8 Tips to Master the Machines of SnowRunner, out April 28

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8 Tips to Master the Machines of SnowRunner, out April 28

Conquer the wilderness next week when SnowRunner releases on PS4.

Hello, PlayStation.Blog readers! My name is Evgeniy Sorokin, Lead Producer at Saber Interactive. I have the exciting opportunity to talk to you about our open-world physics playground, SnowRunner. In our game you can take powerful off-road vehicles and drive them on realistically simulated terrain like mud, water, snow, and ice. Completing our sandbox Contracts gets you rewards that you can spend on increasing the size of your fleet or customizing your vehicles.

SnowRunner is a grueling test of patience and skill. Some of these Contracts will have you delivering heavy cargo across really dangerous terrain. Others may need you to rescue lost and damaged vehicles while making sure not to get stuck in the mud yourself.

So, the team and I have concocted a list of tips to make sure your next ride goes swimmingly.

Tip 1: Explore and scout new areas

Every time you enter a new map or region take some time out to learn the area. Reaching Watchtowers will reveal large parts of the map, giving you the location of Contracts, hidden upgrades, and even vehicles. Also, the more of the map is explored, the easier it will be to plan your routes!

Tip 2: Buy, sell, upgrade, and customize your trucks in the Garage

The rewards from Contracts and Activities can be spent in your Garage. Here, you can purchase new vehicles to expand your lineup, upgrade their parts, and customize them visually. Your favorite vehicles can be improved to tackle tougher terrain with bigger engines, new wheels, or even a snorkel for braving river rapids. You’re going to need all the power you can get to tackle some of the more challenging objectives!

Tip 3: Use the Truck Storage to send your best vehicles across the world

The Truck Storage can bring your vehicles to other maps and regions, perfect if you want to bring your preferred truck on every journey you go on.

Tip 4: Plan your journey around your Fuel

Certain late-game Contracts span multiple maps so preparing yourself for the long-haul is important. A fuel trailer makes you more autonomous, but if you can’t afford the price of the trailer or your truck isn’t strong enough to carry it, you will need to rely on fuel stations. Be sure the route you’ve got in mind has plenty of fuel available.

Tip 5: Activate All-Wheel Drive and Differential Lock when necessary

All-Wheel Drive gives power to every single wheel on your vehicle, it is especially effective when trying to overcome slopes. This raises your fuel consumption, so use it sparingly. Remember to turn it off when the terrain is easier to navigate!

Cars normally have their differentials unlocked, which allows each wheel to rotate at different speeds for safe turning at high speeds. Differential Lock forces two wheels that share the same axel to turn in unison, heavily increasing vehicle traction. Make sure to know when to use both, so you don’t end up crashing on the curb!

Tip 6: Slow is Smooth, Smooth is Fast

If you’re stuck, don’t panic! Flooring the accelerator will likely leave you in a more precarious situation, because spinning your tires will just dig you deeper into the mud or snow. Set your gearbox to a lower level and try to gently nudge yourself free. Slower tire spins with careful steering wheel control can get you more traction and you’ll be out of there in no time.

Tip 7: Increase your Driver Rank

Certain Contracts may be too tough for you to handle early, so don’t be afraid to leave them for later. Raising your Driver Rank will grant access to more vehicles and upgrades, netting you with more tools to make your job easier.

Tip 8: Use your Winch!

Using the advanced menu gives you access to your winch. This powerful tool lets you pull objects and vehicles, as well as pull yourself out of trouble if you ever get stuck. Be careful! It’s powered by your engine so it consumes a lot of fuel if you’re accelerating as well. SnowRunner also includes the quick-winch function, which can save you in emergency situations.

And that’s it from us! We can’t wait to see you in the wild on April 28 when SnowRunner releases on PS4.

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  • Does this mean that there will be a digital release version??? Iv been noticing nothing on manufacturers website saying anything its unavailable, it looks like Microsoft store for PC and Xbox will have digital access. Kinda Sad my only buying option right now looks like a best buy 30 miles from my house or Amazon two days after release.

    • There will be a digital release on PS4, just no preorder sadly.

    • @Wiretap07 Thank you, iv been wondering if I needed to order from amazon and wait 2-3 days after release to play, Im glad the game will be on PlayStation store on the 28th

  • Cool concept. I wish you make tons of money with this.

  • I know that there is (sadly) no digital preorders for Playstation Store. I don’t like discs, i’m a digital guy, so the question is how to obtain pre-order bonus NAVI Star 5000?

  • So when can we expect the preorder for ps4? I check everyday. I have atleast 14 friends waiting like I am. Xbox has is but not ps4. Due to covid the game stores are closed. And I want digital copy not disc.

  • Vorremmo comprarlo su PSN ma non esiste il gioco prenotazione fatta a marzo su Amazon Italia e senza alcuna comunicazione dice data 31 dicembre 2020!
    Ma dico stiamo scherzando?
    Su Amazon UK o spagnolo o tedesco addirittura posso prendere la premium edition e la data rimane il 28 aprile.
    È un gioco che desidero da anni e ora non riesco a comprarlo !

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