The Drop: New PlayStation Games for March 17, 2020

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The Drop: New PlayStation Games for March 17, 2020

Crack the bat — and some demon skulls — with next week’s new releases.

Step up to the plate and start your Road to the Show with new modes, more choices, and loads of other updates with MLB The Show 20. If you haven’t seen the Coach’s Couch video series, it’s a great way to catch up on all the additions, and see some fine puppetry in the process. Meanwhile, not one but two Doom titles land on March 20 — the gloriously grisly Doom Eternal, and the ‘90s classic Doom 64.

For a full list of new games coming to PlayStation next week, read on. And enjoy The Drop!

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PS4 — Digital (Out Mar. 16)
Chop is Dish tells the story of one cook who was robbed by some mystical creatures. Some strange monsters had suddenly appeared in his forest and stole his master chef’s chunk of beef. Our cook needed this meat for his ultimate dish, and now it’s gone — he has to act quickly and dangerously by pursuing the thieves and recovering his grand ingredient.
PS4 — Digital (Out Mar. 20)
Celebrate Doom’s 25th anniversary with the release of Doom 64, originally released in 1997, and now available for the first time on Playstation consoles. As you battle through more than 30 action-packed levels, be on the lookout for enhanced weapons and secrets to help you put an end to the demonic threat.
PS4 — Digital, Retail (Out Mar. 20)
Hell’s armies have invaded Earth. Become the Slayer in an epic single-player campaign to stop the final destruction of humanity. Also includes Battlemode, a new 2-vs-1 multiplayer experience in which a fully-armed Doom Slayer faces off against two player-controlled demons in a best-of-five round match of intense first-person combat.
PS4, PS Vita — Digital (Cross-Buy)
Epic Word Search puzzles are enormous! There are more than 1,500 words hidden in each massive, scrollable grid. This collection contains: Epic Food Word Search, Epic Journeys Word Search, Epic Animals Word Search, and Epic Sports Word Search.
PS4, PS Vita — Digital (Out Mar. 18)
Explosive Jake is a classic arcade game. Not only humans are afraid of dark and deep dungeons. Our hero is a little skeleton with an unhealthy love of explosions, trying to escape from dangerous castle dungeons. Help him avoid enemies and explode his way out.
PS4 — Digital
Kamiko is a game styled around Japanese Shinto beliefs. Fight as priestesses and battle against demons while solving puzzles to make your way through the stages. Look no further if you are looking for an arcade action game with a twist!
PS4 — Digital, Retail
Experience a classic tale of exploration, puzzle-solving, and deadly action! Take control of archaeologist Lemeza Kosugi and navigate through puzzles, traps, and deadly Guardians to claim the Secret Treasure of Life. Will you succeed in unraveling the secrets of La-Mulana, or will you fall victim to the dangers that surround you?
PS4 — Digital, Retail
Experience a classic tale of exploration, puzzle-solving, and deadly action! Renowned archaeologist Lemeza Kosugi has gone missing, and only his daughter Lumisa can find him! Enter Eg-Lana, an upside-down version of the legendary ruins of La-Mulana. What will you find at the end of your journey: triumph, or defeat?
PS4 — Digital
MLB The Show 20 is what baseball dreams are made of. With new ways to play, greater customization, and more exciting new paths to rake in rewards — this is the biggest and best Show ever. The Show 20 is your ticket to play America’s pastime your way.
PS4 — Digital
Stop the demon invasion by destroying the three runic portals before it’s too late in this fast action first-person fantasy game! As a reckless hero from a bygone era and your castle is under siege from the dark forces. Destroy all three runic portals that have been summoned to your manor before it’s too late!
PS4 — Digital
Legends. Start. Here. Unleash greatness with your MLB crew in R.B.I. Baseball 20. R.B.I. redefines arcade baseball action with massive advancements including brand new batting, pitching & baserunning controls, all-new broadcast-style pitching camera, major visual improvements & more authenticity.
PS4 — Digital (Out Mar. 17)
Rainbows, Toilets & Unicorns is a fast-paced shoot ’em up / bullet hell where you’ll have to progress through waves of enemies and beat 15 bosses. There are five different and completely crazy worlds. On your trip into the crazy world of unicorns, you can vent your unjustified frustration and face all your most unfounded fears!
PS4 — Digital
Blast through waves of arcane enemies and take down monstrous bosses as you defend the earth against an unknown calamity. As a prologue to Project Starship, vertical bullet hell shoot’em up Red Death sets a collision course against a full-scale invasion bent on eradicating humanity, presented in nostalgic 4-tone style!
PS4 — Digital
Castle Springbottom is under attack! It’s up to the Roundguard to save the king and recover his gold! Fling your hero into the face of danger and bounce off hordes of dangerously cute monsters to reach the bottom of the dungeon. With only one life, you’ll need to learn how to navigate hazards, make strategic choices, and master your hero’s skills if you hope to defeat the final boss.
PS4, PS Vita — Digital (Cross-Buy)
Thunder was out playing with his ball in the fields, when he suddenly heard a loud explosion near his house! He rushed home, worried about his parents, only to find no one was there. Just a single letter that said his parents had been kidnapped! It’s up to Thunder to rescue them!
PS4 — Digital (Out Mar. 19)
Racing across an over 60 km long ultra-technical track at breakneck speed requiring realistic riding skills… that is the challenge that awaits in TT2! Lots of new features lie ahead: open world, reworked physics, classic motorbikes, and more. Fine-tune your motorbike, upgrade its performance and monitor its data in real time to stay competitive.

