Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and Dirt Rally 2.0 are Your PlayStation Plus Games for April

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Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and Dirt Rally 2.0 are Your PlayStation Plus Games for April

Globe-trotting thrills await as you uncover dangerous, long-lost secrets with famed treasure hunter Nathan Drake and tackle challenging rally courses across the world.

With April’s pair of PS Plus games, embark on a globe-trotting journey in pursuit of a historical conspiracy behind a fabled pirate treasure, then have your nerves and driving skills tested in some of the world’s most challenging rallying courses. Let’s take a look.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Naughty Dog’s critically acclaimed adventure epic arrives on PS Plus! Several years after his last adventure, retired fortune hunter, Nathan Drake, is forced back into the world of thieves. With the stakes much more personal, Drake embarks on a visually stunning globe-trotting journey in pursuit of a historical conspiracy behind a fabled pirate treasure. Nathan Drake’s greatest adventure will require quick wits, fast fists and inventive use of weaponry while testing his physical limits, his resolve, and ultimately what he’s willing to sacrifice to save the ones he loves.

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Dirt Rally 2.0

Perfect precision driving and develop nerves of steel as you roar through a selection of iconic rally tracks from across the globe in search of championship glory (and ever-faster lap times) in this realistic race sim. Dirt Rally 2.0 embodies the best venerated British development studio Codemasters has to offer: challenging courses, race-altering weather systems, in-depth car customizations and much more. In all, this is a masterclass in off-road racing.

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Both titles will be available to download from Tuesday, April 7, until Monday, May 4.

March’s PS Plus games

As a reminder, you’ve still got time to download this month’s PS Plus games. Face a platforming challenge like no other in Shadow of the Colossus as you hunt sixteen gigantic colossi across the land. In Sonic Forces, two generations of hedgehog join together for a mix of 2D and 3D platforming.

Find out more here. These titles are available to download until Monday, April 6.

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  • Uncharted 4! Wow!

  • They leaked last week but both are great games. Great month here.

    • It’s crazy how people are saying “I get to finish the uncharted series now” lol and really saying this a great month for plus. To be honest if u haven’t finished uncharted then your not a true PS player! great games dont get me wrong but cmon games like that should be played at release! Dont get a playstation if u dont plan to play PS exclusive games when they drop or shortly after it was on sale for $15 at the game store by my house. Ps plus needs to better with newer games

    • @drise86. You do realize there are plenty of reasons why lots of people haven’t played the top titles, or able to play exclusives at launch? We are all gamers, regardless of what we play or how much we play. We should be supporting each other in our community, and being positive, rather than tearing people down for not playing this or that. People being excited to play UC4 who haven’t yet, is a good thing.

  • Ugh another uncharted game after we just got one in January and a garbage racing game that was free on steam. When will we get good plus games again?

    • Imagine getting 2 great games and this being your response. Uncharted 4 is fantastic, and great for people that want to finish Nathan’s story after playing the first 3 we got in January. And Dirt Rally 2.0 is a fantastic racing sim. Nowhere near garbage.

    • I guess there always has to be one whiner.

      Thanks for keeping the stereotype!

    • This is one of the finest action games in PS4’s history…. C’mon mayynneeee

    • What happened to you to make you such a miserable c***?
      Did mommy not love you enough?
      Did daddy love you ‘too’ much?
      Of course, as with everyone on this site, I played Uncharted 4 yonks ago, but to complain about that being the give away shows a paucity of appreciation of the real world.
      I bet you’re one of the 4kers going out and about spreading the virus, aren’t you?
      ‘Why should I stay in? I don’t feel sick!!’
      What a bell-end

    • Totally agree with you another rubbish month

    • You’re not going to get much while Sony is on top, they’ll bomb next gen then in like 3 years of meh performance start to up their game.

  • Not sure who doesnt have uncharted 4 at this point. Dirt really 2.0 looks interesting. Would like to see both gravity rush remastered and gravity rush 2 come to plus soon. It’s a great game that more people should try. How about even bringing firewatch and overwatch to the lineup.

    • I don’t. I lost interest after 3 which I only got because it was from Plus. 1 and 2 were great but the gameplay has been beaten to death by the industry so I really didn’t have interest in paying for it. I’ll play it now though but am. It expecting anything special.

