MLB The Show 20 Out Today on PS4, 10 Features & Tips

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MLB The Show 20 Out Today on PS4, 10 Features & Tips

It’s opening day and we’ve got details on new modes and updates for The Road to the Show, March to October, and more.

MLB The Show 20 launches today. Here are our Top 10 Reasons that you should get it:

1. Brand New Online Game Mode: Showdown

Take on a gauntlet of challenges to earn huge rewards. Start each Showdown with a draft and pick your squad MVPs. In each draft, you also will select perks, which boost your team’s performance in clutch situations. Then, play Moments with your newly crafted squad.

Conquer the Final Showdown to earn huge rewards in the form of Program progress, Stubs, XP, Packs, and other items.

2. Brand New Game Mode: Custom Online Leagues Allows You To Play Seasons With Friends*

Playing video games with friends is fun. Beating your friend in Game 7 of the World Series in your own Custom League is even more fun. In MLB The Show 20, you can create or join the gameplay experience that’s customized for you and your friends.

  • Choice of 40-Man Live MLB Rosters or Diamond Dynasty Collection
  • Season long format with Postseason
  • Flexible schedule
  • Competitive or Relaxed Atmosphere

*Active PS Plus subscription required for online multiplayer.

3. Relationships Matter More In Road To The Show Our Full Baseball RPG

Relationships matter in Road To The Show. We all do better when the team is clicking, so build those relationships with your teammates. Doing so brings out the best in them and in you. Challenges have been improved and expanded to give you more targeted options, better outcomes, and bigger rewards that you can see in real-time.

  • New Challenges identify and surface the highest leverage moments for you to impact your team’s win expectancy.
  • Choose your challenge based on what attribute, cap or personality you want to advance.
  • New multi-reward Challenges include on-field Personality gain opportunities, speeding up your perk progression.
  • Rewards now earned for completing new “Boss Battle” Challenges.

4. Minor League Rosters Make Road To The Show More Realistic

For the first time ever in MLB The Show history Minor League Rosters will be in the game at launch! Through a collaboration with Scott Spindler (AKA RidinRosters) and his team you will now see the future of your favorite team’s franchise on day one.

You’ll find these guys in Road To The Show, Franchise, and March To October.

5. Franchise Allows You To Relocate and Customize Your Team

For the first time ever in Franchise Mode you can change your team’s name and logo. Bring your idea to life with our Logo Creator tool. Not the artistic type? Then search through the Logo Vault and download one of the thousands of stylish logos uploaded by players just like you.

Have you always dreamed of your favorite team being a little closer to home? Then change the location of your team and pick the stadium they play in for home games.

6. March To October Gives You More Of What You Want

Variety is the spice of life, right? Well this year March to October has greatly broadened the variety of unique game situations with which your team will be challenged. So be ready to evaluate the situation and execute clutch play from the very first at-bat of each game!

  • New Gated Rewards System
  • New Call-Up Opportunities
  • New Dynamic and Beginner Difficulty Options
  • More Compelling Variety of High-Leverage Situations
  • New Trade Hub Enabling Strategic Trade-Making
  • More Trades and Call Ups

And with The Show 20’s addition of 1500+ real Minor Leaguers, when you choose to make a suggested roster move you will immediately get a Player Lock game (with a chance for a Player Boost) with one of the actual top prospects that your favorite team is in the process of grooming!

7. David Ortiz, Mickey Mantle, Mariano Rivera, And Other Beloved Legends

Have you ever wondered how David Ortiz would do against Nolan Ryan in his prime? Or how Mickey Mantle would stack up against Ken Griffey Jr.? Then you’re going to love the list of Legends that are in MLB The Show 20!

Play with all of these Legends in a home run derby, get them on your Diamond Dynasty squad, or add them to the pool of free-agents in Franchise.

8. Perfect-Perfect Hitting System Rewards Great At Bats

Hit the sweet spot and get rewarded. Perfect-Perfect batting is a true hitting reward system that allows the best players to shine. Whenever your swing timing and plate coverage indicator are both the best you will trigger a perfect timing and perfect contact feedback grade.

9. Defense Is More Fun And Matters More Than Ever With Extreme Catch And Throw Home Indicators

Do you go all-out for that hard sinking line drive, or will it eat you up? The Extreme Catch Indicator will help you decide if your outfielder is confident enough to make the big play or if it would be smarter to play it off the bounce.

