Gran Turismo Sport Adds 2020 Toyota GR Supra RZ (N300)

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Gran Turismo Sport Adds 2020 Toyota GR Supra RZ (N300)

A new evolution of Toyota’s flagship sportscar.

The April content update for Gran Turismo (Patch 1.57) will be available tonight April, 22 at 11:00pm PDT.

Toyota GR Supra RZ ’20 (N300)

The Toyota Supra ended production in 2002 to the dismay of many fans worldwide, but the car made its comeback in the 2019 North American International Auto Show. This flagship Toyota model, which carries over the inline 6-cylinder engine and rear wheel drive, is headed by chief engineer Tetsuya Tada, who also brought the Toyota 86 to life. Under the slogan ‘Numbers are one thing, feeling is what matters,’ he proceeded to create a car that speaks to the senses of the driver. Optimally balanced with a 50:50 weight distribution and a low center of gravity, it provides powerful acceleration with a twin scroll turbo. The quick handling enabled by the wide body and short wheelbase is a result of a pursuit to achieve an ideal sports car, and its glamorous and elegant form and straight six engine sound combine to give it an aura that is unrivaled by others. 

The GR Supra RZ was developed for not only real motorsports but also with competition in Gran Turismo Sport in mind. The further refined 2020 model will also come in highly anticipated new body colors.

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  • Awesome! Will be adding it to my garage!

  • Gran Turismo 7
    – Career mode – start on the grid with championships and scores
    – Climatic variations and dynamic climate
    – Time progression
    – Damage
    – Internal and external dynamic camera
    – HUD customization
    – Change HUD on the D-pad
    – Set camera sensitivity to 0.0 / 0 / Near
    – Rotate camera in external view with R3
    – Launch complete game 100% finished
    – dlc six months after launch with trophy support

  • I wish so bad I could drive one of these in real life!

  • Daily races troubled by rammers no penaltys for rammers , and getting penaltys for getting rammed into other cars ahead and walls, barriers. Please fix !

    • Agreed! It’s terrible, so many incapable drivers who go unpunished and spoil it for others. Fix ASAP please!

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