  • The selection is good, but why Uncharted 4 when we got 3 Uncharted games so recently? The U4 multiplayer can be fun, maybe this boost the online numbers.

  • Not again Uncharted in 3 months Sony ??? I was buy my PS in november 2018 and i already have before you give for PS+ in january and now, everyone have that games before you give because it’s Sony exclusive and also because we have big sales on it every month or two.
    When you stop giving games for PS3/PSVita you do not give better games for PS4, you start giving just something everyone already got.
    Very bad.

  • I don’t usually object about ps plus games but Sony has gone too far this time.

    Free games are either a remaster or an old game that everybody owns.
    It has too be a cheap one too. Most of the Free ps plus games were on sale for 10$ or less.

    Why can’t we ever get a good game? Look at PS Now service every 3 months they get decent games.

    For ps plus at least give us one good NEW game. That was released less than 2 years ago.

  • Still want last of us 2 demo

    • Я русский,круть.Да,я прошёл анчик 4,советую каждому.Такое предложение не всегда будет.

  • Some advice from a random person on the internet:

    You should probably stop supporting and following PlayStation considering how much you dislike the company/brand and their decisions.

    If you only care to play one first party title and don’t mind waiting until 3 years after release to play it, and are okay paying a premium for a capable gaming PC, then PlayStation probably isn’t for you.

    Otherwise, seek help. Because your persistent, devoted negativity projected toward a video game company seems unhealthy.

    …just my 2 cents

  • Damn might have to dust off my PS4 Pro this round. Hope Dirt Rally 2.0 has PSVR mode. Otherwise it’s been hard to pull away from PC gaming. Got GamePass and an Oculus Rift S last cyber Monday and it’s been hard to come back. Just too much backlog.

  • I love rally racing! I can’t wait till I get my hands on an WRX STI.

  • Another uncharted!!!
    What is happening for sony strategy’s !!??
    I thought this month will be great new games because we are in home these days

    • Another uncharted!!!
      What a great sony strategy!!!
      I can finish the uncharted storyline now, expecially since I am home these days!

  • What games is PlayStation now this month ?

  • I dont want uncharted i would rather have black desert pledge tails vampyr or something else

  • Can we focus on turning playstation support back on instead?

  • All I want is a way to contact the support team to cancel a pre order.

  • It would be nice an anime-ish game (star ocean, tales of…) from time to time, to keep it varied from walking simulator, action games and racing.
    I mean, I don’t remember “Free” games like that with PsPlus.

  • Another Naughty Dog game… They are broke or what?

  • Soo … I love the uncharted games … Especially the multiplayer.. it’s alot of fun … But who doesn’t own all of them bye this point… I’d rather get two different games then the ones they want to give … Any chance we can get a indie title…

  • Holy **** Dirt Rally 2 is the best racing game ever!! 150ish hours well spent. Totally worth getting a wheel for if you get serious with it. I went with the cheaper Thrustmaster T150 and it was plenty good enough. Whatever you do though if you get a wheel make sure it has force feedback. And of course Uncharted 4 is awesome

  • I hope playstation improve their games selection, Uncharted is great, but who doesn’t have it. Dirt Rally its fine. Maybe next month.

  • I have had uncharted 4 since 2016 it’s a great game for people who don’t own it but this month for me in particular would be considered weak because I’m always kind of disappointed when it’s a game I’ve already told for a while and I don’t care for racing games.

    They honestly need to give people after game because you know with the dropping previously of the PlayStation 3 and the Vita as well as having to pay $10 more I think we are more than deserving of a third title each month.

    • Agreed. Wish they were still adding ps3 and vita to the instant game collection. The ps+ subscription doesn’t look as appealing anymore.

  • *some generic comment about how these games suck, or I already own them*

    Haha! Jk
    I actually don’t own either of these games. Great month for me. Omg this is the best. Isn’t Sony just the bestest? Omg

    • I heard theres another great game that nobody has played called Witcher 3, you may want to check that out as well.

  • Unwanted games again thanks playstation.

  • Breakfast_Snacks

    More crap PS plus games. Great!

