Final Fantasy VII Remake Combat Guide

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Final Fantasy VII Remake Combat Guide

Midgar can be a dangerous place. Get a helping hand with seven top tips straight from Square Enix.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is out now!

Taking on an organization as powerful as the Shinra Electric Power Company won’t be easy — even with a former SOLDIER on your side. But don’t worry — we’re here to help. We’ve put together 7 (see what we did there?) top tips to help you make the most of your trip to Midgar.

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1. Use ATB as much as you can

Final Fantasy VII Remake’s combat system revolves around ATB. As you battle, two bars will fill up beneath the characters’ HP indicators. When one of these is full, you can spend it on an ability, spell or item.

Standard attacks don’t do much damage, but they do fill up the ATB gauges faster so you can issue more commands. Switching between characters regularly also helps, as your input will fill their gauges faster too.

When you have ATB available, use it because these spells and abilities are the best way to cause damage to enemies.

2. Remember that you can block

There are two basic defensive techniques available from the start of Final Fantasy VII Remake: a block and a dodge-roll.

If you block, you’ll take reduced damage from enemy attacks. Rolling away, on the other hand, can negate damage entirely. With that in mind, you’d be forgiven for assuming that the dodge-roll is always the best option. It’s not.

For one thing, the timing can be quite tricky — if the enemy lands a hit, you’re going to suffer the full effect. Blocking the attack is much more reliable and is often the safer tactic — particularly if you’re facing a speedy foe like the Shinra Shock Troopers.

Blocking has other useful effects too. Some enemies have attacks that knock you off your feet, but blocking often negates this effect. While you will take a little bit of damage, it leaves you close enough to counterattack very quickly.

Also worth noting is that if you block a melee attack while Cloud is in Punisher mode (activated by pressing triangle), he will retaliate with a powerful counter. This is fantastic against certain enemies – like the afore-mentioned Shock Troopers.

3. Heal between battles

The denizens of Midgar are dangerous — many can deliver dramatic damage to your party. So make sure you enter every fight in tip-top shape.

You can heal in battle with magic or items, but this will cost you a bar of ATB. That means that if you dive into the fray with your HP in the red, you may be taken out before you have a chance to even issue a command.

Fortunately, you can use items and magic freely outside of battle, so make sure you take a few seconds to heal up when you get a break in the action.

4. Take advantage of enemy weaknesses

Many enemies are weak against certain elements — if you can hit them with one of these attacks, they’ll definitely feel it.

In the introductory sections of the game, a good rule of thumb is that if the enemy is mechanical, they’re likely weak to electrical attacks. Squishy, fleshy organic beings, on the other hand, won’t like fire.

Past the opening stages though, things get a lot more complicated. You’ll have to experiment with different types of attacks to uncover what works on what enemy.

That said, you can get a bit of assistance. At some point in the adventure, you’ll be able to acquire the Assess Materia. When equipped, you’ll be able to use it to see a detailed view of your foes’ various vulnerabilities. It’s very handy!

5. Understand how to stagger

If you want to really dominate in battle, you must learn how to stagger enemies.

As you fight, a stagger gauge beneath your opponent’s health meter will fill up. When this maxes out, not only will your foe be unable to attack you, all of your hits will deal much more damage!

Staggering is very powerful, so it’s useful to understand the basics of how you can fill that meter. 

A good first step is to deal a lot of damage to the foe very quickly, so try to coordinate your party’s spells or abilities to hit in quick succession. If you do a lot of damage in a short time, your foe may enter a ‘Pressured’ state. 

While Pressured, your target’s stagger bar will fill up much quicker than usual, so use stagger-building attacks like Cloud’s Focused Thrust and Barret’s Focused Shot to max it out fast.

Of course, things are not always quite that simple. Some enemies are easier to stagger than others, so you’ll have to experiment with your ever-expanding options in battle to develop strategies that work for different encounters.

6. Take the time to explore Midgar

Final Fantasy VII Remake typically points you to your current objective, but most of the time, there’s no need to rush. Make sure you explore and look around — not just because Midgar is often staggeringly beautiful, but because it’s also stuffed full of things to find.

From restorative items, to MP-regenerating Mako shards, to music discs that you can play on a jukebox… there’s all sorts of goodies hidden away. 

What’s more, many of them will make your adventures easier, or help you out of a difficult situation, so it’s well worth going out of your way to poke around at the corners of the world.

7. Try Classic Mode

If you’re not a big fan of action mechanics, or merely want a change of pace, you should try out Classic Mode. You can activate this from the System menu.

In this mode, characters move, attack and defend automatically, so you can focus entirely on giving them instructions via the Command Menu. Because you don’t have to focus on standard attacks and blocks, you have more time to consider your overall strategy.

It’s a little bit reminiscent of the menu-based system of the original Final Fantasy VII, so fans of that game will hopefully enjoy it too.

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  • You magnificent bastards.

  • Can’t wait to get this tomorrow!!!!!

  • My CE from the SQ store is coming today, pretty excited

  • sweetliquidsnake

    If you preordered a physical copy , you actually won’t be playing it tomorrow

    • Seriously. My first order was canceled. Second was delayed until maybe the 23rd and probably wouldn’t have actually shown up then either. Screw it just getting the digital one.

