Predator: Hunting Grounds — Trial Weekend Overview

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Predator: Hunting Grounds — Trial Weekend Overview

Everything you need to know before diving into this weekend’s 4v1 multiplayer trial.

I hope you are sharpening your hunting skills for the upcoming Predator: Hunting Grounds Trial Weekend starting March 27. Here at IllFonic, we wanted to give you a preview of what you can expect this weekend where you will get to immerse yourself into the Predator universe as either the Predator or a member of an elite 4-person Fireteam. Each with their own set of weapons, abilities and tactics to survive. Whether you’re playing on your PS4 or PC during the trial this weekend, you will be spending time in one of our multiple maps, called Overgrowth.

Concept Art

The Map

Nestled deep in the South American mountains lies Overgrowth. As you enter the map you will feel the claustrophobic environment of the dense jungle. It will make you feel a bit lost as you try to make your way on the jungle ground or up in the trees, depending which character you are playing as.

This hot, remote jungle location harbors a significant presence of hostile guerrilla forces and operatives from the rogue Project Stargazer, a former government program now attempting to gain financially from discovering alien tech. Both Fireteam and Predator players will have to contend against these dangerous enemies while facing each other.

The occupation of this hidden valley has uncovered a wealth of hidden ancient ruins surrounding a winding river. Something about this location seems to allow temperatures to climb higher than just about anywhere else in these mountains… a perfect place for the Predator to hunt.

Team up against the Predator

If you choose to play as a member of the Fireteam, know this isn’t your average group of soldiers. This group is elite and extremely deadly. While taking on the Predator one on one is very difficult, as a group you can work together to turn the tables on the hunter, or to complete the mission and escape. Each time you enter the jungle, one of a number of missions is randomly selected to present a constantly shifting gameplay experience. Each mission consists of multiple smaller objectives that must be completed in order to get to the chopper.

In one mission, you and your team are asked to cut off fuel to the local guerrillas, who are buying massive fuel shipments from an elusive black market contact. You’re being sent in to find the fuel stores and destroy them, disrupting operations in the area for the foreseeable future. Once the fuel has been dealt with, you will need to find the black market operative and take them off the board. In addition to this mission, and hunting the Predator if you choose, you could be asked to accomplish multiple other random missions like sabotage an expensive solar array in enemy camps, destroy dangerous weapon stores, set fire to narcotics, clean up contaminated water sources, and many more.

There are four Fireteam classes in Predator: Hunting Grounds, and during this trial weekend we will be showcasing three: Assault, Scout and Support. The Assault class is a well-rounded specialist with an affinity for leading the mission. If staying light on your feet is important, choose Scout, a quick, agile soldier that can cover the combat areas at great speed. Lastly, you can choose to play as Support, this is the Fireteam member they call in to really soak up the damage with their extra health and damage resistance. In addition to choosing your Fireteam class, you can choose from a wide range of weapons providing different tactical options. During the trial weekend, you can choose from a selection from each weapon type category, eg. shotgun, assault rifle, sniper, etc.

As you level up weapons in-game you will be able to unlock upgrades like scopes, magazines, and suppressors to improve their efficiency. While you are playing over the trial weekend, keep in mind that as a member of the Fireteam there are perks, med kits, ammo bags, and other tools available to you. These tools will prove useful while in the midst of battles with the enemy AI forces, and the Predator who is somewhere hunting you!

Hunt as the Predator

Now, if you decide you want to jump into the jungle as the Predator, there is a lot happening for you in-game as well. You are the hunter, but do not forget you can be hunted too. Your mission in our game is to hunt for the best trophies. And by trophies, I mean the skulls of your prey. You want to take out the best of the best.

In Predator: Hunting Grounds there are three classes of Predator: Hunter, Berserker, and Scout. Every class of Predator has its strengths and weaknesses. During the trial weekend you will be able to navigate across treetops as the Hunter class. This Predator class is well-balanced and an adaptive warrior capable of taking on a number of situations with ease. Players will be able to choose between the Female and Male Hunter and even select different armor to customize their own look.

As the deadliest hunter in the universe, you have access to a plethora of off-world tech and weaponry. The classic arsenal will be the foundation of each Predator loadout. The Plasma Caster for ranged combat, the wrist blades for close encounters, infrared vision mode to track down your prey, and advanced cloaking for staying stealthy. Other weapons, perks, and gear will be available for unlock as players level up, such as the Smart Disc, Combistick, and more.

And, not to worry, if the Fireteam bands together and gives you a run for your money, you have one last chance to end their efforts, by using your self-destruct.

Now that you know what to expect this weekend, we hope you make some time to hunt with us! The trial will be available to download this Friday in Japan at 3pm JST, in Europe at 4pm GMT, and in North America at 5pm PST.

We’ll be sharing some tips and tricks here soon so be on the lookout!

Predator TM & © 2020 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All rights reserved.