Hitting the catcher at the plate from the outfield is not easy. Neither is hitting the needle in the new Outfield Throw Home Indicator, but you’ll have to do it if you want to make that play at home in The Show 20.

Reaction time and first steps are huge differentiators in the MLB. With the new First Step System, you will feel the hesitation of an average fielder or the smooth quickness of the elite players. In MLB The Show 20 player ratings matter more than ever!

10. Featured Programs and Bosses Return In Full Force To MLB The Show 20

In Diamond Dynasty* you build a custom squad to face-off online against other players from around the world. Some of the best player items that you can get will be found in our Featured Programs.

Progress far enough in a Program and you will earn the coveted Boss Choice Pack. That pack lets you pick one of the three bosses (each boss is guaranteed to improve your squad)!

How do you progress in Featured Programs? By playing Missions, Showdown, Moments, Conquest, by Collecting items, or just by playing the game and earning XP.

*Active PS Plus subscription required for online multiplayer.

Order MLB The Show 20 now and get a jump start on Opening Day:

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  • When i play franchise mode on MLB THE SHOW 20, the guess pitching/location does not work. What can I do?

  • Does this game support 4K or hdr

  • Overall I like the game, but:

    1. So they decided to ignore details that were in the previous installments? Wrigley field doesn’t have ivy in March/April games…..this was clear in previous installments; but I start the season up and voila ivy. Minor gripe, but nonsensical.

    2. WTF is with the Cubs roster…..did the Cubs already fire David Ross? Who the bloody hell is this generic manager named Palmer? Half the coaching staff is wrong. Does it affect GP…no…but it’s just odd. Is SDS this lazy they can’t get roster correct? Nico Horner looks like Matt Damon….not Nico Horner…. I saw most of their prospects….but Azolay isn’t one….wtf…

    • Point 1 is bad

      on point 2 it could be that the coaching staff didn’t agree to bd used.

      On the players either they were added later or refused to join the union

  • Is anyone else having trouble connecting to friends on custom leauge

  • Can you not use guess pitch in showdown mode?? Doesn’t even give me the option Also I can’t change the batter view even if I change it in options. Is anyone else experiencing this??? Help!!! Lol

  • The update today was supposed to address hitting, but now all I’m getting is “okay” contact results on a ball nearly in the middle of my zone. I think there should be improvement on pitcher’s accuracy cause I’m having too many issues with pitchers missing their spots. Also, I’ve had issues with the pulse timings. I can go all game with good timings then in the last inning, it wont let me get a good timing. Then the fielding accuracy bar, it stops working where it stays on the left side of the bar causing throwing errors. I’ve lost 5 games cause of this issue. Please fix this!

  • bought the show off the ps store and downloaded it and it won’t let me do anything but play the nationals-astros game. what am i doing wrong??

  • thank you…..

  • Is there a way to do a multiplayer season on MLB The Show 20? Looking to just complete a season with my family while baseball is postponed during this lockdown!!

  • BIG question for me and my 10 year old… in Franchise mode, can’t you play minor league games during the season if you want to (to help bump up the stats and lead to call ups)? Or is it just RTTS where you just progress your player??

  • I brought the game on line but I can’t switch teams only Astros and Nationals. What am I doing wrong? Its fully downloaded

  • I am having an issue in franchise mode. When I decide to play the game, ALL stats are reset to zero when I change pitchers. The other issue I have is, when you go to take a pitcher out of the pen after warming up, he is gone along with all other relievers. There are only starting pitchers left to put into the game.

  • So were is the option to challenge the call on the field when the runner is called out but was actually safe this is part of the game can affect the game in this one play I know other baseball fans like the challenge too so I know I’m not the only one griping bout this

  • I’m trying to play online against other players but keep running into a problem. It seems as though the game is simulated. For example Pitch count goes from 0-1 to 3-2 or pitcher pitches without the opponent pitching. What are we doing wrong?

  • Update this **** game I beat out the play on the field and cant get a replay wtf I’m not happy with this game fix this **** SONY!!!!!!

  • Can anyone tell me how in-squad a player from my diamond dynasty team so I can sell the player in the marketplace. When I try it prompts me to unsquad the player but it’s doesn’t show me how to do it??!

  • In squad a player. Sorry typo. Not in squad.

  • Un squad.

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