    • Depends if you ordered in store or online

    • False. I preordered from Best Buy and got it on the 10th to play. I got my physical copy of Resident Evil 3 a day ahead of time from Best Buy. It’s really just Amazon that is delaying physical copies.

  • Get my copy next Tuesday on the 14th. Can’t wait to play!!!

  • IkkenHissatsu079

    so im trying to run this on an older ps4 and its just shutting down or logging me out every time. same thing that happened to me with new god of war. any fixed or chance i can refund if i cant even run the game? other games installed now like gundam battle op and no mans sky run fine.

  • You know, I was going to play FF7 Remake on the 10th. Gamestop decided to close down all stores in my area so now I won’t play it until May at the earliest! They game got delayed AGAIN in my world.

  • Seems like Digital version is most likely to be played atm.

  • I’m 3 hours into FF7 remake and I freaking love it.

    Amazing combat and some very interesting changes to the story. I’m so happy that it has some differences. And holy crap, the soundtrack is phenomenal.

    10 out of 10 for me so far. I can’t wait for the next one!

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  • Got my copy from Best Buy on the 10th, thus no delay here… Awesome game, stayed true to the past, they say “****” a lot… So much fun, truly nostalgic! I hope it can be played on PS5…

  • Final Fantasy VII Remake is great, absolutely great. The VR battle mode, however is such a tease! I am not sure why they bothered to tease people with VR when they could have made an option to allow people to play the VR battle parts in, I don’t know, actual VR? There are plenty of VR fighting games at this point with hordes of monsters coming from all directions so there is no reason to leave this option out especially with Square Enix’s history of participating in VR game development. It would be really nice if they would update the said feature to have an option for an actual VR mode. For me that would make Final Fantasy VII remake go from great to perfect!

    • It’s absolutely not needed, and no one is going to want to set up their vr rig just for one particular battle every 10 hours or so.

      Not at all a realistic expectation either. Having to rework the whole combat system to be playable in first person and then in VR isnt at all the simple adjustment you’re making it out to be, and it’s especially unreasonable to expect when it would only be used in a tiny fraction of the game by a tiny fraction of players.

      It’s not gonna happen bud. Forget it.

  • This game is absolutely thee best game of all time!! I remember when it first came out I was in H.School 10th grade… I spent a lot of time pretending to be sick so I could stay home to play this! What’s even more awesome is how it looks! Its just how I imagined it would look, exactly like the original, but beautifully remade with every detail taken into account of the original.. I’m so happy Sq. Enix decided to go even deeper into the detail of the story also.. thank you! This one you did flawlessly in my opinion… I’m happy be able to share this with my kids as well!! My 14 yr old girl loves it and my 7 yr old boy is in absolute love with it and the soundtrack! It’s awesome we can all share the love of all the final fantasy games throughout all these years with our friends and family. It’s brought us closer as a gaming family! Thanks again!
    -Ami C.

  • Worth the 20+ years waiting, it has set a new bar, and it’s reached a new level with this one. I.feel bad for other rpg games that have to hope up to this one. 2 days of playing on and off(mostly on) Hope everyone gets their copy soon. Well back to Midgar Thanks Square Enix, Sony, and all involved with this piece of art. Game on everyone

  • OMG i’m like 6 hours in, prolly a normal person’s 4 hours in :) and i’m FREAKING LOVING iT!!

  • 7 tips

    mash attack
    mash attack
    mash attack
    mash attack
    mash attack
    mash attack
    ………..mash attack

    beat game.

  • Man the combat is so good. Especially the boss fights. Such epic battles.

  • This game is incredible.

    The graphics, a 10.
    The gameplay, a 10.
    Voice acting, a 10.
    The music, a 15.

    Holy cow, I am 10 hours in and absolutely blown away. The combat is so fun. Bosses are challenging. The pacing is perfect.
    I love how you get to actually be a part of Midgard this time instead of just pass through.

    Square, you absolutely nailed this game. Wow.

    I do love the story changes and that we are not just playing the original again. My only complaint so far is I do not like the way Sephiroth is being handled. It feels very Batman/Joker’ee when it used to feel you were always one step behind him and he didn’t care about Cloud at first. Of course, I’m 10 hours in and that may change.

    I love Cloud. I was worried they would keep his emo personality from the movie, but we are seeing a Cloud with a great personality and great character development. The casting is perfect and I love his sense of humor.

    This is my game of the year! I can’t wait for the sequel on next gen!

  • This remake is very well done, as in worth the 15+ year wait. SE has taken the best mechanics from their RPGs from FFXIII & onward and really fleshed out the beloved characters and story arc in a refreshing way. I’m excited for the next chapter, but I’m fine with however long they need to keep it on par with the first installment.

  • Game is absolutely HORRIBLE. So bad as a FU to Sony I just cancelled my auto renew. Never again will they get any money from me. The hack and slash is just bad. Beware about paying money for this turd it’ll be super cheap at Game stop wait a few days.

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