* You’ll need an internet connection and PS Plus subscription to play on PS4. PS Plus is a paid-for ongoing subscription and a recurring fee will be charged automatically at the frequency chosen by the consumer at purchase until cancelled.

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  • I wanted Predator so badly— then found out it was a multiplayer. Soooo sad!

  • Wow! That looks like a good video game.
    I’m looking forward to this, I was waiting for such a game.
    Finally, they made a game of the gruesome Predator. He’s such a cool character, I loved those films especially the first.
    This game put you back in those movies and that’s what I love.
    This game creates such a fun interaction between the soldiers and the Predator.
    I definitely know who I’m going to play with ;). Thank you for putting a customization experience, it’s always nice to make your own predator.
    And I’m surely going to try out the trail weekend.

  • Can I invite my friends to play with me as members of the fireteam if they also downloaded the open beta?

  • Just buy PS plus then you poor pleb

  • Cant Wait !

  • Yeah stop complaining, if you don’t want to pay for PS plus than just go to PC then.

  • I am beyond ready! I love Friday the 13th game by the way. You guys did great on that and I have no doubt you’ll do even better on this one.

    • If you’re looking for a good asymmetrical horror game, Dead by Daylight is WAY better than the Friday the 13th game. Looks like Illfonic did MUCH better with this Predator game though. Time will tell, but it’s very fun so far.

  • This is just the same game that has been copied over and over since Evolve, just with another theme…
    A totally missed opportunity of making a good game

    • @zirocrath How did you like Evolve? I dont remember that game.

    • I played it years ago. 4 hunters, one big monster. There were several creatures to choose and “evolve” with new powers etc…
      It was ok I guess, it did had a rough start, it was better at the end after some bug fixes, buff/nerf and new creatures.

    • Would have been better to allow for this to be able to be downloaded ahead of the trial. Looking forward to it. Especially the Predator Bow, looks quite powerful, we’ll see…

    • What would you have preferred be made for a Predator game? This format seems quite fitting actually, have to see how the point awarding system works as far as Predator Trophy collection is concerned

    • @CRIMS0N_H0WLING Well… Predator/Alien has a very rich lore considering all the comics, graphic novels, movies etc…
      A good engaging story that wraps a some of that would have been nice. Visiting different worlds, fighting different things.

  • Looking forward to this!

  • After hundreds of hours of F13 I’m ready for this. I do hope the Platinum isn’t as grindy to get though.

  • Would have been better to allow for this to be able to be downloaded ahead of the trial. Looking forward to it. Especially the Predator Bow, looks quite powerful, we’ll see…

  • OMG!! I hope is good.

  • is predator crossplay

  • How does one get the predator beta for later today!??!?!?!

    • it’ll be on the the playstation store at 5 pm pacific to download. I imagine it’s like the re3 demo last week…when you do a search for it, and option to download the demo will also be listed under the preorder button.

  • When can I download it.



  • I am generally confused about what time the trail starts in my time zone can someone explain what time it comes out in central time?

  • I look forward to further customization options I was really hoping we’d be able to change skin tone and face. I’d love t be able to look at his tusks and eyebrows etc… as well base the color scheme off some of my favorite predators.

  • Hey it’s 4:00 and the trial is no where to be seen I’ve searched multiple times and only the preorder comes up.

    I’ve also looked in the PSplus section and in the free games section nothing can someone tell me where to find it please thank you!

    • The game is not available for pacific standard till 5 and time zone change doesn’t work while PlayStation also stopped allowing or doesn’t allow regional changes so you just gotta wait

    • Releases pacific started time which is 5 pm, central is 7 pm and eastern is 9pm

  • I’m in Europe it’s gone 4pm and I can’t find the download still any ideas guys as I really want to play this game

  • Cannot find free trial download

  • looks good

  • I can’t find the demo anywhere, I looked everywhere

  • Any word yet??

  • Does anybody knows where exactly you can download the trial ? I don’t see it anywhere in the PSstore?

  • how fo you sign up or do what ever to make it work

  • LOVE the game but please fix controls for the Keyboard/Mouse so it is more easily customizable… like any other FPS on the PC please
    Other then that great job!!!

  • Where do we leave our feedback for this?

  • Alright, I played several rounds yesterday and today and reached level 20 at the moment. I’d like to offer some feedback, but first off, I’ve got to say for a budget title, it’s a pretty nice game, I never had this much fun simply moving around as a Predator.

    Now to the feedback. I know it’s probably a difficult balancing act, but at the moment the Predator feels too weak and seems only to stand a chance against the Players it hunts, when they are distracted during a fire fight with enemy NPCs. And even then, the only times I’ve lost to the Predator, is when I am teamed with randoms who never heard of teamwork. Also it’s next to impossible to actually sneak up on the team, and I say that as someone who mostly played as a Soldier. When the Predator is nearby, I constantly hear the clicking sound it makes, or when it moves/jumps around. The Predator instantly gives its position away. I know the Predators are all big and incredibly heavy, but they are also amazingly light footed. In the Movies they are all graceful hunters, in the game the Predator sounds like the Juggernaut when it moves through the Jungle.

