Predator: Hunting Grounds — The Hunt Begins This Friday

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Predator: Hunting Grounds — The Hunt Begins This Friday

Can you stand toe-to-toe with the Predator and live to tell the tale?

First off, I really want to thank everyone who downloaded and played with us over Trial Weekend! A lot of our dev team, myself included, were jumping into matches and loved getting to see how everyone tackled the missions and hunted. It was also a great learning experience for us as developers. We play every day with each other, a fact that is beneficial to the development process, but also means we get very used to how we all play. So, getting to see how new Fireteam members and Predators come into the game and how they play was extremely helpful to our last few weeks of development. For that we are so thankful!

One of the major takeaways from the trial was that the game is super fun to play and watch other people play, which was rewarding to see. Some other takeaways helped us regroup on that following Monday and put into motion our plan of action for patching pre-launch. With only four weeks to go we knew there was a bit of work to do still, but we were ready. Thankfully, we were able to address a lot of the issues folks were seeing. 

We also addressed many things in respect to balance, that was a key area of feedback we received, on both the Predator and Fireteam sides. You can visit the forums to see the full list of changes made. Here is a snapshot of some of the changes we made that will impact balance. For the Fireteam we made infil locations based on the mission. Quick gear swapping controls are now shown on the screen and many weapon adjustments have been made, in regard to damage done, etc. We made the diffuse button for the Predator Self Destruct sequence easier to interact with. However, there is an increased difficulty with the Self Destruct puzzle. Also for the Predator target isolation will no longer start at 100% at the match start. We also enabled the ability to switch weapons while transitioning in Predkour and made changes to various elements of the weapons, like damage. One of the pieces of feedback we heard a lot was about the Predator’s footstep sounds, we updated the walking/running footstep attenuation to make the Predator stealthier.

And lastly, some of the additional issues the community gave us feedback on were also addressed like matchmaking times and notifications, crossplay is now enabled by default, voice mic mute is no longer enabled by default, and many more. Performance issues are still something we continue to look at and dial in. This will be ongoing, especially as we put out planned updates down the road, post launch. Which we do have a plan for! If you would like to see our full list of patch notes make sure to visit the forum here.

Post-launch Support

Speaking of planned updates, we view the launch of Predator: Hunting Grounds as just the beginning. What that means to us, at IllFonic, is that we ​can continue to drop new content post launch. We do have a roadmap in place for this already. In fact, you will see the first content update​ — which will be a free one — go live a little over a month from now. And the​re will be more content updates after that. These will include many great surprises. This is part of why our community forums are so special to us. We are listening and taking your feedback to heart, whether it be found bugs or comments on the game.

It has been a busy four weeks and we can’t think of a better way to celebrate than getting into the hunt with you this Friday. After the Trial Weekend we were all having withdrawals playing testing things without the community.  We make games we love, and it means so much when the community loves them too! We will see you in the hunt on Friday the 24th! Oh, don’t forget to pre-order the game to get the ’87 Predator if you haven’t already. 

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* You’ll need an internet connection and PS Plus subscription to play on PS4. PS Plus is a paid-for ongoing subscription and a recurring fee will be charged automatically at the frequency chosen by the consumer at purchase until cancelled.

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  • Have they fixed the framerate though?

    • “Performance issues are still something we continue to look at and dial in. This will be ongoing, especially as we put out planned updates down the road, post launch. Which we do have a plan for!”

  • Awesome beta the game is fantastic. Pre-ordered and ready with my original Predator skin.

  • i have no interest in playing with PC players ever in competitive games. just look at CoD warzone, plagued with cheaters almost every match.

  • I played the Beta and it was good, the Beta was fun, the full release will be amazing! Im glad its not too bulky movement.

  • I’m excited, but I’m afraid to update my PS4 to firmware 7.50 due to the rampant issues related to the infinite boot loop and disc drive not reading games. Can’t play online at all. It’s on me if I update and my system bricks. Hopefully Sony is working on a fix for all those gamers who are already affected.

  • Cuando piensan tirar otra actualización para arreglar los problemas que trajo las 7.5

  • Can’t wait. I wonder if they will have in game leaderboards.

  • I think the matchmaking times and the framerate were my biggest concerns coming out of the trial. Really hope both have seen significant improvements. The framerate dropping to what felt like single digits at times on the PS4 Pro is just unacceptable.

  • Any chance we get some goodies from the AVP flicks? Granted not everybody’s a fan but some cosmetics and such would be gladly welcomed

  • I was interested but the Trophy list is terribly grindy with ridiculous numerical values.

  • I accidentally entered my date of birth wrong and now cant access the video. I’m 45 years old wtf

  • I need help i cant pre download the predator hunting grounds. I hawe free space and and my payment not cenceled

  • “we view the launch of Predator: Hunting Grounds as just the beginning.”

    i.e. you’re perfectly aware that you’re about to release an unfinished game. thanks for telling us!

  • I bought predator hunting grounds what I don’t like the fact is that no one decided to say that you had to have a Playstation network account just to play the goddamn game so I’m stuck with a game that I can’t even play because everybody wants you to spend more money to just play the game I want a refund or you guys need to learn how to explain what kind of game it is a little better

    • It’s a multiplayer game. It states this in the game’s description.
      Not to be an ****, but you should read the fine print before buying something.

    • It was actually announced it was going to be an online only game. If you buy the physical copy, it says on the front AND back that PS+ and Online play is required. Even when buying it from the PS Store, under Add to Cart, is says PS+ is required. Nobody to blame bu yourself for not paying attention.

  • DLC idea: A game mode that allows you to compete with another predator on kills and allows you to hunt the predator

  • What a waste of $60.00 dollars all I can play is the tutorial, that’s the only suggest playing I get and can’t play online because it requires it and since people are at home flooding the internet so it does me no good to play it on online.

  • Hello, I love this game to death and I love playing it, but it needs to fix the tiny details.
    Usually when im running around as Predator, the little things like a tiny rock or a branch will stop me from moving forward, and when I jump to try over it, i just still get caught on the rock and have to either just move around it or get a running head start. It is much easier yes to jump from tree to tree, but all trees don’t connect to each other so you gotta walk/run sometimes and I feel like that’s faster than traversing the trees.
    Anyway, after a while playing the game, you start to notice the small things and when those small things interrupt you from playing, it gets irritating.
    Sorry tor the rant.

    TLDR: Can you make it to where I stop bumping into stuff as the Predator? It’s like every branch or rock stops me from running or leaping away.

    • Three more things I just remembered.
      There should be more boar for the Predator to eat.
      Second, the Smart disc should move faster.
      And third, the game’s should be longer, like there should be a third objective, not two.
      A hunt should last a long time I feel. Whenever I play as the Predator, I feel rushed to kill everyone. Hunter’s take their time.
      Whenever I play as the Fireteam, I feel I like I should just get in and get out. Feels way too quick.

      Feels like I have to play the game super quickly and there’s no fun in that.

  • The calendar to show your birthday needs to be better. Takes way to long just to go back 30 years.

  • Just wondering what it would take to make this a solo game for those who would rather play a game like this without having to only play multiplayer? Should be able to have computer AI combat the player like in the tutorial. Could they make this game in the future like an Assassins or uncharted or Demon souls? Would much rather play something like that than having to find teams that can play well together.

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