What’s New in Dreams: Media Molecule Highlights Community Favorites

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What’s New in Dreams: Media Molecule Highlights Community Favorites

Don't sleep on these hand-curated Dreamiverse picks!

The Dreamiverse has been live for just over a month now and we’re seeing so many creative and exciting Dreams get published every day. We’ve even seen Dreams made… in Dreams. What does that even mean?! If you’re new to Dreams or thinking of getting involved – welcome and thank you! Below, you can find what’s new in the Dreamiverse, what we’re playing at the studio and hear from one of our favorite creators in Dreams.

Our First Updates!

We’ve started to roll out regular updates to Dreams. We kicked things off earlier in the month with our 2.06 update, which includes a brand new pack — the Welcome Garden Art Pack. You can use it to create scenes in Dreams or customise your homespace. We’ll be adding more to the kit over the coming weeks, with the next drop focusing on characters. Check out a preview of the art kit!

Alongside our content drops, we’ll be implementing new features (such as our recent online friends indicator) and improving the overall Dreams experience based on community feedback. You can stay up-to-date with everything happening in the Dreamiverse by following us on our social channels, tuning in to our streams or keeping an eye on the What’s New section in-game!

In Dreams, we highlight creations that have caught our eye in the Mm Picks playlist. Here are just a handful of games worth playing right away!

The Pilgrim

The winner of our Medieval Fantasy Community Jam, The Pilgrim is a collaboration between Dreamers Majoneskongen and Narvikgutten. You take control of The Pilgrim as he goes on an adventure through a mystical and genre-defying world. The Pilgrim is a beautiful showcase of what’s possible in Dreams, and features some great puzzles and platforming action. Find it on indreams.me here!

The Ornithologist’s Private Collection

Ready for some eerie horror-laden puzzle solving? The Ornithologist’s Private Collection, created by mattizzle1, is super spooky, super clever and delightfully retro. It’s definitely one to go in to with your thinking cap on and probably the lights on too. Check out the trailer or head to indreams and add it to your Play Later queue here.

Rally 2020

The Twin Brothers are becoming a household name in Dreams – their recently published Rally 2020 is a great introduction to their work. Rally 2020 feels great to play, and puts you in the driver’s seat (literally) as you speed through a rally track, tackling jumps, sharp corners and even a cheeky lake! It has one of the most competitive and fast changing leaderboards in Dreams right now. Try it out for yourself!


Dreams is full of beautiful scenery, as well as games, animations, music and everything in between! Vineland is a hauntingly gorgeous series of scenes, depicting a dystopian near-future world with amazing set pieces (huge robot in the middle of a cornfield, anyone?). Our friends at Naughty Dog were blown away by Vineland on their stream last month! Check it out for yourself in Dreams now.


Damned, by creator Evarra, follows a heroic vampire as they find themselves stuck in Hell with no way out! We love the art style in Damned, it’s full of great storytelling and features gameplay reminiscent of classic platformers! We recently added it to Mm Picks in Dreams, and you can check it out here.

Meet a Dreams Creator – MrCaseyJones

Each month, we chat to a member of our Community for our monthly newsletter (which you can subscribe to here). For February’s letter, we spoke to the creator of the fantastic Opposite Day series in Dreams: MrCaseyJones! Check out his answers to our questions below, and take a look at his Dreams creations on indreams.me!

What do you like to do in the Dreamiverse?
I like to make spaces to walk around in a first person view, to make games that challenge and confuse the player, too! Most of what I make is off the top of the dome, and I like filling spaces with stuff for players to see as they roam. But the thing that most pleases me, is just interacting with the lovely community!

If you could give other members of the CoMmunity a piece of advice for their time in Dreams, what would it be?
I know starting a big project can cause trepidation, but like a house your Dream needs a good foundation. Big or small you just have to start somewhere, so open a new scene and start putting stuff in there! The small details can come near the end, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, my friend!

What was the first thing you created in Dreams?
My first day in EA I made a futuristic sofa/chair, it has an overhead light and some sci-fi flair. The top spans the chair like canvas bed, I wanted to make something simple and that popped in my head!

How can people find you in the Dreamiverse?
Search MrCaseyJones and you’ll find my creations, just make sure you have low expectations!

Don’t miss the brilliant Opposite Day series in Dreams — it’s one of a kind! If you want to see Dreams in action, you can tune into our weekly streams, every Tuesday and Thursday at 5PM GMT/BST. On Tuesdays, our in-house experts give their best tips for creating in Dreams and on Thursdays we share everything we’ve been playing throughout the week.

Thank you to everyone who’s joined in on the fun in the Dreamiverse over the past month, it’s been so lovely to see your reactions! Remember to share anything you create on social by tagging it with #MadeInDreams or #DreamsPS4 so we can see it! If you haven’t picked up Dreams yet — you can buy the game here.

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  • It is unfortunate that all mario’s creation are shut down. Hopefully, nintendo would understand one day (when japon team will be less dominant) all the benefice they could get when they are less restrictive for their ip.

    • Don’t hold your breath. The furthest stretch from their consoles is mobile, so they won’t be sharing anytime soon.

    • I’m glad they took ownership of their character, at the end of the day it is their character after all. Maybe now more people will come up with new and original characters! I hope one day the only things made in Dreams are things that can only be found in Dreams!

    • What about Ubisoft’s Rayman? I watched a video about him in one of Dreams’ players’ creations, signifying the need for more Rayman games again.

      You know, the original Rayman had some potential, and would’ve been ongoing in the sequel, but that went into 3D, and while I was greatly amazed about that before, I felt the series’ sense of coherency and canon placement started to go out of place with Origins & Legends. I felt nothing’s making sense with those games’ established direction. Wish the series was more consistent in canon and setting.

    • Oh, speaking of Nintendo’s consoles, on a different note, I really hope Nintendo’s preparing the 3DS’ successor sometime soon. All of their handhelds have been amazing, ’cause they sold very well, but I really hope people won’t keep downplaying their handhelds for mobile devices too much. Got really worried about that. Sure, they delved into the mobile business, but dedicated handhelds must still remain for all to enjoy.

      Please, though, respect their histories, & let them keep on thriving.

      The Switch’s only a console made for at home, and just, with optional portability, but is not a 3DS replacement. Same goes for the Switch Lite, too, as they said before, so don’t think it is.

      A true successor to the 3DS would catch up on the latest graphical capabilities, & make it easier to develop games there. Know that.

  • Dreams is incredible. You are a fool not to support this creative revolution.

  • The vampire is a boy, don’t know why you’re misgendering him.

  • Hey, that’s my name up there!

    • Congratulations on getting featured in their post! You’re quite lucky in being known in the Dreams history pages. Who knows who’s going to be next?

      Don’t know if anyone knows, on a different note, but, ever heard of “Go! Go! Kokopolo”?

      It’s a Chase-’em-Up game series by Tanukii Studios, by Keith Webb, about a wildcat named Kokopolo going about scratching critters in his mischievous adventures. The 1st game was on DSi, 2nd on 3DS, and now, a new, 3rd installment’s stated to be on Switch, but so far, nothing yet on its launch.

      Hope someone can notify them about that very soon.

    • The King of Dreams hath spoken!

  • I’m finally getting there with sculpting, not gonna lie I was frustrated at first but it’s pretty good now.
    A lot of the dreamers are crazy good

  • I’ve enjoyed Opposite Day 8 by MrCaseyJones as well

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