First Boss Battle Episode Arrives Tomorrow For Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

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First Boss Battle Episode Arrives Tomorrow For Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Push beyond your limits and achieve the Super Saiyan God transformation to stand a chance against Beerus.

Hello everyone! I am Ryosuke Hara, lead producer of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot. Thank you for your support of this game so far. We have new and exciting content coming soon, beginning with a Boss Battle Episode that introduces players to Beerus and Whis from the movie Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods. 

This upcoming DLC is the first Boss Battle Episode that Season Pass owners can access. The Season Pass includes 2 Boss Battle Episodes and 1 Additional Scenario. In terms of content volume, each Boss Battle Episode is on par with a few Sub Stories combined. The Additional Scenario we will be on-par with one story saga (such as the Saiyan or Frieza sagas).

In this first Boss Battle Episode, players will get a chance to go against the strongest opponents they have faced thus far and further increase their growth and power level. However, please keep in the mind that this DLC Episode does not follow the story from the movie; rather, it will have its own original setting, and will mainly focus on battle gameplay.

The main focus of this DLC will be improving strength by following Whis’ training regimen, allowing Goku and Vegeta to awaken a new power and finally challenging the ultimate opponent, Beerus. Players will also be able to fight against a level 250 Beerus from the beginning. Confident players should definitely take on this challenge without undergoing Whis’ training.

Players are not required to clear the main story campaign to play this DLC, so they are free to play however they like! You can even choose to play the new DLC and achieve the Super Saiyan God form from the beginning, and take out Raditz in one single blow.

The second part of this DLC Episode is still undergoing development, and I can’t really spoil any details just yet, but take my advice that it might be best to start leveling and strengthening your characters as much as you can…

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  • I’m hype for this

  • Broly.

  • “However, please keep in the mind that this DLC Episode does not follow the story from the movie; rather, it will have its own original setting, and will mainly focus on battle gameplay.”

    Why? This design choice conflicts with the game’s direction in telling a mostly authentic Dragon Ball Z experience that follows the original source, the manga. The conceptual design of this DLC physically corrupts the vision of the game.

  • Will “slowly lose ki throughout the battle” be a thing for SSG? Since SSG isn’t really ki strength, it’s more God strength. What’s the consequence for the power-up/transformation?

  • I have the season pass, but I’m still not able to play. Please advise.

  • What Time will it be available? And will it just pop up or would I have to go to something in particular??

  • Awesome game but having issue who is the new DLC I bought the ultimate edition and yet in the end game add-on menu it’s telling me to buy the season pass but I already have the season pass

  • Really disappointed that you didn’t add any new trophies for the DLC. Please don’t make this mistake again with the second DLC. There is no reason not to at least add a few of them.

  • For some reason my it won’t me play the dlc when I bought the season past

  • It’s 1AM on the 28th and I still can’t play the dlc even though I pre-ordered the season pass.
    Please advise

  • Its 17:18 my time and 01:19 PDT on the 28th, but it won’t let me download the dlc can someone explain?

  • Why is it not working for ps4 in the USA. It is 4: 32 am Right now! It still did not download! The date is April 28 2020, the time is 4:34 am! Is there a problem with the download? I have the season pass!! So that is not it!! What is the problem?

    • I’m starting to feel like wasted my money. Does anybody know when the dlc is suppose to release in the us

  • Can someone at sony explain why we cannot access the new DLC?

  • so nah??👨🏾‍💻🤔

  • I baught the season pass months ago when i bought the game, supposed to have dlc drop today but i havent seen anything, any idea if its releasing in different time zones? Just wondering why i dont have it.

  • When is the dlc going to be available to download in the US? Its 9:16 am EST. Still no download.

  • Hey umm still no download or access what the heck gives i waited until 9pm Pacific standard time and i couldn’t access the dlc then and then i tried 12am no luck, now its 7:30 am i also own the season pass where is my dlc its the 28th today sombody fix this please.

  • Listen everyone the PS store updates at around 9am through 7pm est of course the dlc won’t come out exactly at 12am. it doesn’t technically exist yet according to playstation,you guys have to wait and dont be inconsiderate you spent your money on it so you know what you got yourself into.Keep in mind that while you’re writing these things there is a developer on the other side of the screen who could be reading this and have worked so hard on the game just for you to complain,they bought you this opportunity remember that.

    • Thank you I was scrolling to try to find some logical answers and thank you

    • You sound ridiculous we paid for a dlc thats supposed to release on a certain date and a certain time its working in other countries its not fair we cant play we paid also its 11 am on the 28th STILL NO DLC

    • smoker you sound ludicrous


  • So what time will they let us play the dlc

  • It’s April 28th 7:29 am and the dlc still isn’t working even though I purchased The season pass

  • I have the season pass and everything is downloaded but it will not let me access it. Any thing I can do to fix that?

  • We keep waiting for a solution , I buy the season pass at the beginning of the year and i cannot use it now, give back the money!

  • Solution
    You just have to access the PlayStation store at the main menu and you can download the dlc from there.

    Once in the game, press options and click on the new add on menu and click the DLC.

  • I am so excited for this

  • Help! I can’t go back to the normal history from the complement.

  • What’s dlc doe wat the difference of the game

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