Studios was not discussed on the blog. I’ve only seen articles written about it on certain websites. And yet there’s a YouTube video with the Likes, Dislikes, and Comments disabled. Why?

      Is it because some articles mentioned how the PlayStation Studios logo would be used for games on PC, but that Horizon Zero Dawn on PC wouldn’t have it in time… which leads to more speculation that more exclusives are going to PC? How often will it happen? Time will tell. But if it’s frequent, then there’s obviously no need for me to buy a PS5 if I can just invest in a powerful PC to play everything (except Nintendo games, but I have a Switch for that). May not be Day 1 PS5 with PC, but doesn’t matter since there are loads of games to play in the meantime.

  • This would have been a great opportunity for Sony to show PS5 gameplay from one of its titles as opposed to the short next-gen gameplay shown during the Xbox Series X streams a couple of days ago.

  • :'(

  • I am super excited, can’t wait for Thursday! <3

  • Can’t wait!

  • Super Excited for this game. Base on this State of Play will determine if I preorder it or not. Could this game out do The Last of Us 2? Will it be the game if the year? Fire with your comments. What are you most excited for? What do you want from this game? Remember it has not gone Gold yet, so there is still a chance.

  • Can’t wait!

  • Thank you so much for letting us know that it will be all about this game, now I don’t have to waste my time watching it. Zero interest in this game. It’s only too bad that you are excluding such a big part of your customer base who also think games like this are a waste of time.

  • Now Sid, when you say gameplay, you mean full CGI correct? I just want to go in properly educated. /s

    • Sony has a history of showing up when xbox fails. I’m sure this will be gameplay hence the 18 min video

  • YASSSS!!!! Already preordered, but can’t wait to see more!!!

  • Looking forward to this!

  • Can’t wait 🔥😎🧐×.

  • Look at Sid taking a moment to actually manage expectations for an upcoming state of play… it appears you guys are listening and acting upon the feed back after all!

    I can not wait for this game! Soooo F’in excited :)

  • Ps5 can wait.
    We re about to experience the best gaming summer in playstation history.
    ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  • Can’t wait! Huge Infamous fanboy. Looking forward to this next classic.

  • Oh man! What we’ve already been shown has been amazing! Can’t wait to see what they have show us this time!

  • This is a mistake. Sony needs to do something soon MS is giving away lots of information and Sony sitting on its hands to try and get more sales for current gen releases is just stupid. At least give information on when you will talk more about Ps5 with all the events cancelled.

    • Nope. Sony are doing things just right. They’re capitalizing on Microsoft’s impatience. Microsoft are trying force Sony to reveal so that Microsoft feel they can talk freely about their console. They want to undercut Sony like what happened with Xbox One and PS4, only Microsoft (late to the party as usual) want to try it this time. Microsoft are pretty scared, that’s why they just showed off third party, they know how unpredictable Sony are and Microsoft’s reveal should have blown the doors off but in their first big impression, because first impressions mean everything, they blew it. No, Sony are doing things just right. Sony can sit back and relax, now, and prepare to blow fans away with a shock of first-party content and it’ll make Microsoft look like ametuers.

      You’re right though, with consoles expected to go on sale (hopefully in October) Sony needs to give fans ample enough time so save up money but they know what they’re doing.

    • Ok, doomsayer?

    • Stay calm, be patient & don’t worry about what MS does. I understand the impatience. I too would have loved to see & hear about PS5 last month but I think it’s better than showing too much too early. I think Sony is showing their experience here. I also think MS has way more to prove while Sony is in a better, dominant position.

  • Good. Take care of Sucker Punch, they’re the new Naughty Dog.

  • The lack of information about the next generation system is very discouraging to purchase it . I hope you don’t scare off your customers like me . I was a Xbox fan for years but the lack of good games made me cross over to the PS4 the PS3 didn’t catch my interest because of the lack of good games comparing to the Xbox360 . Now Xbox knows what they have to do to compete with Playstation and I believe with the lack of information will be Playstation’s mistakes in life …..

    • Lack of good games compared to 360?…xb*x knows what they have to do to compete with PS?…LOL and LOL.

    • Have faith good sir. I can almost guarantee that they got this. Yes they’re playing their cards close to the chest; but I’m sure it’s for good reason

    • They’re saving the best for last. I hope you are old enough to remember the console wars of the 90s. As the history of video gaming has shown, a company like Sony will do just fine – Xbox will never, ever blow them out of the water.

  • Wait, does that mean they’re not talking about anything else? Or does this mean that “Ghost of Tsushima” is the primary focus? They can always do a full length show like E3 and showcase A LOT!

    I’m thinking they’re waiting for this whole COVID ordeal to die off so they can properly reveal PS5, I think that’s why we’re hearing very little.

  • Damn I was wishing they was going to show the PS5. I guess next months State of Play. Love the Epic 5 tech demo. Hopefully more demo’s for Ps5.

  • I’m so ready for today’s Livestream. Even more ready for 17-7-2020! This game is going to be legendary!!! 😍🤪🤯

  • When r we going to get a PS5 Reveal?

  • I was worried should I get this or TLOU2 but thankfully that question was resolved. I cannot wait to play this. Sucker Punch – please make an Infamous on PS5. You guys are amazing. This looks like GOTY material.

  • I thought this game was going to PS5-

  • That was so good. I was not excited until now. I am officially hyped. I also miss Bushido Blade and Way of the Samurai. This is hitting me on may levels.

  • EGS just gave out GTA5 completely free. It has been consistently better than PS Plus for months now and you should really do something about it.

  • The game looks amazing! I’ve had it preordered for months and can’t wait to play it. The video confirmed everything I was hoping for the game, so I will go media blackout from here on out.

    As a quick aside, I often get “lost” in open-world games quite easily, I hope there is a one-touch system for the Guiding Wind, like up on the D-pad or something. It might get pretty monotonous to constantly open an abilities wheel every time I get turned around.

    • I actually don’t even want to use the wind. I just want to explore & see what I come across. They have visual cues for you like the smoke stacks, odd shaped trees, animals doing things, etc. instead of icons messing up the immersion. It looks like guiding wind is mapped to right on the d pad in the video.

  • I cannot wait for this game, but will wait to play it on PS5 with the PS5 upgrade.

  • Looks great! Can’t wait, good job SP!

  • Lançado no dia do meu aniversário.

    Bem que eu poderia ser presenteado com está maravilha

  • Yeeeeees I knew it,it’s in the same roots of Horizon.That’s GOTY material right there…can’t wait,can’t freaking wait to get lost in this world.Can already see at least 200h spent on it.

    But SP please…this is a 2020 Sony game please make an animation of him gathering stuff,like crouching and reaching his hand to get it.

  • shooting arrows on the enemy’s head is so bad.its look like throw a stone not shot arrow.

    character and hores footstep is not good on the ground and water

    designing of some meterials is no good like rock

    game graphic is so good but fix bugs until realese date…tnx

  • Loved it can’t wait

  • Why can’t I pre-order this game WTF?

  • The game looks great & I love the B&W film grain & voice options.
    This is how you show off your game.
    Well done.

  • Lawd have mercy I need this

  • I knew this was going to phenomenal but…. DANG!! Now I’m even more saddened it had to be pushed a month back due to TLOU2.

    side note: idk why anyone would want to use Black and White mode because it doesn’t do the game justice. But I applaud SP for adding so many different features.

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