Two Years with God of War

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Two Years with God of War

Santa Monica Studio Celebrates the God of War Community on the second anniversary of their realm-spanning epic's release.

Two years ago today, you, the fans of God of War, embraced change by joining Kratos and his son Atreus on their epic journey. Since then, all of us at Santa Monica Studio have continued to be astounded by your passion, creativity and support. Below we have included a small sampling of some of our favorite fan creations.

Credit: @BT_BlackThunder // Credit: @MaryeLeFay (Photo by Kevin Jeukens)

Credit: @ViridianCosmos

View more God of War fan creations here

In celebration of this day, and in honor of all of our incredible fans, we are excited to announce some new products opening up for pre-order.

We are once again teaming up with Dark Horse to bring Atreus’ journal from God of War to life in Lore and Legends. Written in collaboration with the God of War team, this hardcover book chronicles the journey of Atreus and Kratos through the Nine Realms. It includes expanded lore, detailed bestiary, character dossiers and so much more. Check it out here to pre-order your copy and to catch a sneak peek.

Gaming Heads has been hard at work on designing the next installment of their life-size Kratos busts. This time they have captured the Norse Era Kratos in all his glory. The bust itself was crafted using in-game files, while the finer details were painted by hand. They kept the production run to only 500, making this a true collector’s item for any die-hard God of War fan. Visit the Gaming Heads site here for more images and pre-order details.

“Valkyrie!” One simple word can strike fear in even the most seasoned player. Anyone who has gone toe-to-toe with these terrifying foes knows just how formidable they are. This new poster from Lineage Studios lets fans admire the beauty of the Valkyrie without any of the controller-gripping anxiety. Check it out here to learn more.

Thank you again for being the best fans ever! You continue to be at the heart of everything we do here at Santa Monica Studio. Until next time, stay safe and remember to enjoy the journey.

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  • One of the most incredible games I have ever played! Thank you guys for creating this awesome game. Cannot wait to see what’s next.

  • This game is the single best game ever!
    (Opinion is mine)

  • Two years already?

  • Can’t wait for the sequel!

  • I had so much fun with this game and my son just started his journey in it today. Can’t wait to see how excited he is when he completes it.

  • Perfecto

  • I became a Playstation owner a few months ago and picked up God of War recently afterwards. I just finished the main story last night and Wow what an incredibly fulfilling and moving journey it was. Major applauds to the Santa Monica Studio Team for sure! Bravo!

  • Best Game since Kratos bash Zeus! 😛

  • Has anyone had any luck at contacting PSN support? My main account was hacked over the weekend and my email changed, yet I am unable to get a hold of anyone at Playstation to fix this, either by phone or chat. Seems incredibly poor customer service when I am locked out things I have purchased.

  • I only read to article to see if Corey finally got the game to be ported to PC. Looks like another perfect fit to me. Guess he will have to wait a little longer before he can hit send on that Twitter post and make it official like Hermann did.

  • Best game of the generation in my opinion. Want to replay it soon but waiting to see if playing on PS5 has any benefits. Can’t wait to see what the team is working on next!

  • Amazing game, best game this generation hands down, from the incredible story to the epic combat, and of the beautiful world cory and the team at Santa Monica studios created, to say I’m excited for the next one on the ps5 is a huge understatement

  • I’ve been playing GOW since the very first one and the latest was an epic journey of discovery and learning.
    We also got to see a side of Kratos we’ve never seen before in the franchise’s history!
    GOW is by far one of, if not THE BEST story/action adventure games on the playstation network and a BIG heartfelt Thank You to the team at Santa Monica Studios for creating such an awesome game!
    Looking forward to more sequels.

  • It’d be great if Santa Monica Studio did a full collection of the previous God of War games on disc(s) for the PS4.
    – God of War
    – God of War II
    – God of War III (use the one we have already on PS4)
    – God of War Ascension
    – God of War Chains of Olympus
    – God of War Ghost of Sparta

  • Именно из-за этой игры я купил себе PS 4. Сейчас прохожу третью часть. И это просто невероятно как сильно поменялся Кратос, но при этом остался прежним!

  • Beautiful game in all aspects. But I miss the old ones. I know they needed to renew, but the old GoW were all amazing too.

  • Probably my favorite gaming series ever. I actually just started replaying it on ps3 today. I think I may slowly start a GoW playthrough of all the games for fun during this pandemic we continue to face. That you for continuing to give us amazing stories and worlds to get lost in during this time.

    Would LOVE to have ps2 backwards compatability on PS5 to be able to play it all over again, maybe with some enhancements to the game like Microsoft does so well with their backwards compatability.

  • One of my favorite games of this generation! Congrats and thank you for sharing this amazing journey! Can’t wait to be a part of the next story!

  • As a fan of God of War of all God of Wars I think is really really terrible very very terrible on how you ended this game I love this game I still play it I will still continue to play it but the way you in this game is highly terrible it’s a very highly offensive to all God of War fans due to the fact you didn’t do no add-ons there still places we need to explore please let us continue our God of War do not leave it the way you ended please do not leave it the way you ended this is from my heart I love God of War do not end it the way you ended please give us an add-on give us something do not and got a water way you did it it is very terrible

  • Will the DLC ever be made available again? I just realized that I missed its distribution in December.

  • I have played every god of war game since they began. To me there is no other game that compares to the story telling or the visuals that you have put into them. I absolutely can not wait until the next installment. Keep up the awesome work.

  • I picked up the Legendary when the game dropped i couldn’t believe the amount of stuff that was inside. Hands down one of the best games I have played in years. It had a bond between a father and son that absolutely tugged on the heart strings. If you haven’t gotten a chance to play this gem. Proceed to checkout Enjoy. TY San Monica studios for the dedication and the time you put into God Of War. This one will always have a special place in my heart…. FALLENSKYS34.

  • Sony is the best
    I can’t help but notice that Kratos looks a bit like Odin
    I can’t wait to see more in the next God Of War
    I have every single God of War game and it keeps on getting better
    Next God of War here I come🙌(^o^)♥️

  • Still, one of my favorites is GHOST OF SPARTA

  • I have no interest in such cheesy wares, but the game is certainly one of the finest of all time. I don’t know how you’re going to ever top it, LOL.

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