    The things I would change/add:

    – Reduce the Predator walking/traveling sounds significantly. Even just slowly walking sounds like I have tree trunks for legs.
    – Replace crouch with sneak. Instead of turtling around with crouch, it would be nice to gracefully ninja sneak around and actually be able to keep up with Prey that is not sprinting.
    – Add a knock-back effect to the Plasmacaster. So far there are too many drawbacks to using it. You immediately give your position away, and even if you hit the player with the caster, they can still retaliate by unloading a full clip on the Predator.
    – Maybe slightly increase the Predator damage across the board?

    For Soldiers:

    – For the times we actually do get downed, it would be nice to be able to actually still fire a weapon while you’re bleeding out. We have enough strength to crawl away, but not pull a trigger?

    That’s really all I can think of, Soldiers in the game seem pretty solid.


    – Please, please, pleeeease add an option to turn off motion blur.
    – Please keep optimizing the game, because right now they are too many FPS drops that hamper the experience.

    Other than that, keep up the great work.

  • I enjoyed this game but just have a few personal issues
    *No campaign
    *Matchmaking takes way to long. I’m assuming everyone prefers to be the predator?
    *Hopefully more game modes and maps?
    *more Predator content? Ex( weapons, classes)
    * better fluid gameplay if possible ?
    * if none of these things? at least lower the price for what the community feels what it’s worth..
    * maybe players choice of drop off area for the predator mode only.

  • You’re better off playing Friday the 13th. This game is so unbalanced it’s not even funny. The predators pretty much a piñata for the fire team

  • Multiple games where the XP doesn’t actually get counted towards my progression.

  • I preorder before the trial but i dont have my items?? Do i get them on the full release?????

  • Love the game but I think that animation and colour hue needs to be more solid, and damage output by players to npc more balanced. I can one shot npc’s by melee but it takes a whole clip of AR to kill one🥴. All in all I love this game.

  • Anyone know if you can play with 5 people? (One predator and 4 humans)

  • I have been waiting in que’s for 2 hours usually u can actually try the game in demos the menus are great tho 😂👈

  • The game is great. Only problem is the blinding motion blur that cannot be disabled

  • Good day. I specifically registered here to leave a comment. yesterday reached level 25, he played a bunch of rounds for a predator and a soldier what to say …. this game is an example of a perfectly conceived and excellently implemented intense horror thriller with elements … Horror for a predator of course !. seriously how could you make him so weak and weak o_o this dead guy dies from one clip and against it FOUR rifl full of clips o_ you say but there are traps there is a catching net yes there are .. but they are almost not realizable soldiers get out in a second and out one and the other and the predator switches it and sets for a long time, but two or three shots are enough for him And! if he did not die then they will break his mask !!! Yes, even if he got to the enemy, then after a couple of strokes he will get tired and will not be able to raise his hunting biceps! and the opponents do not get tired and shoot although no they do not shoot a couple of times they shoot and the whole mission is completed. you say bomb disposal! I will answer you the predator does not have time to deliver it, and if any first-grader has time to manage to scroll through the symbols and set the necessary ones If you expect to feel yourself in the role of the mighty invisible hunter of the mortal, implacable relentless death-bearing – Relax here you are just a whipping boy. you cannot kill a soldier in 1 throwing a folding spear. you won’t be able to kill him even for a fully charged powerful shot with a plasmogan and don’t hope that he will also hurt your neighbors. while you run to the soldiers you will get tired and again nothing can be done this game is for fans of military subjects but not for fans of a predator

  • You also have to spend thousands of dollars on a gaming PC. If that is acceptable to you, go ahead and play on PC. Nothing is stopping you from switching to PC.

  • On the new game Predator I played the beta and it needs the characters from the movie. Arnold etc. Also the grafics could be better. I seen a 4 wheeler and you can’t get on it that is stupid.. you should be able to use any vehicle in the game.. So far it is a B rated title.. The music was great. You should be able to pick your movie character. . And bigger and badder guns. Just an AR sucks.

  • Hello PlayStation Fans and Creators of the game. I’ve been playing almost for 24 hours solid these past few days and the que times have gone down so that’s great. But there’s one issue with looping of certain gun discharge noises. Like when you fire a gun repeatedly or possibly just once I’m not quite sure the trigger, but the sound of the gun going off will keep firing and not stop until the match ends. I have to turn off my surround sound it’s so loud. Thought this feedback would be helpful before launch. Goodies are always appreciated! My Handle is Spcmagic. Hey, you never know who is reading these right?

    Great game though I love it

    Sean from Vermont!!

  • I’ve not been able to be predator once in a public match throughout this entire trial😂 even with my preference set

  • Am waiting for this game to come out 🤩🤤🤤it’s an amazing game and it’s fun to play the predator but you guys kinda got to fix the survival gameplay but for now the game is awesome I been staying up till 12 in the night everyday marking off a day :)am so excited

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