  • I can’t say this month is bad objectively but it sure as **** is disappointing, I think it’s just too much of the same, we just got uncharted and a ton of racing games not too long ago, meanwhile we’ve only gotten a handful of rpgs through ps+ entire run, even back when they did PS classics we didn’t get much in the way of rpgs…

  • lightninglgnd530

    I think Doom should’ve been the PS Plus title because of the new Doom Eternal game that came out, but I rlly do like Uncharted 4 and it will be a great time for people that never played it

    • Doom was only $6 on the Christmas sale…paying that for a AAA game for me is the same as getting it for free.Pretty sure a lotta people bought it cuz I see an incredible amount of new players in the online.

  • My free games are Shadow of the colossus and sonic still showing 19.99 on ps app

  • Date they release?

  • I’m not seeing uncharted 4. Is it up?

  • I know I’m in the minority here.. but not pleased with ps plus direction.
    For last 3 or 4 months or so, yes, the games have been good… but I already own most of them (cheap 2nd hand games). I don’t like online gaming so the free games are why I pay for ps plus. I always liked the random indie games. Some of my favourite games have been randoms that I would never have considered buying..
    Maybe there should be options… could have 4 or 5 games (mix of triple A and indie) and let people pick 2 or 3?.

    • That would be nice. I think some independent games that were ps+ games then went to make a lot of sales on steam and other consoles thanks to word of mouth ps+ players gave.

  • People complained when there was more indie games but at least back then I was able to get games that I hadn’t played before…Uncharted 4 has been on sale for less than 5 bucks many times and if you havent played it yet you probably play so few games that you wont even play it now for free

  • Sorry for the late reply but on Irish storefront where I’m from ps plus is still in march I really wanted to get dirt rally 2.0 but I can’t because the games aren’t showing its showing sonic forces and shadow collusion please help

    • For real?…man you are the one who needs to help yourself,the Store updates on tuesdays so burn this in your memory…the Plus games won’t ever be available on the 1st day of the month they’ll be on the 1st tuesday of the month.April 7th is the date you’re looking for to play Dirt.Come on read the post lol.

  • I already have Uncharted 4 and I earned Platinum Trophy in it last year, so no thank you.

  • Already have both but man what a wicked month!!! Well done!!

  • the AAA games need to be NEWER. not half a decade old and on deep sales many times. look at game pass!

    • The equivalent to ps+ is xbox live and it’s pretty much the same. And psnow has been improving they’ve got control in there.

  • Hey can someone help me get Assassins creed 4 black flag on the spring sale. I bought the dlc last month but turns out it’s not the level but an add on to the full game. Right now am hard pressed to pay a full $30.00 for it. Please help me out. And the games this month are great despite me owning a Nathan Drake ps4 slim model. It was the first game I owned for it and that was money well spent. Glad others get to try it out.

  • Can we at least get three games one psvr the rest normal games but not as bad as fire wall ugh that game was not good

    • Why?..around 100 million ps4 consoles to 5 million vr owners…so give a free game that only 5% of ps4 owners can use…🤔

  • Pretty sure everyone and their mother have UC4 by now but doesn’t erase the fact that it’s a huge game for Plus.Already played the hell outta UC4 since it’s one of ma most beloved game franchises ever if not the most but Dirt Rally is definitely appreciated and a perfect fit for Plus…wouldn’t get it in any other way so nice going Sony,looks like you’re getting back with nice offers…last month was ok,this one is great.

    Also lil advice if y’all responsible for Plus’ choices care to read…put Shadow Fall on Plus I mean come on it’s high time,pretty sure a lot of the people who came late to the PS4 don’t have it,it’s a great underrated game with an even more underrated online…it’ll help increase the playerbase which is much needed cuz unfortunately it’s a ghost town nowadays.

  • Alot of the “free” games they have been giving away are mysteriously on PSNOW. Why has no one brought that up?

  • Uncharted 4 is a phenomenal game. I’ve already finished it so not a useful game to me this month but if you haven’t played it yet, please do! Legit, a great game. I’ll check out dirt rally tho…

  • Since I already owned uncharted 4 by buying the PlayStation 4 bundle within. The online community gonna boost up.

  • Two games I actually want. Excellent choices this month.

