Editors’ Choice: Top-Tier Terror with Resident Evil 3 & RE Resistance

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Editors’ Choice: Top-Tier Terror with Resident Evil 3 & RE Resistance

Capcom’s pedigree of innovative, expectation-defying remakes continues with this action-oriented sequel.

Tension and release. Chase and escape. Blasting my last precious shotgun shell, then discovering a hidden ammo cache around the corner. The greatest Resident Evil games deliver an intoxicating ebb and flow of survival, and Capcom’s relentless RE3 remake delivers on this pedigree at a ruthless pace. The solo horror adventure is coupled with RE Resistance, a refreshing asymmetrical online multiplayer game where you play as one of four Survivors or a singular sadistic Mastermind.

Resident Evil 3 is an intense horror gauntlet of razor-thin escapes, built upon the rock-solid foundation of last year’s RE2 remake (one of my all-time favorites). The new thrills come from not knowing when the faster, stronger, and less forgiving Nemesis will burst through a wall to dunk on Jill. 

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I adore the invaluable new dodge maneuvers Jill has for shaking off her pursuer. Tapping R1 to quickly dodge lunging zombies or Nemesis’ swinging fist is responsive and satisfying. Perfect timing scores you a satisfying slow-mo window to blast enemies in retaliation. 

This remake holds true to the 1999 original’s action-movie pace and key story beats, while injecting intriguing new locations, revamped enemy types, and other twists. I loved returning to the role of heavily armed mercenary Carlos Oliveira and exploring the RPD station. And now, Nemesis can  attach parasites to zombies’ heads, arming them with a long-range tentacle attack and beefed-up defenses. These delectable deviations kept me guessing throughout — the best horror is always unexpected.

RE3 carries forward one of my favorite elements from RE2 – permanent weapon upgrades. Attachments like bigger magazines, suppressors, accuracy-boosting stocks, and more are the ultimate rewards for backtracking or confronting Nemesis himself. Be sure to unlock every sealed container, as most weapon upgrades make your precious ammo even more potent (and way cooler looking). Expanding your inventory with stylish RPD fanny packs is also spaciously cathartic.

Need a break from the harrowing pursuit of monsters? Resident Evil Resistance, a 4v1 asymmetrical online multiplayer game included with RE3, lets you control them. I love taking the Mastermind helm and summoning RE2’s hulking Tyrant (a.k.a. Mr. X) or G-Birkin for a brute-force rampage against human-controlled Survivors. Becoming some of these iconic monsters is an RE fan’s evil dream come true. Also satisfying is spying on enemies via security cameras and foiling their escape with carefully placed zombies, bear traps, and other hazards. Entering the mindspace of an RE villain is alarmingly intoxicating.

Teaming up with other Survivors for a more traditional RE experience is also a blast. Navigating devious stages and Mastermind traps together brings me waves of nostalgia from hours spent online playing RE Outbreak back on PS2. My favorite Survivor is January with her handy camera-hacking ability — perfect for reducing the Mastermind’s control. Escaping through that final door is a gratifying thrill I intend to repeat many times (hopefully as a team).

Capcom’s two-for-one of terror delivers on all fronts, whether you prefer to survive alone or with friends… or dish out the mayhem yourself. Next stop, Raccoon City!

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