Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series is Coming to PS VR This Summer

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Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series is Coming to PS VR This Summer

How the team behind Vader Immortal made lightsabers feel right in virtual reality.

Today, I’m excited to let you know that Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series is coming to PlayStation VR later this summer, and the series will be available as a complete series: all three episodes and Lightsaber Dojos will be available for purchase together, for the first time. 

Back in 2016, when ILMxLAB first started talking about creating a canonical VR series that focused on Darth Vader, our goal was to tell a new and unique story about one of the most infamous villains in the galaxy. We wanted to bring you into the world of Star Wars in a way that could only be done through immersive storytelling in VR. This would put YOU right in the middle of the action to connect with amazing characters as your actions move the story forward. 

Prior to Vader Immortal, I worked with the Lucasfilm Story Group to develop Star Wars stories for feature films. Now, the task was to bring the same techniques and care that we used in our movies to this new form of storytelling. Of course, quality is key for a brand like Star Wars. We pushed ourselves every day to combine high quality visuals, sound and compelling interactivity in a way not previously attempted or achieved in the VR space. To do this, we built a team of folks with varied storytelling backgrounds from film, games, and animation, brought on key collaborators like ClutchPlay, and leveraged Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 4. This, along with the help of Writer and Executive Producer David S. Goyer, helped to find our path for the project. 

One of our first meetings began with a whiteboard. We listed out everything that we thought fans (and ourselves!) would most want to experience, if they were inside the Star Wars galaxy. Wielding a lightsaber was right there at the top of that list, but we knew that if we were going to do that, we had to do it right. We went through many different mechanics, both in-house and with our partners at Ninja Theory, before we got to the point where you really felt like you were parrying a blow, slicing through metal, or blocking blaster fire. We continually tested and tweaked the feedback until we got it right. 

There are so many parts that grab you in the experience, but my favorite is still early in the first episode. The moment when Darth Vader first approaches you is something that can’t really be explained (but I’ll try). It’s intense when his gaze follows you and he speaks directly to you. I’ve seen some people stand up taller and get in his face, and some shrink a bit or even step back, but his presence is intimidating, and unforgettable.

Our hard work has been recognized, too, with Vader Immortal winning Best AV/VR Game at the 2020 GDC Awards, and the Producers Guild Innovation Award earlier this year. 

The team is hard at work getting the story up and running for PS VR, and we can’t wait for you all to experience it and meet Vader face to face. We’ll have more to share in the coming months.

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  • lobotomies4free

    Half-Life Alyx next?

    • What he said.

    • It’s not coming to psvr anytime soon, if ever. It is a steam exclusive

    • Perhaps after PSVR has new Valve Index like controllers as IGN recently reported that Sony is working on.

    • I’m hoping for Half-Life Alyx on PS5.

      Ideally, Sony will have new VR Controllers ready for the PS5 launch. I’m good with the current headset for a while. The current headset is not even close to being fully utilized with PS4/PS4 Pro, but the controllers need to be upgraded ASAP.

    • there’s no way they will release new VR hardware at the same time as PS5…I would guess a year later

  • I’ve been waiting since the Move controllers were announced for PS3 to have a game like this. My body is ready

  • nice. More of a SW experience than game, but I’m still in.

  • Good… good!

  • jtightbabytooth

    How I cannot wait to fight against the dark side but I really wish that I could be one with the dark side of the force but I’ll take what I can get let’s go PlayStation

    • You can have Vader’s lightsabers/dookus lightsaber in this game, and you can use force lightning, safe to say you can be one with the dark side.

  • FINALLY! I have been wanting this for PSVR since initial announcement. Definitely day 1 purchase. Thank you for bringing this to PlayStation

  • Guess I’ll finally cop a PSVR! As a diehard fan of Star Wars, this is a day one must buy.

  • All too easy… of a purchase for me.
    It’s… Impressive. Most impressive.

  • Glad to see Oculus is releasing some of their exclusives to other consoles. Hopefully psvr does the same. Would be awesome to play some psvr exclusives on quest!

  • This is great news. Hope to see more Oculus games come over to PSVR.

    Looking forward to grabbing this ASAP.

    • Hope the same happens to oculus, with psvr exclusives coming to oculus. I love the partnership between the two companies as of lately!

  • Played all three on Quest. The Saber Training alone is worth the price. I hope your team does something with X-wings next.

  • mstrnickalmighty

    This is FANTASTIC news!!! I tried Vader Immortal a little bit on my brothers-in-law oculus quest last December, in the training mode thing or whatever it was (wasn’t the story) and in about a couple weeks, I was planning to get the PSVR (depending on if I can get it in stores)!!! So this is perfect and I cannot wait to get it in the summer and to play the story!!! Vader has recently had became a great character with a rich story, so I cannot wait to play when it comes out!!

    • I ordered mine right from SONY/Playstation about two weeks ago. Since I am a PS Plus member it also gave me one day priority shipping for free. I literally ordered mine in the morning and had it the next day. First game to try, Star War Battlefront VR mission. Left me wanting more, now I see more is coming and I can not wait!

  • Looks awesome. I will get this as I love Star Wars and my PSVR is starving for new content. Fingers crossed for a physical release!

  • I want to know a few things, when does this release? And if I get to play as Darth Vader ?

    • You don’t get to play as Vader, but you do get to interact and have a lightsaber fight with him.

      No word on the release date except “summer 2020.”


    I was hoping for this news ever since I read an article saying there may be more cross-platform VR partnerships coming between Oculus and PSVR. Here’s hoping this is just the first of many. If VR is going to flourish there needs to be fewer exclusives. Most people won’t buy more than one headset. I’m already invested in PSVR and can’t justify also buying a Quest. I can however afford moren cross-platform games like this!

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