Survival Tips for Void Bastards, Out Tomorrow on PS4

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Survival Tips for Void Bastards, Out Tomorrow on PS4

How to survive your first (okay, maybe not your first) foray into Blue Manchu's new strategy shooter.

Many occupants of the Sargasso nebula routinely violate occupational health and safety guidelines, resulting in a high turnover of clients like yourself. However, by paying attention to the following you can extend your utility to CNT and help tick us many action items as possible.

Know Your Tools

Some inhabitants of the nebula have developed problematic behaviors — Zecs have been known to deploy invulnerable shields for example. Taking the right weapon can neutralize a lot of their advantages. Kittybots whizz around so fast that Zecs can’t turn their shields towards them before they self-destruct. The Hyper Rifter spits foes out with their backs to you, giving you invaluable time to pull off a cowardly sucker punch.

We Value Every Client, However, We Value Some More Than Others

Each client has their own unique blend of traits and some of these are better than others (or might just suit your play style better). Some of the best traits are those that let you see additional information on the map like the location of security elements. Some of the worst are those that handicap you, like the good old “Yahoo” who yells out whenever they find loot – alerting nearby enemies. If you find yourself with a client with unhelpful traits, try heading to a WCG ship and find a Gene Therapy terminal to reroll them. Or, in the worst case, stand in front of a Gunpoint and force BACS to replace you with an entirely new client…

Don’t Get Greedy

The discretion/valour debate has been resolved and discretion won. With the best plan in the world, sometimes things just go wrong. A pack of Juves discovers you as you’re trying to take out a Gunpoint. The mouse ball you’re after turns out to be on the other side of a crop of toxic mushrooms. Why not just give up and retreat to S.T.E.V. where you can jet off and look for an easier target? 

Stuff Your Face

Binge eating cures a lot, specifically low health. If you’ve stocked up on cheese and onion sandwiches (try visiting a Lux Dining Room) you can always rest and relax on the S.T.E.V. to recover valuable health.

Keep Drafts Down

Smart clients know the value of a locked door. Rift spawning hostiles in that Hab module? Lock the door and bypass it. Screw stomping around in the Security station? Lock those doors and leave him alone. If you’re feeling vindictive, why not toss a Clusterflak in through the broken window to keep him entertained?

Know Your Vessels

Planning your visits in an orderly fashion can really make your day easier. We all know that Xonnox specialises in medical procedures and is the best place to go when your health is low but did you also know that CNT offices are a great place to find Staples to reload the Stapler? And that some late game Otori ships are the place to load up on the awesome Scrambler Eggs? You don’t even need to memorise this information – just be sure to examine the helpful preview panels while on board S.T.E.V.

Don’t Murder Without a Reason

Though it might be legal, there’s little reward for murdering citizens other than the satisfaction of seeing them explode in a cloud of cosmic goo. As ammunition is usually in short supply in the Nebula, you should try to avoid combat where possible. If you do have to fight, try to leverage your environment to minimise costs: lure enemies into radiation, eject them into space from a launch tube or turn them on each other with the Scrambler.

Good Luck Out There!

Remember client, BACS is counting on you to get the other clients back to the Som processing station so that they can serve their sentences. So get cracking when Void Bastards launches on PS4 tomorrow.

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