  • Have you ever considered making a huge rotating game collection for plus members like XGP, Sony? I have seen too many PS plus games which I already have…

  • I have a ? Is ps4 going to be Free to jplay only with are friends Just like ps3 for Free cus some of us can get What all the people can get only are we going to have to pay or can we have it Free Just for the coed What is going on Now. I Would like to say Thanks for making a Cool PS4 and PS5 but i do not no if i going to have it PS5 cus What is going on in the U.S. Now so that is wiy i asking are we paying for to play games on only for Free cus PS3 is still having people to play games for Free but not on PS4 that is my ? To PlayStation – 4 or PlayStation – 5

  • Add need for speed heat

  • It’s crazy how people are saying “I get to finish the uncharted series now” lol and really saying this a great month for plus. To be honest if u haven’t finished uncharted then your not a true PS player! great games dont get me wrong but cmon games like that should be played at release! Dont get a playstation if u dont plan to play PS exclusive games when they drop or shortly after it was on sale for $15 at the game store by my house. Ps plus needs to better with newer games

    • AlexAngelfire420

      A true ps4 gamer? I like how you are the expert for what a true gamer is when everyone is different and some people don’t like adventure genre games at all, and uncharted is probably one of the worst of all adventure games out. You have terrible taste but don’t make that other peoples problem. God of war, Bethesda’s games, Batman, all of these were better than Drake’s games. Get over yourself these games are garbage and were a waist of my time. Far cry was better. Legit Goat Simulator was better than Drake’s games. When you put your big boy pants on and play Dark Souls or Bloodborne, then you can speak. Until then go sit at the kids table with your mediocre self. Hellblade was amazing and Drake’s uncharted doesn’t hold a candle to any game I’ve listed. This is my opinion on how good they are but outing everyone just because someone doesn’t want to pay to play some terrible, mediocre game and spend a bunch of money (not $15 you are stoned) isn’t anyone’s problem so stop making it so, shut up, play your playstation..at the terrible taste table with the people who pre-order wrestling games. Leave everyone else out of it. True ps player..you sound so pretentious it’s cringeworthy even for an incel.

  • When are we having a racing game. Like come on, Dirt rally is cool for off road witch I like for this month collection but can we get a F1 or Nascar free month please. Its been a long time since you guys put one of those. Thank you

  • Legit when is sony going to stop dumping on its fans like this? These games are absolute garbage and so were last months, I can’t even remember the last time they released anything good for the free games. Sony is just as bad as EA. Furiously cash grabbing and spoon feeding people garbage. People who said drakes fortune was great and getting all excited are pretty full of it tbh. These were nothing special, nothing new, old games that had little in story to offer the plots were easily called, mechanics were behind their time and other than when the first came out of PS3 the graphics are subpar comparatively. Assassins Creed was much better and was done originally on a Unity engine with far less to work with at first. Don’t even get me started on the sorry excuse for a second game they keep trying to push, first there was wipeout, then Monster energy bmx, now this game legit named after what it is..dirt. I’m switching to xbox so I can at least feel good about the company I play with. Sony is so standoffish to any other console and refuses to work with any other company. That’s why modding on Bethesda’s games has been severely lacking for the ps4 and how EA thrives on the ps4. God I cannot think of worse companies than Sony and EA. What a F***k job to the gamers. Next month just release a middle finger for us because the games you give for free I wouldn’t take if given to me. At this point you release free games no one even bothers to download. Meanwhile on Xbox did you know you can activate up to 10 consoles for your profile to play games? Unlike Sony where you can only have 1 primary and half of another they cleverly labeled as a “secondary”. “Oh thankya Massta may I play the game I spent double on to play on another playstation I own in my own home? You show is nice Massta Sony. May I buy EA access for the privilege to buy a game from your store? You show is good to us gamers Mista Sony. Can we pay a bunch of money for ps3 games for the ps4 we already own and bought that you made unplayable on purpose to make a streaming service for while everyone else on any other console and PC can play together? Ohh thankya Missta Sony.” Gamers aren’t dumb and we aren’t sheep. I wish Sony would stop taking a giant dump on everyone. But hey you will only keep up comments that make you look good just like the Chinese Government so I’m sure my voice will be choked out just like the rest of the people you don’t care about.

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