Dutch Returns To The Jungle in Predator: Hunting Grounds

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Dutch Returns To The Jungle in Predator: Hunting Grounds

First details on new content coming May 26.

I think it is safe to say many of us have been experiencing launch day jitters, watching stats, making patches, and really just wanting to jump into the game with the community all the time. But we have never been happier than we are right now! Thank you to everyone who jumped into the hunt with us on launch day. Today is probably one of the most exciting days for me personally. It is my birthday for one, and secondly, I get to talk about one of the biggest career highs of my life right here in this blog. I get to share with you what our first free update and first paid DLC are.

Predator: Hunting Grounds

We are bringing Dutch to Predator: Hunting Grounds. Yes, Arnold Schwarzenegger has reprised one of my favorite roles from childhood for this game. The game that IllFonic has developed out of a love for the ’87 Predator. To say my inner child cannot be contained is putting it mildly. Yes, I got to meet him, and yes, I think I kept my cool. We got to spend a day in sunny California recording with Arnold. And before you ask, Arnold truly is one of the nicest people I have met in my lifetime.

In order to make Predator: Hunting Grounds the game we envisioned it to be, it had to include Dutch’s story and bringing him back into the universe. We have created two different items for the community in order to do this. The first is a free update, available for all players who own the game. Players will be able to learn where Dutch has been all these years and hear his story in his own words through a series of voice tapes that you earn as you level up. 

Predator: Hunting Grounds

The second is a Paid DLC pack where you can play as Dutch and get early access to the QR5 “Hammerhead” Rifle and Dutch’s Knife! (available free for all players later in June) Getting the future Dutch just right was so exciting for the entire team. Creating the details, working with our partners to make certain everything fit together perfectly in the universe, and of course working with the legend himself has been a dream come true. We cannot wait until you can get access to both the free update and the paid DLC on May 26!

Predator: Hunting Grounds

Rest assured, the content doesn’t stop with Dutch. We have some really fun stuff in store for the community. We have both free updates and paid DLC coming in the months ahead that will keep you on your toes in the hunt and continue to make the game exciting for everyone. With the free updates we plan to introduce new weapons, game modes, and more.  We will share more as we get closer to each content drop. For the various paid DLC you will get access to more themed character packs. Dutch is just the beginning! Be sure to follow our socials and join the community forum at predator.illfonic.com. We will update in these channels as more information is ready to be shared. Now I need to get  back into the game and practice my hunting skills because Dutch will be here on May 26!

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  • Purchase the dlc??? Really? After already purchasing the very limited game for $40?? What a scandalous approach.

    • Predator is awesome and $40 is fine considering it will continue to grow with free updates. Titanfall was limited at launch yet it was $60.

      Hyped for Dutch and kudos on getting Arnold himself.

    • Do you have any idea how much they probably had to pay to get Arnie?! Gotta make that money back somehow. There will be free skins and things as well as optional paid items. No game studio gives away all their DLC for free. Especially on a $40 game.

  • The game in it’s current state is unsatisfactory. Don’t get me wrong, when it works well it’s a great time. But there are so many things wrong with the game right now, including the matchmaking, that it feels gross for Illfonic to ask customers for more money right now.

    • Imo the game was good even in the beta. The only issue is lack of content, but that is the life of service games at launch.

    • Stop with the fanboy nonsense Tyler. I like the game but it isn’t fine and is in need of a lot of improvement. That’s exactly why most of the review scores have been mediocre for it. They really should be focusing on fixing the problems and adding more free content than coming out asking for more money.

    • Look, here is how it works. I am sure over a year ago they had their planned release date as well as planned DLC release dates. Once the game released, the DLC releases each follow 1 month after another. That will not change at least through the first 4 DLC packs. They weren’t going to throw off their entire release schedule because of some buggy issues. I am sure they also need that funding to put towards future DLC as well as bonuses for the staff and management. Their are dedicated people working on the bug fixes and I would assume that will all come with the release of the DLC in one patch. The last patch didn’t fix many of the issues that they thought it would so fingers crossed this one fixes the new item tags, falling out of trees, matchmaking issues and lag issues. I like the game, but I hate getting stuck either in a tree or between a couple rocks as Predator and getting shot to death because I can’t move. So yeah, I have my problems with it, but I think a lot of issues will get fixed soon. Cross play is something I keep seeing people **** about, but from the tweet Illfonic sent out today, it doesn’t look like that is getting fixed any time soon.

  • I just have one question,
    Will this game be playable on the eventual release of the PS5 or at some point after, or is it only going to be playable on the PS4.