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  • Doom DDE already preordered. Will pick up SWTROS, CID, EWSC, EJ, LM 1&2 as well. Will wait for price drop on TTIOMROTE2, as I still haven’t started the first one.

  • Definitely looking forward to DOOM: Eternal next week!

  • Oh Kamiko finally

  • Calm down there tiger. Get some fresh airo

  • Which consoles went bankrupt after running out of exclusives? 😳

  • People still buy Xbox, so I’m pretty sure they’ll be fine

  • Blame it on covid 19 there hotshot!

  • You think the Xbox One sales are fine?

  • Ive played doom since the 90s pc versions, and this months Eternal looks awesomeヽ(*´∀`)ノ

  • Doom Eternal and of course Doom 64 for me since it’s free with the pre-order. Glad to see Kamiko finally releasing here too.

  • Please add video links to The Drop

  • Would be cool if ID released Doo. A week early since all schools are closed. Disney released frozen 2 early so the kids have something to do. Pretty cool thing they did there.

  • Sony, disable at once the checking for components inside firmware updates (PS3). I’m sure you did that to earn more money from people willing to repair consoles with you, but since you no longer offer such service, what’s the point? A PS3 can work without WiFi (LAN cable makes up for it), Bluetooth (USB cable/third-party adapters) or Blu-ray drive (digital downloads) so why do you insist on bricking PS3s with a faulty module upon updating?

  • People here saying that Xbox is fine, lmao.
    “Only on PlayStation” means nothing nowadays.

    The new execs of Sony are called Steam Hermen and PC Jim.

  • Trying to be patient and trying not to get depressed. Might repack my games into what console they belong too. My movers were horrendous and just threw things in boxes.

  • La Mulana 1&2 for sure. I’ve been waiting for that sequel forever. I can’t pass on Doom either with the rebate from the Slayers collection plus Best Buy giving you a $10 cert for it. Every week from now until June has at least one awesome game coming, my poor wallet.

  • I prefer Xbox. The people are not as toxic, controller works for me and I like their exclusives as well. I do own a PS and barely play it. Everyone I know has both consoles and only one out of ten play their PlayStation regularly. Xbox is just all around better to me and them.
    That being said there is nothing wrong with PS. They have exclusives and people like them. I think most are rehashed of other games but that’s another story.
    Sony and Microsoft will both be completely fine as will Nintendo. There are over 2 billion gamers in the world today. The top games are not even selling 20 million copies. That’s not a lot considering the number of gamers. Selling 100 million consoles is nothing to be proud of considering the number of gamers also.
    Times have changed and basically any and all consoles will be successful in today’s market.

  • Will Doom 64 be available to purchase separate? Anyone know how much it will be?

  • @DirtyD0814

    It’s okay if you and your “friends” prefer Xbox, that’s a matter of taste, no discuss about.
    But stop pretending that Xbox is fine because that’s far from true; Why do you think Microsoft was pushing so hard for cross-play? Because few people play on Xbox; There is no problem to find players on PS4 because of the huge install base, unlike Xbox;
    Also why Xbox is the only platform that locks free-to-play games behind a paywall? Because if it was the opposite, almost no one would pay for Xbox Live. Almost everyone if moving to PC and Game Pass, the Xbox Live offerings are weak and there is no reason to stay on a platform without exclusives.
    Many developers already ignore Xbox, another example is PlatinumGames with The Wonderful 101, they will not even bother with a port for Xbox, again, why do you think that?
    Steam Hermen now wants to make Playstation irrelevant too, that’s the only explanation for releasing Sony games on another platform.
    Take care.

  • only on PlayStation/XBox never meant much to begin with (also including Nintendo as far as capcom was involved). Nothing wrong with games going multiplatform more and more.

  • Kamiko’s trophy list isn’t syncing with the trophy servers! Please help! The trophy list isn’t even loading on my trophies page. Now it’s always trying to sync with the server.

  • @DirtyD0814 I’ve talked to many people and they say the opposite of your comment and I’m also in the same boat that my PS4 PRO sees more gaming than my One S. You comment that the people are not as toxic but all I here about is how toxic XBOX gamers are online because most of the are belligerent teenagers and every time you get killed they call you the n word like they’re a gangsta. I’ve have only heard on 5 occasions of playing 100s of games online of people being belligerent on the PlayStation platform. “I think most are rehashed of other games”. You mean like the big 3 exclusives on XBOX? Forza, Halo and Gears?

  • Yo gamers what’s good ,I was just thinking ,why we do not get any ,racing games for free,I mean good racing games 2016-2017,should be free,I saw some for $1.99.which is kool,but it stay ,at 1.99 for a year or so ,what’s up with that ,plus I can’t get my country flag in GT sport.

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