Share of the Week – Demons

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Share of the Week – Demons

These devilishly demonic characters get the spotlight.

Last week, we asked you to turn to the dark side and share devilishly demonic characters from your favorite games using #PS4share and #PSBlog. From horned dark elves to flying monsters, here are this week’s highlights:

BBuradori shared a horned Dark Elf Lord in God of War.

JRPyznar shared colorful demon from MediEvil.

Philt43_Yewone shared a winged demon from Metro Exodus.

Demons come in all shapes and sizes, like this GTA5 share by StMtGang.

Winter Lanterns from Bloodborne definitely count as demons, as shared by tidymice.

Nero takes a new form in Devil May Cry 5, as shared by virtua_photo.

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Theme: Teamwork
Share by: 9am Pacific on Wednesday, March 25

Next week, it’s time to team up! Share moments in the game of your choice where teamwork made the dream work using #PS4share and #PSBlog for a chance to be featured

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  • Got my DMC5 pics in late but at least i’m repping Medievil.

  • Gtfo.

    PS4s 2020 is arguably the best games lineup ever, they are the only console manufacturer to support VR, the PS5 is enormously innovative in numerous ways. If you are sour over 1.7 TFlops then get a PC.

    Sony has done nothing but continue to support their system with the most variety and best games on console. I could care less if they skipped the past two E3s because i have great games to play and that’s what matters. Maybe you care more for conferences and PR, but i prefer great games.

    And this was always a specs deep dive not a PS5 reveal. It’s on you for not reading beforehand. I enjoyed hearing Mark talk and they were clear from the jump that this wasn’t a console or games reveal.

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