  • Bringing in Arnold is cool, definitely a good choice for fans. However, I will be holding off on buying any DLC until the bugs and balancing get attended to. Gotta vote with the wallet, and right now the money still needs to be earned considering the state of the game.
    Btw, you guys went overboard with your buffs/nerfs favoring the Pred on 1.06 patch. There’s ALOT of low skilled Pred mains that are unbalancing the results of the matches making it look like the Predator is weak when it really isn’t. I hope subsequent patches reflect this.
    If you are going to create a sculpture you use a small hammer and chisel to work out the details, not a sledgehammer…

    • I haven’t really seen the over powered Predators issue. Most players play as the Berserker now because it can take more damage (slower and less stamina though). I have been on fire teams that wipe out a Predator within the first couple minutes and I have been a Predator and have gotten wiped out quickly before. Shotguns seem to do less damage, but the heavy machine gun, Ol Faithful and Sniper Rifles rip right through me and health falls off insanely fast when getting fired at by a group with a mix of those weapons. Fire team is all about team work and weaponry and Predator is all about tactics. Hot shotting just gets you killed no matter which side you’re on.

  • Add a game mode were there is 3 Predators against like nine strike team members like in the movie and more maps too would be appreciated. I love the game but the wait time is just bunz.

  • This is so awesome! I can’t wait to get the game! I loved the demo! I haven’t got to get the game yet because of stupid virus crap and didn’t have a ps plus and the money get the game yet but I have plus and hoping to get the game real soon! Can’t wait to see the rest of the dlc! Keep up the awesome work guys!

  • TheredSlasher25

    Great game cant wait intill the dlc come out they need to do is make the lobby run easy and they should do the lobby like Friday 13th lobby anyone can have a chance to be the predator that what they should of done people would like it like they and partys dont matter now that would be nice keep up the great work guys

  • Sorry but the predator is severely under powered! They need give him a massive damage boost to balance things out!! A normal team can easily cut the predator down in seconds!! At least make him not so easy to kill!!! I’m a high level berserker and a normal team cuts me down pretty easily.

  • I’m definitely loving this game and I believe the possibilities for DLC’s are way open. I mean aliens vs predator, getting kidnapped and taken to predators planet, genetically altered predators. I mean come “BRING IT” PLEASE!!!!!!!

  • Love Illfonic games. 👍🏻👍🏻

  • Seriously?. The game still needs some improvement. Don’t get me wrong I love Arnold Schwarzenegger but the game needs something to encourage me to buy this. but it’s a good game overall not bad.

  • I enjoy my time playing since I play with one of my closest friends and we run Fire Team all day. The action can be really fun. The gameplay is pretty good, but it can only hold up for so long. The content is lackluster at the moment and I really hope that improves because I am getting tired of the same Jungle feel over and over. I hope you have more with Mr. Sark, also. His lines are pretty limited.

    I think when Predator sets off camp alarms away from us, Zeus’s lines should reflect that. Instead of saying that the enemy is onto us (because they actually aren’t), he should tell us to stay frosty because now we aren’t the only ones on the hunt. He does kind of have that line, but it could used there, as well.

    Can we also have stats? Such as Kill/Death ratio. How many AI’s we’ve killed or how many predators we have killed. How many defuses we have or how many times Predator has downed or killed us. Total Revives or total reinforcement calls. How many escapes we’ve pulled off. The total amount of Vibranium (or whatever that material is called) we have found. How many objectives and Optional Objectives we’ve completed. Total amount of playtime with each character or, at least, average mission playtime and total game playtime. Weapons stats for each weapon we have used such as Accuracy stats.

    And Vice Versa for Predator stats, as well.

    Little things like that would go a LONG way with how we approach future missions and maybe help us improve in areas where we are weak. Predator or FT. I wish the Melee Parry would work better to defend Predator attacks. I think it is pretty broken. The Melee for Fire Team is slow.

    I think maybe the point system is a little off-putting for perks and gear. I see why you have it, but it falls flat. Maybe have two gear slots and four perk slots would be nice. Or do it by class. Two gear slots and four perk slots for Assault and something different for Recon, Scout and Support.

    I do enjoy this game for what it is worth and even though I am level 85 right now, it’s hard to keep finding incentives to keep playing. I really really REALLY want to keep enjoying this game, but I’m not even maxed out and I feel that I hit the ceiling.

  • Is anyone having issue with Dutch glitching and lagging when shooting the predator. Every time I play with Dutch or someone else in the team plays with Dutch the games glitches out and lags a lot we find ourselves shooting at the predator but it gets completely laggy.

  • I would like a map that’s based off The old “predator concrete jungle” a night time map like that with buildings would really spice things up

  • This game could really go a super long way in the future if you take things from all kinds of predator lore and maybe some alien if you ever do wanna add that but the possibilities are endless I think

  • When you guys do add an update could you please improve the A.I. ? It acts too robotic and if you could also improve the movement of the characters themselves they also feel a bit strange to move around, not very fluid in motion.

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